Golden Bell Awards 2012: Winners

Some of you might have watched it.

The following will be listed in the order it was announced and the winner would be in bold (and only dramas were listed because I got lazy with translations like last time with the nominations list):

Best Film Editing – Presenters: Janel Tsai and James Wen:
Chen Yu Jie (陳鈺傑) and Wang Xi Jie (王希捷) – Thief (小偷)
Chen Xiao Dong (陳曉東), Zheng Zhi Liang (鄭志良), and Jiang Yi Ting (江依庭) – Dear Mother Earth (跟著賴和去壯遊) (Hakka TV)
Zhang Fei Qi (張斐棋) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Liao Qing Song (廖慶松) and Liu Yue Xing (劉悅行) – Record Standpoint – 303 (紀錄觀點—《303》)
Gu Xiao Yun (顧曉芸) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)

Best Cinematography – Presenters: Janel Tsai and James Wen:
Li Wei Jie (李偉傑) – Treasured Taiwan Series:  99 Bees (寶貝台灣系列:九九蜂鹰) (PTS)
Shen Rui Yuan (沈瑞源) – Luo Pan (落番) (PTS)
Lin Jun Yang (林君陽) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)
Liang Jie De (梁皆得) – Emerald (翡翠) (PTS)
Chen Yu Jie (陳鈺傑) – Thief (小偷)

Best Supporting Actress – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: Janel Tsai and James Wen:
Xu Ya Qi (許亞琦) – Intertwine (交錯)
Gail Lin (林嘉俐) – Marked Poems of the Years (歲月的籤詩)
Chamder Tsai (蔡燦得) – Listening to the Heart’s Voice (聽見心的聲音) (DaAi TV)
Lai Xiao Yi (賴曉誼) – Go, Daddy! (爸爸加油) (DaAi TV)
Lu Yi Ching (陸弈靜) – Princess and Prince (公主與王子)

Best Sound Editing – Presenters: Novia Lin (林若亞) and Xu Jun Hui (許俊輝):
Wang Gong Cheng (王公誠), Liang Qi Hui (梁啟慧), Chen Yue En (陳悅恩), and Zhu Jia Yi (朱家宜 ) – Dear Mother Earth (跟著賴和去壯遊) (Hakka TV)
Shi Min Jie (史旻玠), Ye (葉約瑟), Ye Yue Se (葉約瑟) and Zhou Zhen (周震) – The Moonlight in Jilin (吉林的月光)
Xu Zhong Ya (徐中亞) – Record Standpoint – City Border Revelations (紀錄觀點 – 邊城啟示錄)
Tang Jun Jie (湯鈞傑), Jiang Zhen Dao (蔣震道), Wang Yu Jun (王榆鈞), and Chen Wei Jun (陳惟君) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)
Luo Xiang Ling (羅湘淩) – The Happy Life of Debbie (黛比的幸福生活)

Best Art and Design – Presenters: Novia Lin (林若亞) and Xu Jun Hui (許俊輝):
Wu Ruo Yun (吳若昀) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)
Yang Zheng Yi (楊證譯), Zhuang Min Sheng (莊閔盛), and Zhao Zheng An (趙正安) – Fruit Ice Cream (水果冰淇淋) (PTS)
Jian Chun Yu (簡春玉) – I Love You So Much (粉愛粉愛你) (CTV)
Luo Wen Guang (羅文光) and You Li Guang (游麗光) – Glimmer of Love (愛的微光) (DaAi TV)
Su Yao Tang (蘇耀堂) – Facing it with a Smile (微笑面對) (DaAi TV)

Best Director – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: Annie Chen and Peng Yi Yi (澎怡怡):
Zhu Jia Lin (朱家麟) – Princess and Prince (公主與王子)
Zhou Xu Wei (周旭薇) – The Golden Child (金孫)
Shi Li (施立) – No Way Home (離家的女人)
Lian Yi Qi (連奕琦) – Forgotten (遺忘)
Chen Yu Jie (陳鈺杰) – Thief (小偷)

Best Screenwriter/ Script – Tele-movies – Presenters: Alice Ceng and Cai Kang Yong (蔡康永):
Wang Xi Jie (王希捷) – Thief (小偷)
Fan Yun Jie (范云杰) – Marked Poems of the Yearsi (歲月的籤詩)
Cao Shi Han ( 曹仕翰) – My Dog Boyfriend (我的狗男友) (PTS)
Cai Yi Fen (蔡怡芬) and Zhu Jia Lin (朱家麟) – Princess and Prince (公主與王子)
Liu Xue Rong (劉雪容), Li Gang (李崗), Zhou Xu Wei (周旭薇), and Hong Wen Jie (洪文潔) – The Golden Child (金孫)

Best Supporting Actor – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: Alice Ceng and Cai Kang Yong (蔡康永):
Lu Fu Lu (呂福祿) – City in the Wind’s Light (城市風裡的光) (PTS)
Ma Guo Xian (馬國賢) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)
Xia Jing Ting (夏靖庭) – Marked Poems of the Years (歲月的籤詩)
Gao Meng Jie (高盟傑) – Butcher (肉販) (PTS)
Xi Xiang (喜翔) – Old Street Rhapsody (老街狂想曲) (PTS)

Best Lighting – Presenters: Yao Yuan Hao and Ruby Lin:
Li Long Yu ( 李龍禹) – To Get Married Or Not (結婚不結婚) (PTS)
Xu Shi Ming (許世明) – The Happy Life of Debbie (黛比的幸福生活)
Chen Zhi Xuan (陳志軒) – The Incident at Fairy Valley (神仙谷事件) (Hakka TV)
Mei Shu Hao (梅書豪) – Forgotten (遺忘)
Lai Tian Jian (賴天健) – No Way Home (離家的女人)

Best Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: Yao Yuan Hao and Ruby Lin:
PTS’ Life Story Collection – Princess and Prince (公主與王子)
PTS’ Student Life Story Collection – Thief (小偷)
PTS’ Student Life Story Collection – No Way Home (離家的女人)
Marked Poems of the Years (歲月的籤詩)
The Happy Life of Debbie (黛比的幸福生活)

Best Leading Actor – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: Yao Yuan Hao and Ruby Lin:
Christoper Lee (李銘順) – Forgotten (遺忘)
Chen Zhu Sheng (陳竹昇) – My Little Honey Moon (野蓮香)
Tuo Zong Hua (庹宗華) – Go, Daddy! (爸爸加油) (DaAi TV)
Huang He (黃河) – Princess and Prince (公主與王子)
Huang Wei De (黃維德) – Fly! Pigeon (飛吧!鴿子)

Best Leading Actress – Min-series/ Tele-movies – Presenters: June (六月) and (?):
Lu Xue Feng (呂雪鳳) – The Golden Child (金孫)
Jade Chou (周幼婷) – The Happy Life of Debbie (黛比的幸福生活)
Helen Thanh Đào (海倫清桃) aka Nguyễn Thanh Đào (阮菁桃) – My Little Honey Moon (野蓮香)
Gao Hui Jun (高慧君) – No Way Home (離家的女人)
Esther Liu (劉品言) – The Golden Child (金孫)

Best Marketing Program – Presenters: Li Luo (李羅) and Amanda Chu (朱芯儀):
Office Girls (小資女孩向前衝) (SETTV)
In Between (半熟戀人) (TTV)
In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) (GTV)
Remember, About Us (記得‧我們有約) (CTI)
Inborn Pair (真愛找麻煩) (SETTV)

Best Supporting Actor – Drama – Presenters: Li Luo (李羅) and Amanda Chu (朱芯儀):
Wang Jing Guan (王鏡冠) – Wayback Into Love (愛。回來)
Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正) –  Accompany With You (陪你看天星) (DaAi TV)
Jia Xiao Guo (賈孝國) – Innocence (阿戇妹)
Deng Zhi Hong (鄧志鴻) – Man * Boy (小孩‧大人)
Cai Zhen Nan (蔡振南) – Garden of Life (生命花園)

Best Screenwriter/ Script – Drama – Presenters: Chen Bo Lin and Ariel Lin:
Lin Zhi Ru (林志儒), Yang Jing Xiang (楊景翔), Chen Nan Hong (陳南宏), and Zhang Qi En (張綺恩) – Innocence (阿戇妹)
Xu Yu Ting (徐譽庭) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Huang Zhi Xiang (黃志翔) – Man * Boy (小孩‧大人)
Zhang Xiu Ling (張秀玲) – Garden of Life (生命花園)
Jian Qi Feng (簡奇峰) and Lin Xin Hui (林欣慧) – Ex-boyfriend (前男友)

Best Supporting Actress – Drama – Presenters: Chen Bo Lin and Ariel Lin:
Ge Wei Ru (戈偉如) – Ti Amo Chocolate (愛上巧克力) (SETTV)
Lin Mei Xiu (林美秀) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Hong Xiao Ling (洪小鈴) – Inborn Pair (真愛找麻煩) (SETTV)
Yang Li Yin (楊麗音) – Accompany With You (陪你看天星) (DaAi TV)
Yan Yi Wen (嚴藝文) – Wayback Into Love (愛。回來)

Best Director – Drama – Presenters: Tian Xin and Wilber Pan:
Wang Chuan Zong (王傳宗) – Jump! Cheer Leader (飆!企鵝里德) (Hakka TV)
Wu Mi Sen (吳米森) – Garden of Life (生命花園)
Lin Zhi Ru (林志儒) – Innocence (阿戇妹)
Huang Zhi Xiang (黃志翔) – Man * Boy (小孩‧大人)
Winnie Qu (瞿友寧) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)

Best Leading Actress – Drama – Presenters: Tian Xin and Wilber Pan:
June Tsai/ Liu Yue (六月) – Wayback Into Love (愛。回來)
Gina Li (李千娜) – Ex-boyfriend (前男友)
Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) – Man * Boy (小孩‧大人)
Ariel Lin (林依晨) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Huang Cai Yi (黃采儀) – Innocence (阿戇妹)

Best Leading Actor – Drama – Presenter: Nicky Wu:
Chen Bo Lin (陳柏霖) – In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)
Huang Pin Yuan (黃品源) – Rainy Night Flower (雨夜花)
Huang Jian Wei (黃健瑋) – Innocence (阿戇妹)
Tony Yang (楊祐寧) – Ex-boyfriend (前男友)
Long Shao Hua (龍劭華) – Wayback Into Love (愛。回來)

Best Dramas – Presenter: Nicky Wu:
Man * Boy (小孩‧大人) (PTS)
Garden of Life (生命花園) (DaAi TV)
In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) (GTV)
Innocence (阿戇妹) (Hakka TV)
Wayback Into Love (愛。回來) (SETTV)

Thoughts? All I can say is this is a year for popular dramas instead of the under-rated ones, except for some instances. And that the judges are definitely playing safe this year. BUT nevertheless, I promise NOT to be a sore loser so congratulations to all the winners!

*Drama titles and such were translated and verified by DTLCT.

Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai

I just thought I would watch a comedy (or it seemed so) to give myself a break from all the dramatic ones that I have been tuning into lately. It wasn’t a mistake at all though I have to say it got a bit annoying near the end. Though some of the comedic parts were still placed in to ease some of the tensions that were going on, trying to maintain the ‘comedy’ part of the drama. Because of the little side drama near the end, I have to take off some points and declare this show as not bad instead of great.

The cast/characters:

  • JJ Lin as Xiao Zhuang (小莊) aka Zhuang Jun Wei (莊俊維). The supposed handsome guy who found out he wasn’t really handsome as the story unfolded.
  • Nicky Lee as Jin Si Si (金斯斯). OMG, his role was so wacko and clueless at times that was so funny.
  • Michael Zhang as Ah Kang (阿康) aka Fang Wen Kang (方文康). I must say that Michael honestly has a knack for comedy. He’s one of those guys that could exaggerate without making it too lame.
  • Alice Ceng as Cindy Xu Xin Ting (徐心婷). I didn’t know what to say about her until later. I guess she was one of those others often like to form an opinion of but didn’t really know her, etc. It was sort of cliche that she liked her sister’s boyfriend. Yet I tried to get past that and focused on her own character more later.
  • Xiu Jie Kai as Duan Zhao Wei (段兆偉). If only he appeared even more in the later parts. But that would be irrelevant with the rest of the plot. YET I rather have him appear more than some of the upcoming dramas that unfolded.
  • Jozie Lu as Shen Man Man (沈嫚嫚). I didn’t realize she was in 4 Gifts until later. But it was interesting to see her portray this role. The spunky girl within the group. She was the one with the least fake personality in here, which I really enjoyed watching. Okay, maybe second least since I just remember about Pin Xuan.
  • Winnie Zhong as Liu Pin Xuan (劉品萱). A girl who claimed she was possessed by an alien and wanted to regain her freedom. Though some of us could interpret it as her suffering from multiple personality problems because of how she was abused by her elementary teacher when she was little. I found her quite funny at times and her blunt personality was really refreshing. I didn’t care if she was mean at one point or another since it just meant she wasn’t fake. Her gentle personality was really funny as well, all shy. I think Winnie was really convincing with portraying both roles because it was so hard switching back and forth like that. Not to mention how she kept both personalities consistent.
  • Yao An Qi (姚安琪) as Cai Qiao Ping (蔡巧萍). At first, I didn’t mind her being the somewhat passive one since she wasn’t really making trouble but I forgot that the usually quiet ones are the ones to watch out for since they are even more dangerous than the loud ones. Though she wasn’t really my favorite throughout, I was okay with her around until later. I found her really, really fake. BUT it wasn’t because I was rooting for the main couple. More on that later.
  • Guo Yao Zhong (郭堯中) as Jason. SUPER fake. I didn’t care if he was being considerate to Cindy’s habits too. His whole show-off thing was such a turn off anyway. So it was wrong of Cindy to use him to get over Zhao Wei but I still find him really fake regardless of if Cindy was at fault or not. Those were two different things.
  • Renzo Liu as Club Advisor Lai Zhen Yi (賴正義). It was really funny to see him so worked up from time to time. His blood pressure was way up because of the three guys.
  • Doris Kuang as Restaurant owner. The supposedly wise boss. Yet I found her to be wrong like how Xiao Zhuang had implied of her supposed talent. YES, she was right on reading their current situation but some things weren’t as accurate when she gave advice.
  • Gina Lin as Yong Ge (勇哥). That was funny that she was a girl instead of a guy like they thought. At first, I thought she was trying to con them for meals but I had to keep in mind that Man Man wouldn’t introduce someone to sabotage them. I was reassured again when I realized they were delivering newspapers and gas tanks because those helped build their strength. That was quite impressive. I guess those talented masters are usually strange regardless of their age.
  • Huang Ruo Bai (黃若白) as Principal. Only appeared a bit to give the club advisor some pressure but still funny.
  • Rynn Lin as Zhuang Jun Ren (莊俊仁). Xiao Zhuang’s brother, the actual handsome one in the family–though the morphed concept ingrained in the townspeople’s mind had affected their mentality since young hence him not having confidence about his appearance and worshiped his brother since young. His jokes were the worst though since he kept scaring them about cooking their beloved Old Wang.
  • Xiao Zhuang’s cousin. I found her really funny though she was causing troubles for others. At least she wasn’t fake and all. I actually enjoyed it that she was sabotaging Xiao Zhuang and Qiao Ping. It seemed to test Qiao Ping and made her cunning side come out.


  • Xiao Zhuang, Si Si, and Ah Kang. They were seriously the highlights of the show, of course. Every time they got together to discuss matters, it was so crazy. Two would always team up together and bully the other one. Watching Si Si and Ah Kang fight over food was seriously funny as well. Yet I found it really nice to see that they would stick by one another’s side when needed. They often talked about their problems and gave advice but was so funny with adding in side remarks as well. That made it more realistic than just the overly corny lines.
  • Xiao Zhuang and Man Man. It was interesting how they shared some likeness with one another too, especially that one time when they got drunk together–more her than him.
  • Cindy and Man Man. They were seriously friends. Regardless of how they seemed to make poor decisions at one time or another, they didn’t desert each other–or judge. Though Man Man had stressed that she wasn’t siding with anyone when she had that conversation with Qiao Ping near the end, I thought she had every right to side with Cindy since she knew Cindy longer. But must admit she kept her words since she treated both girls equally–as friends, not attacking Qiao Ping for pulling such selfish stunts.
  • Everyone had some link with one another. Not just because they were in the club together or knew one person through another. But it was like they could bond at one point or another through different circumstances.


  • Xiao Zhuang and Cindy. To be honest, I was taking in Ah Kang’s words too much at the beginning and felt like they were better off as friends. But through different scenes that unfolded, I got more attached to them though didn’t have high hopes since they seemed to be from two different worlds. Then came the flashbacks that Xiao Zhuang had with the two of them, it seemed like they were so in-sync with each other–regardless of how outsiders would feel odd seeing them together. I guess her past baggage was too much and she didn’t realize Xiao Zhuang was the right one for her until she stepped out of the whole scene. She didn’t know if Xiao Zhuang was just a good friend when she needed him for support–or was he the one for her until later. But glad they ended up together all the same.
  • Xiao Zhuang and Qiao Ping. At first, I thought they were more suitable for one another than Xiao Zhuang and Cindy yet I was wrong since the scene in the restaurant when Xiao Zhuang remembered back to how he had asked Cindy about the joke, she had gotten the right answer instead of Qiao Ping’s clueless response. It was then that I realized Xiao Zhuang and Cindy were more in-sync with one another regardless of outer appearances. When Xiao Zhuang was with Qiao Ping, it seemed like he was more serious but it also meant he was uncomfortable and the guilt was present (like he later mentioned). It was so wrong. This showed that what they think might work wasn’t so. Not to mention how she knew of his deep feeling for Cindy so it was harder and harder with the trust thing. It wasn’t totally her fault for being jealous but it was better for both not to be together since she knew too well about Cindy so it was hard regardless of what both tried to do to make it work. The big difference between them was he didn’t resort to other means when he saw some threats. YES, I didn’t expect her to be perfect since Man Man and the other girls in here got jealous at times too but I found it too much of a joke when she said she was unwilling and felt it was unfair with how Xiao Zhuang was able to move Cindy but she can’t move Xiao Zhuang. Maybe it was because Xiao Zhuang never blamed Cindy or anyone, but himself for not succeeding BUT Qiao Ping was too calculating. (Like how she was keeping tallies of how long it would take to win Xiao Zhuang over versus how Xiao Zhuang didn’t care–as long as Cindy was happy. It took a lot for him to get over certain failures but he didn’t resort to other means like Qiao Ping had chosen.)
  • Si Si and Pin Xuan. Too crazy for words yet I guess if they didn’t end up together, I don’t know what else. But it was too funny seeing how he was trying to act normal when she was talking to herself (aka her other personality).
  • Ah Kang and Man Man. They were too addicting to watch. I’m so serious here. They were like my favorite couple. They were too hilarious, always fighting and giving one another a hard time. Yet it wasn’t too typical of the whole fighting couple either. Ah Kang was trying to avoid her at all cost after realizing that she liked him YET he didn’t realize that he was falling for her himself, so bad. Possibly way more than he realized because all he could focus on was her and brushing off all possible threats. I found it funny that she ended up attracting more and more guys at the end because she had changed her style and he was fending off his threats. LOL!
  • Club Adviser Lai Zhen Yi and the restaurant owner. That was so funny that he became all nice and kind to the others because of her. Then he even went and helped at her shop.

Recommended? IF you really want to watch for kicks and NOT because you wanted to watch something so-called “deep.” It was deep to some extent because it addressed some major issues in life that one might encounter. You can’t just look on the surface and make a conclusion. Sure, it was exaggerated at some points because it was a comedy at heart, but there were lots more than just that. I enjoyed it since it had succeeded in making me laugh. But it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Xing Yun

Ethan was a stuntman and Alice was a flight attendant. They had an argument because Ethan’s misunderstanding not to mention his attitude. She left after burning his lucky sock. He finally realized her importance and how he should not hide anymore from his responsibilities. He ran from the scene (where he was supposed to shoot this one part) and managed to catch up with her at the airport. They finally made up and were all right again.

So how was it? Short and lame. I got the messages in here but I didn’t see the purpose of the story at all. Didn’t like the plotline. Liked the directing though. Maybe if it was a bit longer, just a bit or a different story then it would’ve been better.

*Note*: This was the third story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT


This was not a single movie but a series of short stories surrounding the same theme. There were four stories in this saga.

The first one starred Van Fan and Megan Lai, the second Blue and Annie, the third one Ethan and Alice (of course), and the last one was Tracy’s story.

San Sheng You Xing (三聲有幸) – Van Fan was trying to find a person who could protect his girlfriend if he did not make it out of the surgery room.

Hua Shan * 24 (華山‧24) – Blue and Annie met again after so many years but somehow she has lost her memory so she did not remember him. He must try to seek out the reason and work his way into her life again.

Xing Yun (幸運) – Ethan was a stuntman while Alice was a flight attendant. They had an argument. She left because he was being unreasonable. He finally confronted his own self and tried to chase after her and get her to forgive him before it was too late.

Di Liu Hao Liu Hai (第六號瀏海) – Tracy was having bad luck with guys and she kept running around asking people “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” until one day a fortune-teller told her that she would encounter six guys and the sixth person would be her prince charming or Mr. Right. Searching desperately for each, she landed into the hands of fate, except it was of a twisted one.

I especially like the first one the most because it was really short and meaningful. It was really touching with the idea, especially the opening scene, and then it finally unfolded into much more than just two people meeting each other out of nowhere and then doing goofy things together.

My second favorite must be of Blue and Annie’s story. Memory and the loss of memory have been done to the point of overkill but this one was different in that it did not try too hard to be perfect. It was just how it was and let the flow take its way. Really nice story also. Tammy Chen’s special appearance in here was really cute as well.

The third one was meaningful in its own context but I didn’t like it too much because of how the storyline was. It was too short for the approach of that type of storyline. Still was not that bad though.

The last one was lame, corny, exaggerated, and beyond words. But I guess that was why it needed so many guest stars to cover the bases. It was great to see members of different bands collaborating together. Also, Alec Su and Ken Chu’s special appearances were very funny.

So, worth watching or not? Your choice really. I thought it was worth every cent of my money because the fact that they were smart enough to put the best storyline first and then the next one was the longest one among the stories but it was the correct one to include more details. There was also the thing with a lot of interesting guest appearances to move the story along if it was not all that, like the last story.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT