Prince William is back

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Leon Jay Williams is finally back on the radar with a new Taiwanese idol drama titled River Lovers with Genie Zhuo. He will also sing the main theme of the drama with Genie. What will he bring this time? There are words floating around saying that he has improved–both acting and singing–so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, this is a fresh pairing and a new collaboration so hopefully, there will be many things to see. This will air on PTV so there will be less news slash exposure. But Prince William has promised to update fans with the production, so feel free to stalk his blog:

The most awesome thing about Prince William is that he blogs in both English and Chinese so fans could be up to date to his activities and the like. (Isn’t he a considerate guy at that?)

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2 thoughts on “Prince William is back

  1. DTLCT says:

    I agree that he did better in ‘My Lucky Star’ too since he managed to express himself better in there.

  2. vgag says:

    I have been following Leon’s career since 2006 when I first saw Heaven’s Wedding Gown on DVD. I totally agree that both his singing and his acting have improved. I always thought in HWG that he looked the part, wore the costumes wello and his body language was good. What let him down was his hesitant and poorly pronounced Chinese–but what happened is set up a kind of tradition of being allowed to say some of his lines in English. He did that in both Green Light Forest and My Lucky Star.
    I thought his acting was much more sensitive and nuanced in My Lucky Star than ever before. Also, he had to sing his Olympic sohng, Love Flows, in HK with a live band, and he did it very conmpentently–much better than his attempts a ‘Forever’ on the Green Light Forest OST.


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