Rookies’ Diary: Episode 22

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More review sessions. However, An Bang’s back this time! (I sort of miss him–and his yelling, LOL!)

Not surprise that they were still competing. Still funny that Hai Sheng was up on Cloud 9 since An Bang called him and not Luo Gang.

They were moving on to the techniques of hiding themselves. (And why did they dare to laugh when An Bang was there? Forgot how fierce he was?) Anyway, seemed challenging. Especially how they have the tendency to laugh like that.

Wow! An Bang’s offer. It was too great to pass up. Good luck, everyone! Oohhh…so Shan Ren was hiding nearby but too bad they were too busy looking elsewhere. Need to focus AND try harder. Lai Hu stomped on him without knowing? Well, he was curious BUT not curious enough. Eek! Poor Shan Ren. That wasn’t it since Wu Yong also stepped on his hand without realizing. Da Tong making the comparison? Hilarious! OMG! Hai Sheng was so smart! He used such tactic to lure Shan Ren out! LOL!

Aww…she actually smiled at him! Man, I don’t care. I’m so rooting for them! It doesn’t matter if we’re being teased by their constant hopeful scenes. I’ll just watch them for the fun of it! (And I actually agree with An Bang, if Hai Sheng didn’t use that tactic, no one would know where Shan Ren was. If it was someone they didn’t know, how would they take precautions toward such a situation?)

Eh…they were all transformed now. Most of them looked convincing enough. Success? Well, have to wait for Shan Ren’s final verdict. YUP, always Lai Hu the first one to be pointed out. Well, at least he wasn’t alone. LOL! Patient, Shan Ren, patient. Lai Hu = Hello Kitty? LOL! Poor Hello Kitty! Wu Yong! LOL! He’s nuts all right! (Cracking up so hard! These guys are killing me!) I can’t believe Luo Gang got it too! LOL! That was messed up! Probably because Lai Hu was helping him? Yup, it was Lai Hu’s doing! No wonder he was called upon like that. He didn’t even know he has flowers on his head. (Someone seriously wanted to die? Dared to joke around like that? Shan Ren was giving Luo Gang looks again upon mentioning Sheng Nan…)

Oh…they finally got a break for TV time. How nice, LOL! Seeing Da Tong’s state, there’s going to be a show coming up. YUP! Don’t tell me he sleeps with his eyes open! LOL! Oh…false alarm! LOL! And Lai Hu thought that he won’t get caught? OKAY! Tough luck. He seriously never learns. Oh..that pervert Xiao De Ji got caught too. (And I thought he was falling asleep. Shan Ren’s seriously sharp. Of course, right? Or he won’t be there.) OOohhh…so much for it! Bi Ying wants to tell Sheng Nan! Shan Ren seriously was risking it by looking at the magazine at such a time and place!

Tea time! Not really, but Hai Sheng was turning it into one with all his talks (and exaggeration). Aww…Bo Wen was still in morbid-land. And then Xiao De Ji and his gang showed up to ruin the atmosphere again. But so funny how Tian Bin was talking and everyone just walked away, not convinced. They sure know how to discourage him. (And even told him to clean up, LOL!)

That was funny how when they need Hai Sheng, they refer to him as ‘Da Ge’. Eh…hope this will pass soon. ‘Cause seriously, don’t like the idea of the intensity with those misunderstandings – though unavoidable. They just managed to get along. Now more trouble?

More lectures. Well, made sense since it has been a while and they needed to put the hammer down with how no one was confessing or coming forward with information. And perhaps this is the test of trust to see if they could last without accusing one another or seeing if someone has any moral to come forward. (It seems like that person doesn’t but who knows?) And oh yeah, is Shi Jun brave enough to come forward? Or is his fear for the others too strong? (I wouldn’t blame him though since the others were too threatening.)

And that’s Jacky on the bicycle, right? And yup, confirmed since he was seen making his way back when Ding Hao was stepping out to interfere in the matter. Wait…did his voice get dubbed? I meant he’s not dubbing his own voice? OY! Too confusing! It doesn’t sound like him. My ears are deceiving me!

Anyway, back to the money thing. The question was finally raised. More tension. And suddenly I forgive Lai Hu for all the silly things that he did since he still stayed loyal to Luo Gang–despite others’ attacks. (Not that I don’t like Lai Hu but found him too funny at times.)

And once again, An Bang stepped in to defend Luo Gang. Though of course, he had his basis – unlike someone who was just using Luo Gang for a scapegoat and relied on rumors.

Oh, another classic phrase and the song was on again. (Luo Gang: Why do you believe me? An Bang: Because you’re my brother.)

Back to training. And it was killing them! Shan Ren kept starting at one. Da Tong seriously is driving one’s patience up the wall. Geez whiz! And he still dared to ask Lai Hu regarding Wu Yong’s money? I mean at a time like that? No wonder Shan Ren was yelling again. Was it tea time? Guess not! (Sheng Nan: Are you waiting for me to yell at you? LOL!) Suddenly Lai Hu smarten up and ran before Shan Ren could order him to carry the weapons? LOL! That was sort of priceless!

And yup, Shan Ren was right. Hai Sheng was not that weak. Why the sudden injury and collapse? He and Da Tong were carrying out their scheme.

Darn…Bo Wen at it again. Well, can’t blame him. The other guy had to ask. Tian Bin had to shut him. Still…not their fault. They had no idea.

And Yu Ting got conned! Though that was a scheme Hai Sheng was pulling on Yu Ting, but would that give Bo Wen ideas?

And the curtain unveiled. I meant the show was on. Wonder how long they could go on before getting busted. If she finds out, they’re so dead! Look at them laughing away while she went to get water. Oh, shoot! Yu Ting ran into Jing Wen and started to ask questions. And they thought they could get away with it! LOL!

Aww…they were finally getting along. I guess the whole money incident wasn’t for nothing. It proved that Hong Jie was all heart. And that Xiao Yan wasn’t unreasonable with her scolding. She could be considerate as well. And I spoke too soon since Wu Yong managed to aggravate Xiao Yan again…eek! She sure was scary! Well, can’t blame her. Not too much. She thought he was making fun of her again. Aww…that was so cute! He popped his head in again to tease her and she returned the attack! (Eek! Like I said before, too hard to choose!)

Previews show more intensity. Eek! And Shan Ren and Sheng Nan…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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