Lucky Day: Not So Lucky?

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According to the latest news on Sina, Wallace has already left the production of Lucky Day because of the change in director. It is also the reason why filming has not proceeded according to plan. This also caused Tammy to have to wait since last month, turning down projects and losing out on various opportunities.

Though I might understand Wallace’s reason for withdrawing since he did not sign up to find out that they were going to change the director, but I was really looking forward to a Wallace and Tammy collaboration–and possibly some quality drama. I also feel bad for Tammy who has to wait for this long. Hopefully, it will be worth it in the end.

SETTV has been having trouble with cast changes in various dramas lately. Last time, it was a success when they found and formed a new collaboration. Let’s hope they could find a leading guy for Tammy this time and soon too.

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