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I got this album because of the tracks in Endless Love. But I actually ended up liking some of the other tracks as well.

1.  Electric Shock (觸電). Catchy and fun to listen to. It has somewhat of a playful feeling to it too.

2. Rainy Season (雨季). 3rd favorite song. Sad song. Yet it wasn’t too pathetic. It was encouraging one to get back up after a fall and move on, learning to be independent, etc.

3.  Demon Mirror(魔鏡). Another upbeat and playful song.

4. So Far To Me. 4th favorite song. Just sad and haunting at the same time.

5. Say I Love You. The sub-theme of Endless Love. Really liked the song when watching the drama. And must say this is my favorite song in here. Very fun and cute to listen to. It consists of this playfulness too but not too over. It’s just an all-around feel-good song. So uplifting and addicting to listen to.

6.  Earth Loves Moon (地球愛月球). Upbeat and catchy. Very random and fun at times. However, I can’t say I like it. Yes, it does have its own uniqueness. But I can’t quite get into it like some of the songs in here. It’s okay though.

7. Crystallized Tears (淚結晶). Back to sad song. Touching.

8. 1234567. Upbeat song again. Catchy yet I like some of the other upbeat songs more. Not too bad though since it gets addicting after some more listening to.

9. Rainbow Rain (彩虹雨). Ending theme of Endless Love. 2nd favorite song and a really touching song indeed.

10. Dazzling World (花花世界). Wrapping up the album with an upbeat song. Can’t get into it though. I will admit it’s catchy. Maybe after several more listens, I will get into it.

Other thoughts? Possibly because of the trend or something, but she also projected the sexy side in this photo book (like some others). Hopefully, she could focus more on music since I really like her baby, clear voice.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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