Status of Fan Fiction IX

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It’s like a month later so time for another status update AND not to mention how I have bragging rights (one of those rare times) so I thought I would update. Oh yeah, I’m including the number of votes for the fanfics from this post on.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Slicing Boundary – 4 Votes – YES, I finally done the deed and finish it. It has finished posting also. AND yes, on both here and on Jindi Fan Fiction blog page. I’m washing my hands off Jindi stuff for a long, long time. Don’t like the ending? Get over it.

The Dating Game 3 – 1 Vote – Thank Zai Zai for this one. (YES, Vic, not the other people who have the same nickname.)  It’s done posting also.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 3 Votes – Still being abandoned since I was finishing the other ones.

Payback – 0 Votes – Still on hold. It’s okay. Still no vote so I don’t need to hurry. But the other reason is I’m stuck too so…it’s not just about votes. I got some notes though. Will try to connect ’em somehow.

Tri-Visual – 10 Votes – Might get back to this one next. Can’t promise though. I’ll try to find some songs that could get me going for this one.

True Friendship – 9 Votes – Almost done. I wish it was done YET was still struggling with the final chapter so I’ll wait for it. Been working on it slowly though, just kept backspacing. I’ll figure something out so it wouldn’t be too corny. OR at least for me. Just one more chapter. Sorry for the wait. I really am since it’s one of my treasured ones (like I said numerous times already) and that’s the ultimate reason why I don’t want to ruin it–as much, lol.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – 0 Votes – Still not going anywhere. I need to get rid of some Wallace ones before I can focus on this, LOL! And possibly read some more wuxia to get back into the mood.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Slanted Thoughts 2 – So holding this since I got inspirations for TDG4 already so might go with that until later. This might not get posted possibly until after I clear TDG4 and TF.

Honey In Tea – Perhaps I won’t post this until I finish ‘Hide & Seek’, which is a long time.

Redish Orange – This is so going into the ‘on-hold’ status as well. Possibly like after TDG4.

The Dating Game 4 – YES, there is part 4. This is my random saga so of course, I would continue with it. But won’t post it up yet. In fact, won’t post it up until I ‘X’ out some more of the fanfics above.

For votes, one-shots got 3 bumped already. I took out the two recently completed one.

I hex out like 2 within a month, great or what? Though I couldn’t get the 3rd one done like I recently planned but I thought it’s enough progress for now.

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