Peter Pan’s Dreamer

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Having listened to him several times on The Million Star (百萬大歌星), I have a good impression of him since I guess live performances always say something about a singer. The fact that he could actually dance and still kept his voice stable while singing made it even more impressive. So the album was not a disappointment at all.

Since he already passed the One Million Star radar and made his name known, I guess it would be safe to say that he really deserves it and probably even more in the future. Hope that his road will be a smooth one.

To get back to this album, it was actually worth it. I bought this version and it contained a notebook with pictures of him in it and there was also the typical lyrics book included. However, I thought they did a nice job of the cover illustrating his dream coming true. It was very creative with the glass cover.

In regard to the song selection, good choices since it seemed to prove that he could sing a variety of songs, just like he had been doing on different shows.

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