Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 13 – Masquerade

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

According to this episode’s opening, the last bit of the previous episode was a cheat again with the scene where Tian He offered a ride to Ren Mei–because Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie just started to talk about the motorcycle being Tian He’s. (I was puzzled too as to where he learned that it was his motorcycle, considering how he didn’t care about anything in the past–or was capable of riding one with his health condition. So this did explain a bit more into the story. And from Ren Mei’s expression, she didn’t know it was his motorcycle either so it seemed a bit off. Even if Ren Mei didn’t know everything about the Long family in the past but at least she knew enough.) Somehow though, Tian He had overheard about it when he eavesdropped in on Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie’s conversation.

So this scene occurred with Tian He telling Long Tai not to use his motorcycle anymore. Since the reason was so legit with the motorcycle being his, Long Tai couldn’t say no. He only placed the helmet on the floor and left the scene. That was also when Tian He vouched silently to take back what was his–one by one.

That comment from Tian He also led to this scene. (Yes, the one that supposedly thought to take place in the last episode but wasn’t so.) He told Ren Mei he hated to be turned down the most–and asked if she didn’t want to receive a good deed from a friend. So there it was, she took the offer.

Long Tai actually bumped into Wen Zi before seeing Ren Mei on the motorcycle with Tian He. Anyway, he asked for her well-being–to which she responded that she wasn’t feeling well at all. She blurted out a lot of random stuff, causing Long Tai to be even more confused. She said that if it was to continue, she would be even further and further away from him. (Yes, she was probably affected by Ren Hu already.) Wen Zi, not being able to take it anymore, took another step forward and hugged Long Tai, apologizing to him for not being able to control her feelings. Seeing her pitiful state, he couldn’t just push her out so he comforted her by patting on her back. That was interestingly when Tian He and Ren Mei passed by them. So Ren Mei’s reaction had more to do with Long Tai and Wen Zi’s embrace than just plain being caught with Tian He. Tian He, having no idea what had actually occurred, gloated to himself that Long Tai must have suffered a lot seeing that scene. He had no idea Ren Mei was also suffering.

Tian He took Ren Mei to his favorite spot, telling her that each time he was unhappy, he would call out loudly and somehow would, in turn, receive a response from elsewhere. Upon seeing his smile, Ren Mei was forced to remember that one incident with Long Tai taking her to that place to cry out the encouragement cheers for her. After that moment of reflection, she actually spoke up to voice her opinion, telling Tian He not to smile like that because it reminded her of Long Tai too much. That, of course, had triggered Tian He’s anger–and even shocked Ren Mei of her own admittance. (She was indeed much, much braver in even saying that out loud.) Though she did apologize for her words and stated that her emotions were in turmoil at the moment, but Tian He’s moods were already spoiled. He scolded her before taking leave.

That night, another confrontation took place as Tian He entered. Long Tai was saying how Tian He wanted the motorcycle back to take Ren Mei around. Though Tian He was already upset from what happened earlier, he didn’t let on. He smiled his usual taunting smile and told Long Tai that it was necessary that he have some sort of transportation since he was in a relationship with Ren Mei now. He also thanked Long Tai for telling him that Ren Mei liked him, etc. (OY, YUP, Long Tai was definitely dumb for telling Tian He that.) Long Tai, though deeply affected by those words, didn’t let on. (They were indeed double trouble.) He responded by giving the new couple his blessing. However, Tian He, being the devil that he was, finally got to Long Tai when he said since he didn’t have anything to do, for the time being, it was nice to have some leisure activity in place (i.e. messing around with Ren Mei).

What got even more interesting as for plot development was how Wen Zi had sent a text message to Ren Mei, saying that she couldn’t wait for Long Tai so they could return to Japan together anymore. That indeed shocked Ren Mei into taking some actions. She felt it was impossible because of the supposedly ‘close embrace’ she witnessed earlier. Ren Mei’s inquiry with Lao Zhang had triggered Ren Hu’s curiosity also. (Well, anything involving Wen Zi was his interest.) Upon learning of Wen Zi’s departure, Ren Hu was beyond himself.

As for Wen Zi, she finally realized that her feelings for Long Tai weren’t romantic love, but more like family love. She treated Long Tai like an older brother but didn’t realize it herself. It wasn’t until she met Ren Hu that she knew what love was. Though she had claimed to be the brave type, doing whatever she pleased yet she couldn’t help but run when the time came. So the result? Ren Hu got to the airport too late and wasn’t able to see her for the last time–or stop her either. (And now that the plot developed into this part, I seriously have to admit that I was really fooled by the plot’s device. I meant I thought it had gone the typical route with making Wen Zi the monster in Long Tai and Ren Mei’s story to make viewers hate her–and I did fell into that trap with being slightly annoyed by some of her actions and with her treating him like an object–yet I didn’t realize the plot could extend to another route. That was what made it clever. Even if Ren Hu was unforgivable in his cruel words and behaviors toward Ren Mei, but his obsession and possessiveness toward Wen Zi had explained a lot about how insecure he was after losing his parents, etc. Then making Wen Zi realized her relation to Long Tai versus Ren Hu made her character not so one-sided either–even if there were some brief scenes here and there with Ren Hu but it made a lot of sense.)

As Ren Hu was still grieving over his recent loss, Ren Mei was seen out and about pondering about Wen Zi’s departure. She was indeed scratching her head (figuratively), not getting it at all, considering how Wen Zi had stated that she would wait for Long Tai so they could return to Japan together. She couldn’t believe that Wen Zi had left first. And as she was killing more brain cells over that matter, Tian He rode by on his motorcycle, ready to strike.

Tian He was wondering where she was heading toward. She answered him by saying that she was on her way to the market. He was surprised that she still had to do such tasks, considering how she had said that her grandma had been treating her quite well lately. He went to say that she could just tell those servants/’lower ranked people’ (下人 ) to do the job. Ren Mei, not being able to take it anymore told him that they were ’employees’, not the terms Tian He used. She even disclosed that those were her friends as well. He didn’t care, stating that those servants/’low ranked people’ couldn’t be his friends. Ren Mei soon spoke up for Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu, considering how they worked for him yet really cared for him as well. Tian He didn’t agree (of course he would never). He said he didn’t care how they treated him. Though Ren Mei wanted to continue to defend Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu, Tian He cut her short and told her to get on–to much of her surprise. And things got from bad to worse from there. Actually, it ended up there when they were at the market. Tian He was making snappy comments about how sick and tired he was of looking at those items (foods and all), not understanding how those dishes they were studying of recent could help resurrect Long Tang’s business. Ren Mei was seriously discouraged with his words. Because she looked at him from behind–and probably was thinking of Long Tai when they were at the market together in the past–but his words were on the opposite side of the spectrum.

So on their way back, she was more than reluctant to get on the motorcycle with him. She outright told him–when he asked why she hadn’t gotten on–that she could just go home by herself. He finally realized she was still pissed off. She then told him that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. He asked her if she was turning him down/rejecting him, etc. She told him that she couldn’t face such a cold-blooded person anymore. She initially thought that his bad attitude was due to his past health condition so others could understand it, but now that he was well again, he continued on the same path. She even stated that she honestly felt sorry for Long Shou Cheng, Ah Pan Jie, and Lao Tu because they were waiting for the day until he recovered, always treating him well. Tian He cut her off, scolding her for saying the same thing as Long Tai and that both weren’t able to take care of his/her own situation yet was meddling into his problems. So he stormed off afterward.

On her way home, Ren Mei was still fuming. She was chiding Tian He for placing her and Long Tai in the same category–aka the stupid category. Then she went even further saying how it was inevitable that Tian He scolded her for being stupid, why did Tian He had to drag Long Tai’s name down as well. It was around then that she stopped herself (literally and figuratively since she had stopped walking around then and told herself to wait). She was now trying to decipher deeper into Tian He’s words than just the usual ‘stupid’ remarks. Yes, she finally figured it out that Long Tai like her. (Thank Tian He for this one. Anger does get the worst of him.)

That night as Tian He was fuming at home and vouching for revenge, an opportunity presented itself for him soon after. Long Tai left his phone lying around again so Tian He was able to read Ren Mei’s text message to him. It helped a lot with having the same face as the other guy, right? Sabotage time was so fun. (So the scene with her smiling so happily was because she thought he was Long Tai.) So Tian He deleted the message and then posed as Long Tai to meet up with Ren Mei.

And distinguishing between the siblings by attires was indeed NOT a good idea, because it was seriously working against her now at the meeting. But Ren Mei seriously had it bad for Long Tai, because even if Tian He purposely say sharp words to her, she didn’t mind. As Tian He was thinking those words, Ren Mei brought out the other shoe that she had supposedly tossed away, explaining that she actually had it in her hand all along. Tian He proceeded with his plan, still delivering sharp words her way, saying that it had passed already. Ren Mei, knowing she must clarify quickly, did just that. She told him that she initially thought that she liked Long Tian He yet she later realized it was just the imagined version of Long Tian He that she liked. So the actual person she actually liked was Long Tai. Hearing those words, it was definitely killing Tian He inside. What made Tian He wanting to beat himself up even more was how Ren Mei mentioned that she wanted to give up initially because she misunderstood Long Tai and Wen Zi yet Long Tian He had awakened her with his words. (Nice?) Yet were the scriptwriters playing us major time? Why was Ren Mei always confessing to the wrong person? It wasn’t her fault but seriously, that was playing her major time.

Apparently Long Tai was trying to call Ren Mei. He really wanted to talk to her, to warn her about Tian He’s plans of just messing with her. Though he wanted to do just that, he couldn’t find a way to convince her. It was around then that he spotted Tian He and Ren Mei. The next thing that Tian He did wasn’t to sabotage them even more by accepting Ren Mei in Long Tai’s disguise. He returned the shoe to Ren Mei and told Ren Mei that he would never like her. (I guess I overestimated him. If he was despicable enough, he would just accept and make the misunderstanding even worse. OR would it torture him even more to just pose as Long Tai a tad longer?) And the situation turned around when Tian He realized Long Tai was around. He soon turned his ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. And even if it worked against Long Tai and Ren Mei, but I seriously have to praise Tian He for being able to turn it around–with saying how she previously told him she liked Long Tian He and now she said she liked him so how could he believe which one is true, etc. NICE! Tian He wanted Ren Mei to give him her necklace to earn his trust. She, thinking he was Long Tai still, gave it to him without a question, saying that it had been her ‘lucky charm’ in the past to protect her yet now that she had him, she didn’t need it anymore. (OY!) But looking on the bright side, she no longer liked that evil Tian He and only when he donned Long Tai’s identity could he be regarded in such manner.

After sending Ren Mei home with his words, Tian He stepped over to where Long Tai was standing to gloat. Long Tai questioned Tian He about the other shoe, which was supposedly disposed of already. Yet Tian He clarified it was his and he had given it to Ren Mei to prove their love, etc. Long Tai then scolded Tian He for continuing to play with Ren Mei like that. Tian He’s next words shocked Long Tai more than anything. He told Long Tai not to worry about that anymore since he was really falling in love with Ren Mei. Though his emotions were too turmoil from the previous scene he witnessed, Long Tai was still smart enough to ask the most important question. YUP, he was wondering why in the world Tian He had to wear his clothes to go meet up with Ren Mei. Tian He recovered by saying he was in a rush and didn’t know it was Long Tai’s clothes. He said he thought his preference had deteriorated already.

Back at Long Tang, things were getting even more complicated as it were. Ah Xiang and Ah Lun returned in very beat up conditions. They were beaten by some thugs in front of Xiao Xiang’s shop after returning from a delivery trip. Xiao Xiang was nowhere to be seen so they have to return to Long Tang to seek the others for help of their next move. Lao Tu suggested that Xiao Xiang had fled already. And if Xiao Xiang did indeed flee, Long Shou Cheng was in for good, considering how he was the person guaranteeing the debt matter. The head of the town soon showed up with more bad news. He said that he spotted Xiao Xiang taking off already. Lao Tu yelled out that his guess was indeed correct as the others panicked. Or more like it was Ah Pan Jie panicking while Lao Tu ranted on and on. Though it seemed suspicious because the head of the town looked quite strange when the camera zoomed into him. (He was probably lying to aid Ren Hu’s cause.) Long Shou Cheng soon spoke up to say that he believed Xiao Xiang wasn’t that type of person–and believed that she would return after several days. The head of the town soon applied more pressure by saying how if Xiao Xiang wasn’t willing to appear, the debtor had to proceed with making the person putting forth the guaranteed pay back the debt. Ah Pan Jie yelled out they didn’t have any money. It was indeed getting quite hectic. Long Shou Cheng then said that he wanted to meet up with the debtor to discuss other alternatives. The head of the town disagreed, wanting to pass along the words instead. (Of course, he wouldn’t want it to take place, if it comes out, he would be exposed along with Ren Hu.) After the head of the town left, Tian He walked by, chiding his old man for doing such things. He said if grandma knew, she would definitely be hurt by what Long Shou Cheng did. Like they needed him to add more salt to their injuries. Yet it was Tian He after all.

Long Shou Cheng soon sought out Grandma Zhao for help in borrowing money to pay off the other debt first (or it seemed like he planned to). Yet he was sabotaged by Ren Hu when Ah Xie (Grandma Zhao’s assistant) was on her way to look for Grandma Zhao and ended up bumping into Ren Hu instead. He turned the request down. But while Long Shou Cheng was waiting for words from Ah Xie, Ren Mei heard what had happened and came out to talk to him. So she learned of the rejection and wanted to persuade her brother otherwise yet Long Shou Cheng didn’t want to cause troubles for her so he said he would seek other alternatives before turning to leave.

Though Long Shou Cheng didn’t want to cause troubles, Ren Mei had really sought out her brother to ask about the matter. Ren Mei didn’t understand why her brother was treating the Long family like enemies. She said she knew he didn’t get along with Long Tian He when they were little yet that had passed already. He told her it hadn’t passed yet and it never will. So he told her not to speak up on the Long family’s behalf anymore before dismissing her.

As things turned from WAY worse to the extreme of worst, they were forced to move out of Long Tang. Long Tai was seen already packed the next day and was making his way out of the house. Yet he couldn’t help but stopped at various points to see Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie cry. Then he finally stopped by the porch to sit next to his old man. Long Shou Cheng confided that he had already apologized to his wife for not being able to bring the tree along. Yet Long Tai assured him and said that she would forgive them for it. Soon, Tian He walked out and was once again envious of the pair of father and son’s interaction. He wanted to go back inside yet almost bumped into Ah Xiang coming out. Ah Xiang wasn’t scared and glared him down before telling Long Tai they have to go already.

So the inevitable happened. They were still standing around, reluctant to leave. Tian He finally couldn’t take it anymore and told them to leave already. That was when Ah Pan Jie spoke up to say that she just wanted to take a few more glimpses at the place and that Tian He didn’t have to be so cold-blooded. Yet Lao Tu interfered, telling her not to say it anymore, considering how terrible everyone’s moods were at the moment. It was also around that time that Long Tai stepped up to pat his old man on the shoulder, give him some sort of comfort. And that was also when Tian He turned around to check on them again, spotting the gesture and his jealousy boiled up inside again. Regardless of how unwilling they were, the party soon dispersed–with Long Tai still guiding his old man along.

So they moved into Ah Xiang’s friend’s house. Long Tai was very grateful to Ah Xiang and his friend for it. Yet Ah Xiang shrugged it off as nothing, stating that Long Tai had helped him in the past so it was normal that he returned the favor while they were in such a situation. The person who was showing an ungrateful attitude was unsurprisingly Tian He. His look of disgust said it all of his feelings toward the place. So what did Tian He do except order Ah Pan Jie to clear the air of the weird odor before calling him? Ah Xiang and Ah Lun reacted immediately, saying that Tian He was still exuding his young master attitude. Lao Tu jumped in to rescue the situation again, stating that Tian He was right about the ‘odor’ comment and that they should get rid of it so everyone would be more comfortable. Yet Ah Pan Jie said that it wasn’t about the fact of the room having a weird odor or not but it was Tian He’s attitude that had riled up everyone’s mood. Lao Tu interfered again, telling Ah Pan Jie not to pour more oil to the already blazing fire.

The next morning, Ah Pan Jie was up and out, trying to find a way to get food for everyone. She even prayed to Heaven for help. And was soon answered. Then she thought that it could be Ah Xiang and Ah Lun sending it over. So she went inside to tell the others, not forgetting to thank Heaven anyway. As Ah Pan Jie distributed the foods, Lao Tu called Tian He to come and eat breakfast. With no reply, he told Ah Pan Jie to set aside a portion for Tian He. Long Shou Cheng said that he wasn’t hungry and wanted to go out for a walk. Long Tai also got up and said he wasn’t hungry either, he wanted to go out and search for a job. That had also inspired Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu as well. Yet Long Tai told them they had been working so hard for Long Tang all these years so they should rest. Soon, he had to take Tian He’s motorcycle again in order to go around town in search of a job, considering how he didn’t have any form of transportation at this point.

After Long Tai left, Ah Pan Jie couldn’t help but praise Long Tai for being so understanding and considerate. She went even further by saying it was fortunate that their lady boss had taken Long Tai with her to Japan in the past or else Long Tai might turn out like Tian He. Yet Lao Tu told her not to say it anymore. Too late, Tian He had faked sleep and had been listening in on their conversation all along. He was finally getting up and was ready to strike back. Yet Ah Pan Jie wasn’t so easily obliging to his situation anymore. She didn’t want to follow his orders like in the past, but Lao Tu was forced to interfere once again, wanting to patch things up. Ah Pan Jie told Tian He to please mature up and look at the current situation. Lao Tu interrupted, not wanting things to get even worse (if that was possible).

Ah Pan Jie stood firm on her words this time, refusing to budge. She said that Tian He wasn’t a kid anymore so she didn’t want to let him have his way. She told him to stop his acts, stating that it was his fault that he’d slept in late yet still dared to say that the breakfast was too cold. She also told him how Long Tai didn’t even eat breakfast yet had gone out to search for a job to help the situation. Her next words? She wanted him to learn from Long Tai. That had triggered Tian He the most and he yelled right back, asking why he had to learn from that ‘imposter’. Ah Pan Jie told him Long Tai wasn’t an imposter but his brother, asking him why he wasn’t able to accept Long Tai. Tian He, stating that his appetite had been spoiled, tossed the food across the room before leaving. Yet Ah Pan Jie was still on a roll, continuing to yell at Tian He. Lao Tu finally told her to shut it, reminding her that she shouldn’t force Tian He like that and they had seen Tian He grew up, etc. She said because she’d seen him grow up, she was even sadder that he was that way. Not to mention how she treated Tian He like her own son so she couldn’t stand it anymore seeing him getting mad all the time, not caring to acknowledge the situation, etc.

On a more positive note, Long Tai finally found a job at a construction site. At first, the other person told him it was a really laborious job (really?) and it would even include overtime. He didn’t mind. He stated that he could endure it and have the strength to do all the heavy duties. The other person, seeing Long Tai so willing, finally agreed. So he was told to report back tomorrow.

And it was back to Tian He fuming over the fact that he was told to learn from Long Tai. Yet his trip out this time wasn’t so unfruitful. He discovered the head of the town carrying a heavy red packet and attempted to hide it upon seeing him. He confronted the other party right away.

On the way back, Long Tai spotted his old man back at Long Tang, staring at the place again. So he went over to talk to his old man, telling him that he found a job already and that they would acquire Long Tang back again. What made Long Shou Cheng even happier wasn’t the assurance, but Long Tai calling him “Dad” at long last when Long Tai told him they should go back home (i.e. their current habitat). Long Tai soon turned to have an internal talk with his mother, telling her to protect the place until they return. He then told his old man to go home again. Long Shou Cheng was more than happy to obey, letting Long Tai guide him back. He was thinking of how strange things had turned out–because even if he’d lost Long Tang, he got his son back.

Ah Pan Jie finally discovered their ‘angel’ when she came out to retrieve some freebies again. She initially thought it was her son and Ah Xiang again. But she felt it was too weird they didn’t show up. Then she finally spotted someone sneaking a peek at the house hence seeing Ren Mei at last. Busted, so Ren Mei couldn’t deny. She told Ah Pan Jie how she found out and that Long Shou Cheng had come over to seek for help previously. Ah Pan Jie, of course, didn’t know. Then Ren Mei asked about Long Tai to which Ah Pan Jie told Ren Mei how Long Tai was working to support them. Ah Pan Jie, seeing how sad and worried Ren Mei looked, quickly reassured her they were all right. Ren Mei then went into a panicked mood, wanting Ah Pan Jie to promise not to tell Long Tai about her sending breakfast over, not wanting Long Tai to feel like he was being pitied. Ah Pan Jie promised.

Because of his recent work schedule, Long Tai finally fell sick–though he told the others he was all right. Long Shou Cheng accompanied Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu the next morning to buy some meds for Long Tai. There were only two people left in the house at that time, Long Tai–who was still coughing–and Tian He. Interestingly as it got, Tian He was going through his pockets and finally found a small packet. He was forced to remember back to the time Doctor Jin had given him that packet and told him to drink it so his wish would come true right away. It was the time he said he wanted to die and end the suffering, etc. So was he thinking what would eventually lead to the unforgivable deed? Considering how much he hated Long Tai at the moment–with all the attention Long Tai was getting. Yet it seemed like it wasn’t so. It wasn’t exactly so. He actually tossed the paper packet away randomly. Yet that was also when Long Tai got up and saw the packet after having another coughing fit. Long Tai, upon seeing the packet, thought that it was the medications his father bought for him. It was a misunderstanding.

Indeed, Tian He had said that it was poison when Long Tai asked. Well,  Long Tai asked him if it was cold/flu medication and he replied in his usual manner, saying that if he said it was poison, would Long Tai believe him. So Long Tai responded with saying considering how much Tian He hated him, he wouldn’t tell him if it was poison. So Tian He told him if he wanted to take it, then go ahead. So Long Tai went and prepared the meds as Tian He mull things in his mind. He did try to interfere when Long Tai was about to down it. Yet when Long Tai asked “What?”, he just said “Nothing”. Ummmm…struggling inside but not strong enough. It was hard to blame him for his jealousy at times, but to kill someone? It didn’t matter if it was his brother hence being more important than the rest of the world, but it was a human being after all. Or did he think that Doctor Jin was just teasing him hence there was a chance it wasn’t poison?

So the inevitable happened. Long Tai crashed on his way to work. (Long Shou Cheng came back before he left and asked why he was up and around. Yet he said that he already drank meds so he was fine again. Long Shou Cheng was surprised and confused at the same time, mumbling that he just bought the meds back so what was that about already drinking meds.) While riding on the motorcycle, Long Tai felt dizzy and had multiple visions hence crashing. (Were those meds sleeping pills and not poison? It would make more sense, considering how Doctor Jin wouldn’t take the risk of Tian He actually downing the pills when he was taunted.)

Yup, those pills were sleeping pills. It was clarified by Lao Tu with his comment of wondering why Long Tai was taking such a dosage of those pills. So that was when Tian He blurted out that it wasn’t poison after all, but sleeping pills. Lao Tu, upon hearing those words, asked Tian He what he was talking about. And that was when Long Shou Cheng began his interrogation. Even if it was an accident, Tian He’s attitude didn’t help move things along either. Seeing Long Shou Cheng’s strong reaction, Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu immediately got up from Long Tai’s side and was ready to stop whatever that was might take place. Tian He was asking why his old man was determined to pin the crime on him. Long Shou Cheng said that upon his return, he only saw Long Tai and Tian He there, so if it wasn’t Tian He who gave the meds to Long Tai, who did? Tian He was more than upset, he said that he was also Long Shou Cheng’s son, why did Long Shou Cheng have to scold at him because of Long Tai. What planted him in an even more unfavorable spot was saying how it was for the good anyway, losing one and still having another, he won’t be too grievous. That had triggered Long Shou Cheng even more, asking why he could possibly have created such a murderer. Tian He was far from done, he went with it, triggering his old man even more. And that was when he received a second slap from his old man. Tian He was forced to think back to the time he received the first slap. However, his old man went on to say that time he hadn’t wake Tian He up yet but ended up causing Tian He to hate him until now. So this slap was also justified. Not being able to deliver any more sharp words toward his old man, he finally fled.

And he was back at his favorite place again, yelling out with much injustice. Then along came his enemy taunting him even more. Indeed, Ren Hu had kept his promise in overthrowing Tian He. Now, he was more than ready to deliver even more blows. And of course Ren Hu was there to declare his victory after calling Tian He a lost dog. It was also after Ren Hu left that Tian He realized how pitiful he was to land in the current situation. He silently repeated that no one in this world wanted him.

Back at home, Long Tai finally awakened. Still groggy, he asked them what had happened. Ah Pan Jie recounted to him how he had landed into the accident because of Tian He giving him the sleeping pills. It was then that he mumbled about how the meds were actually sleeping pills. He then clarified to the others that it wasn’t Tian He who given him the meds but it was he, himself, who had mistaken it for cold/flu meds. Lao Tu then spoke up to reflect Long Shou Cheng’s expression, stating that they had misunderstood, and things had gone haywire. Long Shou Cheng was still mumbling about why Tian He would let him misunderstand like that, etc. It was also around then that Long Tai felt his heart hurting, pondering if Tian He had ended up hurting himself. (Yup, it was one of those rare moments where he could feel the connection with his twin brother as people often recounted with twins having special connections.)

Soon, Long Tai was back up on his feet and out to search for Tian He. He ended up running into Ren Mei. She was actually on her way to his place, wanting to tell him that Tian He was heading toward the ocean-side. Long Tai told Ren Mei to go tell the others while he went and searched for Tian He, promising to bring Tian He back. After Ren Mei went on her way, Long Tai felt a jab in his heart again.

And it was finally full circle with the scene seen in episode 1 with Tian He standing there–about to jump. And just like how it had unfolded in the first scene of the drama, the scene moved to Long Tai finally seeing Tian He there, so he tried to convince Tian He not to do anything silly. Tian He told Long Tai not to make another move, etc. After much struggle under the water, Long Tai finally succeeded in rescuing Tian He. Yet his energy had also been drained. Luckily, the others had arrived and were able to tend to them.

They were brought to the hospital and were given the much needed medical attention. Yet while the others were standing nearby with many worries reflecting on all their faces, Long Tai was thinking of the situation between the two. Though they were supposedly twins yet they were like strangers, and if they couldn’t both co-exist in this world, it would be better that he disappear so that it could dissolve whatever hate that resided in Tian He’s heart. After letting go, Long Tai was able to see his mother. Yes, in his unconscious state, it seemed like his mother was there to pick him up. (Or was that it?) Indeed, as he got up to follow his mother, in reality, the monitor beeped like insane, signaling that he was going. As the others began to cry, Tian He finally woke up, not believing that Long Tai had sacrificed himself to save him. He called out to his brother, wanting him to wake up. It was finally at this moment that he didn’t care for those jealous moments anymore, truly wanting Long Tai to wake up.

After the doctors had excused themselves, Ren Mei rushed in toward Long Tai’s side. The others weren’t far behind. Ren Mei, way past hysterical at this point, told Long Tai to wake up. She said that he couldn’t leave everyone just like that, not after the other plan just took off. She also told him that she still had a lot to say to him. And in the unconscious realm, Long Tai wanted to follow his mom, truly did–until he heard Ren Mei calling him.

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