Marry Me or Not: Qiao Qiao’s New Drama

Although this is Qiao Qiao’s new drama, she’s not really the main lead. She’s just second lead.

This project is actually a reunion between Roy Chiu and Alice Ko since Office Girls.

Qiao Qiao is supposedly paired off with Harry Chang this time. Not sure yet since they just started filming awhile back.

What’s exciting about this time–and I seriously hope it’s true–is that Qiao Qiao will be singing the main theme.

Roy’s character will be a lawyer, named Hao Meng (郝萌).

Alice will be portraying Cai Huan Zhen (蔡環真), a strong-willed and independent person.

Harry is Jiang Qian Yue (江前躍), vice president of a restaurant.

Qiao Qiao will be Hao Sheng Nan (郝勝男), also strong-willed and independent, but possibly on the side of aggressiveness. Her name said it all. Also possibly portraying Roy’s sister. I’m guessing here since the same last name. But it could just be a coincidence.

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