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Liao Zhai 2: Yi Qian

This was probably my second most anticipated story in here. However, like several stories in here, it was another let down. Though it wasn’t that terrible but it was like it did not measure up to what I expected it to be. There was a strong foundation with how the story was build up at first yet it strayed from the original theme and made it senseless along the way. Though I did enjoy the Benny’s performance as the goddess dog or his story while in the human realm, but it was hard to imagine his chemistry with the main girl. Blame it on Benny for having such a baby face so it was a bit hard to see too much of chemistry between them. Wasn’t too bad but still not the best. Also, I hated that the ending wasn’t satisfying at all. Though I kind of like the comedy around how Benny’s character couldn’t return to Heaven yet and how his master was really pissed off. But I felt that the cat got off so easy. Yes, the other family killed his family and he was seeking revenge but it did not explain how he was able to use all sort of means to get what he wanted. He even wanted to kill the girl who saved his family and was nice to the animals throughout. He even wanted to kill Benny so it was not like he was just seeking revenge. But he was going way overboard. So why in the world was he spared? I felt the ending with how the ultimate Buddha let him follow and serve was kind of too easy. It was incorporating elements of Journey to the West into the story or something. Like how it was their fate that the cat had come down to the human realm to cause disruptions and then the cat was caught and had to return to Heaven. Too easy.
Not sure where this story stands but perhaps 5th? I actually have to give them credit for reversing the roles a bit this time around. What I meant is seeing how when human and non-humans fall in love or something like that, it is usually the guy is the human and having to accept the fairy or demon girl. This time, it was reversed and I will say it was different. Aside from that, that was it.


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