Status of Fan Fiction XVII

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Vote count is still at 43. But it’s reasonable since I didn’t move at all regarding updates. Well, only a bit so I wouldn’t blame anyone for losing interest.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 21 Votes – I swear I thought I was so done like ages back. Yet I was wrong. Things got in the way.

Honey In Tea – 2 Votes – Then again, I was planning to move forward with this after finishing H&S but behind schedule again. Yet, what’s funny is now Joe & Janine’s new drama’s going to air soon. So yeah…really glad they’re in a new drama together, but would it influence me? Or maybe I wouldn’t watch until after I finish this? LOL! Like how I halted H&C for it.

Neurotic: Tainted World – I swear I should be done with this already since I had plenty of morbid moods to drive this dark story forward. Oh well…probably it had to do with time more than mood.

Payback – 1 Vote – Still not moving forward with it. But I have an idea. I’m changing my mind again about certain parts of the plot.

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 2 Votes – Interestingly, another one I thought I’m done with already. But I guess can’t rush it. I actually like it at this point. Don’t want to ruin it.

Stranded – 0 Votes – Okay, I know I’m deep in with trying to finish others, but I don’t know. The “trying” part is too much so I thought I’m bringing this out to ease things a bit. At least this will be fun. It’s actually part me and part audience participation, nice? Go here for more details.

The Dating Game 5 – YES, I’m not waiting. I’m going to bring this out since I have several chapters going already. At least it will distract from my lack of progress in other stories.

One-shots is still at 17.

What else? Nothing really…yeah, that’s my mood for now. Hopefully, I could accomplish more all around this summer.

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