Status of Fan Fiction XIII

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Vote count is now up to 51.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Neurotic – 1 Vote – Much thanks to syko for the time spent on posters, etc. It’s done so that’s that.

Wan Xin Bang (萬心帮) – 0 Votes – No, it’s not done. I just decided to take it out for the time being. Until I feel like it again, I’ll bring it back. Possibly until it’s finished. I actually worked out the majority of the plot already.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 18 Votes – It took one cliff hanger for some people to come out with threats. OKAY, was exaggerating, more like syko’s twin and her bear friends. (YES, typo also has bear friends. What do you know?) BUT the thing is, I tried to work on the next chapter and kept back-spacing. SORRY, not in the right mood yet.

Honey In Tea – 0 Votes – Still stuck, nothing new. It’s one of the happy stories so trying to put it aside for now.

Payback – 1 Vote – I’m shifting gears and trying to get back on track. Can’t promise progress soon.

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 1 Vote – OMG, one vote finally! I’ll try harder! This is motivation IF at all. BUT still putting it aside though I did write a paragraph or so.

The Dating Game 4 – 4 Votes – I updated one chapter, aren’t you guys proud of me? But will be back to slow updates again. SORRY, I can’t stress enough yet still trying to balance it out a bit with some scenes.

Tri-Visual – 11 Votes – I thought I would be done with this already BUT no. Will try harder. IF only.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Neurotic 2 – YES, there’s a 2, because part 1 was left hanging, right?

One-shots is now at 16.

Oh, if you guys haven’t noticed, I changed the ‘Fan Fiction’ page to plain and simple. YUP, no more detailed information regarding each fanfic since a) it takes too much each time I update a fanfic, b) no one reads it anyway (i.e. the amount of questions I get regardless of how I try to make things clear SO I might as well reduce the effort so it makes more sense–though NOT that I discourage questions, just feel like I’m doing it for nothing and would rather focus on writing stories instead of just ‘updating’ status), and c) too lazy to do banners for the stories each time.

Anyway, been watching the Olympics all these times SO that was one of the reasons for my lagging in updates as well. However, after I try hard to update all the current stories and finish them, I won’t be around as much anymore. SO…I’ll just see what happens by then.

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10 thoughts on “Status of Fan Fiction XIII

  1. oh my what? there is gonna be a neurotic 2? is it going to explain what the boys are dealing? lololo *dies* :X wxb went away like my dap except you did it manually ahahaha oh and who reads the fanfic page? I do, i like scrolling and seeing the mini pictures and text on the bottom of each but then again my opinion is whatever.

  2. Neurotic 2 – That’s for me to write and for you to figure out. YET since you only care for Cyndi, I guess you’ll be left hanging SO nvm.
    What dap? OKAY…..

    Fan Fic page – SORRY, but I kept getting annoyed with questions while people don’t like to read SO I took it away. AND I rather concentrate on writing instead of focusing on updating status constantly. Besides, the top reason: lazy to make banner.

  3. lol you’re so good at assuming ahaha did i even mention cyndi once in my post? It was a rhetorical question about the guys
    oh, it came down to the banner thing. I guess it’s a lot cleaner now then, short and sweet, the fanfic page.

  4. YES, I did jump to the ‘Cyndi’ part BUT since she was in part 1 and that was one of the last stories I did with her and guys, I thought I should drive you away for the 2nd one so I would feel less pressure with writing it. HA! SO there….

    YUP, always the banner thing since you know how sucky my graphics is AND how lazy I get at finding images.

  5. don’t worry, once you feel like starting and finishing part two, I’ll pop in to see what’s up with those guys instead of reading each chapter one by one. 😀
    lol i can vouch for you on getting the right images… takes so long ahahah but yeah, you seem to be doing fine with the posters for oneshot page and fanfic page and stuff like that.

  6. Okay, thanks for breezing by? LOL!

    YES, Suddenly when I look back at ‘Scheming Nature’, I totally forgot I didn’t do anything about that ‘poster’ yet. Blame it on Jacky.

  7. what’s wrong with jacky? he seems like a good looking guy…
    omggg i get to be a breezeeee? 😀 coolll no one can see me, only feel!

  8. You’re already scary, it’s only a matter of time before you could breeze by us AND scare us even more.

    What’s wrong with Jacky? I can’t find a picture that I could use for posters? OR maybe it’s never suitable for my crazy themes? Maybe I’ll try to pull out the ‘Liu Mang Xiao Zhang’ caps so I could use it for ‘Scheming Nature’.

  9. YAY! And saw this one Jacky one that I like, it was the ‘Ying’ hairstyle so I saved it. Even browsed through bunch of stuffs, saved some pictures of him and his bro.

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