Queen of Chanson Melody 5

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Okay, finally reviewing this. And the song titles are lifted from the lyrics booklet. Oh yeah, they tried to translate the lyrics as well. Some made sense, some didn’t. I guess it was a very loose translation of the lyrics. It’s all right.

1. Try To Paint Your Heart (畫心). My favorite song from the album. So sad yet so good. Hauntingly good.

2. The Legend of Over-bright City (不夜城傳奇). Soothing. 3rd favorite song.

3. Moonlight Lover (月光愛人). Didn’t really like this one. Might be the mix. Not sure.

4. Soulful Clasp One Another (深情相擁). Like the song, but I remember another version that I like more.

5. Passenger of Life (生命過客). The tune’s bothering me a bit.

6. Familiar Beloved (老情人). Didn’t like the theme.

7. Sees Each Other (倆倆相望). Couldn’t get into this one either.

8. Fate (塵緣). 2nd favorite song. Nice music and sort of projected a mystical feeling.

9. On the Journey (人在旅途). Um…not getting into it either. Although must admit that it has a powerful beat to it.

10. Friendship Beyond Price (情義無價). 4th favorite song.

11. Aspiration (渴望). I like the flute in the background. That’s about it.

12. Dedication (奉獻). This is wavering on the 5th favorite but I decided against it anyway.

13. God Knows My Heart ( 星星知知我心). Um…the mood is off again.

14. I Have A Date With Spring (我和春天有個約會). Good song indeed. I decided to let this one be the 5th song and let the other one stay in the middle, lol.

15. Edelweiss (雪絨花). Couldn’t get into it for some reason.

So what do all my comments say about this album? That I’ve been listening to pop WAY too much that I can’t enjoy old remixes. LOL! It’s a good album and a good deal. It’s just that I couldn’t really get into it because the mood was wrong for me. Except for some songs, that was.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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