Borrow Your Love: Episode 4

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The episode started out with Ping An announcing to their co-workers of Xi Le’s real identity–being Bai Ming Li’s daughter. After some kissing up from Ping An’s supervisor to Xi Le, Xi Le was summoned to her mother’s office to talk. Not sure what that was about, but Ji Shi Cheng sure had a kick out of teasing Bai Ming Li. At least a little. Meanwhile, Ping An was seen in a feud with Ji Shi Cheng’s son, Ji Huo Ying. The day concluded with Ping An telling Xi Le what had happened and how she had won over Ji Huo Ying. Xi Le soon told Ping An that their relationship wouldn’t change and that from now on whatever she had would be Ping An’s as well. She repeated of Ping An’s words since little–with Ping An’s father was half Xi Le’s, so now her mother was half Ping An’s.

The next day arrived with a whole new mess to take care of. First item off the list? One of Bai Ming Li’s rivals had taken the worst turn, ending his life by jumping off a building. In the note, he blamed none other than her and her despicable moves. That had also caused Zi Wen to have a little flashback moment. It was later disclosed that Zi Wen’s intention of climbing the ladder and especially gaining Bai Ming Li’s trust in the company wasn’t just for money or glory. He was there to avenge his father’s death. As it were, he used to be a rich young master once upon a time but his father committed suicide after some business failure–to which Bai Ming Li was responsible. It also revealed that his mother eventually followed his father so he had lost them both tragically at once. That was how he ended up living with Ye Chen and his sister. So, it somewhat explained his traumatic state upon reading the newly suicide victim’s note. Ye Chen’s own memory of the incident–or somewhat of it–had also explained why he was in a hurry to go to Zi Wen’s house to check up on him–with Ping An in toll.

As for Xi Le, she was feeling abandoned by her mother because of Bai Ming Li’s usual attitude with all work and not really caring for details hence Ping An stepping in to create some chances for the pair of mother and daughter to bond. However, what was strange was Bai Ming Li’s unusual care for Ping An when they ended up in some accident by one of the thugs that had been fired by Bai Ming Li when they were on their way to Zi Wen’s house to check on him. Ping An had taken a stab for Xi Le when she was shielding Xi Le from harm yet the person suffering the most from the incident was Zi Wen–who had arrived on time to stop Xi Le from being attacked. So what in the world was Bai Ming Li doing? (It seemed to show at various points that Ping An’s actually her daughter, not Xi Le. Seriously, even if she was the type who only cared for work, but the way she looked at Ping An at times and even worried for Ping An didn’t match with their past conflicts. The hospital scene had proved it all. It was not too over to think that Bai Ming Li was just using Xi Le to distract her enemy from attacking her real daughter. Yes, it would be too cruel for Xi Le when the truth comes out–if it was the truth–that she’d been used and given hope, thinking she’d found her mother.) But back to the situation at hand, a little detail also revealed further why Ping An was taking on the big sister role and protecting Xi Le all these years. Xi Le’s health wasn’t that good and she would go into a panic attack during a crisis, and it was due to the fact that she’d been abandoned and left in the rain that one time.

Fortunately, Zi Wen’s operation was successful. They just needed to wait until he wakes up. After convincing the three women to go home and rest first, Ye Chen was about to follow when he had to stop short again. It was because he discovered how worried Bai Ming Li looked when Ping An had accidentally touched her wound as she was retrieving her handbag. He was more than puzzled as to why she was worried. (Yes, getting more and more suspicious and was it the truth with her using Xi Le as a shield? I’m just guessing by the main theme here since I hadn’t read any other spoilers coming into the drama.) Yet Ye Chen had to push all of whatever suspicions that he might have aside. Ye Chen took them home before returning to the hospital to keep a watch over Zi Wen. However, before he let Ping An out, he told her to give him her cell phone. He programmed his number into her phone and assigned a speed dial code so that she could just press it to call for help–IF a situation came up in the future.

What was even more surprising wasn’t of Bai Ming Li’s recent plan to strike back–at some invisible enemy. But it actually was known that Zi Wen had hired the thug to attack him and played the whole scene out to gain favor toward Xi Le and gained even more points with Bai Ming Li. YES, it was indeed clever with the whole mastermind. Zi Wen seriously gambled with his life major time, but it might be worth it in the end for him. After all the mocking and praising Zi Wen for his clever move (even if the whole ‘hero saving the beauty’ scene was indeed old), the thug asked for the money he was promised. Zi Wen had handed him a key to a locker. Could he be trusted?

At home later that night, Bai Ming Li received a call from Ye Chen that Zi Wen had awakened already so everyone was reassured. That was when Xi Le came downstairs and asked her mother to let Ping An stay with them–both for safety purposes and because she couldn’t part from Ping An. Bai Ming Li obliged, stating that she would fulfill whatever request her daughter wanted–since she had promised to make up for her past mistake of abandoning Xi Le. So it was set. Xi Le was so happy that she hugged her mother. Yet Bai Ming Li seemed even happier?

The next day, Ping An was told she could move to Xi Le’s house. Ping An was much reluctant because she was more used to living freely, not wanting to move to others’ houses. After all, it was Bai Ming Li’s house. How could she be comfortable living there?

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