Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 5 – Enjoying Lean

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Grandma Zhao storming out after scolding Ren Mei. Yup, the misunderstanding since Ren Mei’s words were offending her. (Well, she couldn’t think back to the times she made Ren Mei feel worse than hell? Geez whiz, it’s a one way road all right, always about her and her feelings being hurt, NOT about Ren Mei.)

That night, Long Shou Cheng took it into his hands to comfort Ren Mei, stating that her grandma really cared for her, just that her words were mean at times, etc. The typical cold face, warm heart talk. Luckily, they moved onto more pressing issues, such as Ren Mei’s diet plans. Long Shou Cheng was telling her that it was more important to be healthy and well, not starving herself to become skinny, etc.

And as Long Shou Cheng was coaxing Ren Mei into telling him the reason why it was so important that she persisted in being thin, Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were spying nearby. SO funny and cute at the same time.

What was even funnier (as I thought it wasn’t possible, not at that moment) was even Long Tai spied along with them as well. OMG, priceless moment. So he wasn’t really spying, just curious. Yet he caught Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie spying and they had to tell him to quiet down so they could eavesdrop some more, lol. OMG, that was so cute, Ah Pan Jie was blaming Long Tai for keep saying Ren Mei’s fat hence her diet plans. AND Long Tai still dared to look all innocent. LOL! But after Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu left, Long Tai did try to reflect on his past misdeeds.

After some reflection, he went out for a walk. No wait, was just passing by the front part of the house (lol). Anyway, he saw Ren Mei standing in front of the peach blossom tree and was pouring her heart out. He couldn’t see that she was talking to the crystal snowball and not the tree. But still, he was able to understand more of Ren Mei’s worries and her reason for dieting, etc.

The next day, Long Tai woke Ren Mei up (after several attempts of knocking fiercely on her door) and took her to the market. YUP, he did research last night online after making up his mind to help her with her diet plan. She can’t just continue on with her ‘starving’ routine like that. There has got to be some other healthy way to slim down without killing herself first. BUT it was seriously funny how he kept saying she was dumb, etc.

So to prove that eating healthy food didn’t mean eating ‘not so good tasting food’, Long Tai whipped up some delicacies for Ren Mei to try out. Yet she uttered that dieting like that would be a type of happiness if she was able to eat his delicacies each day. He was jumping in to clarify there was no way he would do it for her ‘each day’, LOL! But have no fear, Ah Pan Jie came to the rescue with her plans to help Ren Mei–as the cute Ren Mei nodded along with her, lol. It was indeed a really cute moment. OMG, it gets even better, everyone trying to cheer Ren Mei on YET Long Tai was unwilling to cooperate hence the stare from Ren Mei, lol. (In case anyone was wondering, Long Tai was in charge of nutritional area aka food preparations for Ren Mei while Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were in charge of exercise routines. They had to scrap the hot spring routine with Ah Pan Jie because Ren Mei didn’t like doing it. And Long Shou Cheng took it into his hands to monitor her ‘weight’ number and planning out the goal of slimming down slow, like marking her next target, etc.)

So the scene from the previews with Ren Mei returning to her slim self (like she once was when she was little) through bathing in the hot spring was just her imagination after remembering about what Ah Pan Jie said of the hot spring’s many miracles. That also meant she tried it out and it didn’t work hence her deep disappointment and locking herself up in her room. This moment was quite nice since Long Tai wasn’t able to sleep and was trying to find a way to cheer her up hence having a talk in the middle of the night. Cute moments. OMG, Ren Mei’s imagination and Long Tai played along with her little ‘fake journey’. But they were sooo cute in the scenes.

OMG, that was so cute! Long Tai wasn’t playing along with her market night scenes BUT he was having his own little ‘dream’, LOL! That was equally cute though. With him growing up in Japan, of course he would imagine those scenes with wearing the traditional outfits and going out like that. His own version of the night market, lol. Look at him smiling like that! He really have it bad for her, lol. BUT poor Long Tai though since Ren Mei already fell asleep when he tried to make a ‘date’ with her. OY! Still cute! After that little talk though, Ren Mei went back to her exercise routine and her diet plan that the others set out for her again. Though she didn’t come out, but she still tried to exercise and take food that Ah Pan Jie leave by her door. (So it wasn’t like she was on her hunger strike again.)

Goal achieved, at least at the number that was supposedly normal for girls her age. Yet they were still waiting for her to come out. Wondering if she had failed, etc. Funny that Long Tai was nervous when Ren Mei should be the one worry. Yet of course she succeeded so she would be able to meet up with her auntie. (Though I quite like having Ren Mei as the chubby girl since she was quite cute. Yet I guess it was good for Da Yuan to not dress up in that stuffy outfit anymore. I’m also glad that they didn’t do the whole ‘miracle’ from the hot spring as the actual scene of explaining her slimming process but set it up as a more realistic and encouraging message for those who really want to slim down to follow a healthy exercise routine along with healthy foods.)

After some mishaps, Long Tai finally caught up to Ren Mei. YUP, he was shocked like the others. The funniest thing was, he forgot about picking her up and actually taking her to the meeting place. Yet he had to argue (just slightly) with her and she had to take the bus. He realized too late and tried to catch up afterwards, lol. Lucky he still remembered to take the motorcycle AND didn’t just run after her on feet.

The meeting was successful yet Ren Mei still have her doubts about pursuing her dreams, thinking that Auntie Kate was just trying to comfort her, etc. But who knows? She still could think it over.

While scolding her for her ‘clumsiness’, he took full advantage of the situation and tried to help her put the helmet on. (*mwuhahahaha*) But they were sooo cute! He was still pretending to be mean to her, lol.

So Tian He was still in Japan, going through treatments as the doctor accompanied him. Dr. Jin suggested to Long Shou Cheng about allowing Tian He to see his mother so it would resolve some of his past issues, etc. It would also help his recovery because most of it wasn’t just health related, but also how he couldn’t get over the fact that his mother took Long Tai with her instead of him, etc. Yet from the doctor’s words, Long Shou Cheng must have revealed the truth to the doctor already, asking him to keep mums. We’ll see how long it would last.

Meanwhile, as Tian He was out taking a stroll to see the sights (supposedly), he stumbled upon the little shrine where his mother had once placed a blessing there to wish him well – even though she couldn’t see him. Interestingly though, he walked right by Long Tai’s place while one of Long Tai’s friends tried to call out to him, thinking he was Long Tai. Yet she soon retracted and thought she must have seen wrong because his outfit wasn’t like Long Tai’s.

The wind’s truly a helping hand in here since that was how Tian He discovered of his mother’s message. Though he thought it was a coincident that someone else was named Tian He.

Back to the Long resident in Taiwan, they celebrated of Ren Mei’s success with the dieting plan that night. Aww…everyone was getting along so nicely. But funny that Long Tai was just eating, not caring to tune in to whatever they were saying.

This was the result of how Ah Pan Jie was saying about ‘finding a boyfriend for Ren Mei’, LOL! YUP, he choked. What a reaction! He had to recover fast. LOL! OMG, another priceless moment. Ah Pan Jie told him to eat slower, lol. If Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu kept talking, Long Tai would exterminate them, lol. Look at him staring Lao Tu down with those eyes. Oh, never mind, he was more pissed off at his old man for encouraging Ren Mei to get to know more people, etc.

He finally snapped and slammed the rice bowl down. LOL! I was waiting for that moment since he couldn’t take it anymore after all those words from the other three. OMG, he steered the topic toward the amount of food present, instead of saying what was actually on his mind. (Of course he wouldn’t admit that he was getting super jealous, lol.)

So after some mishaps the next day, Ren Mei finally got the chance to buy her own outfits. (Yes, it was a result of Long Tai’s previous night’s words about her outfits, so the others made him go with Ren Mei to buy more suitable outfits for her.)

Running into her grandma at the shopping center, Ren Mei was more worried of what her grandma would think of her or would approve of her current appearance or not. Instead of celebrating for Ren Mei, her grandma ended up getting mad instead. YES, she was still grudging over the fact that she wasn’t the one influencing Ren Mei in changing yet it was the Long family. Of course I understand she was hurt because she didn’t have a hand in helping Ren Mei, but she didn’t use the right techniques, thinking scolding and forcing Ren Mei was the only way. The Long family–was like Ren Mei said–kept encouraging and helping her in a positive way, not pushing her to the point of unbearable with cruel words only. Though Long Tai did say mean things to her yet he had helped a lot with his actions. Not to mention, trying to cheer her up from time to time when she was down.

And as Ren Mei was meeting up with her grandma, Long Tai stepped away to give them some privacy. Though still worried, but he wanted to respect them and reassuring himself that she could take care of herself. Yet Ren Hu showed up to start another battle of words. Yup, Long Tai wouldn’t back down. Like he was weak, he just didn’t want to fight.

And now we have another piece of the puzzle into Tian He and Ren Hu’s past disputes. It was indeed very hard to bear. Yet I wonder when did it start. Since the previous memory was about him picking on Tian He. So was that before or after this event? But did their dispute started since they were little or into the school days? Not trying to defend Tian He here since he seemed so intimidating at times, etc. But it didn’t seem any better with Ren Hu not backing down either. So both were equally active in challenging one another over the years. But I was glad for this piece of puzzle because the pain that Tian He inflicted right there had fused the hatred even more.

Regardless, still hate Ren Hu for causing grief toward Ren Mei. Seriously, that was an accident. How would she know that would happen? IF she had schemed the whole thing, then yeah. I guess he couldn’t accept his parents’ death hence wanting to put it on Ren Mei like that. BUT seriously? She lost her parents too. Like she wanted that. Now he was making her feeling even more guilty by implying that she wanted to jinx her grandma too? GREAT….

End of episode but still another great one. The pace’s still good. Don’t know why rating’s still not letting up. It’s stable right now but still a shame. Then again, I need to remind myself, I quit caring for ratings a long time ago because I figure I’m already in the minority so shouldn’t try to figure the majority out.

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