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I don’t know what’s the purpose of this post, but it’s just another excuse for me being random, I guess. But anyway, like the title said, it’s about tags. Since I usually hide my tags, this is what this post is all about. Yes, me sharing the most popular tags circulating my blog.

So let’s get started on the top ones. I know it seems obvious with who’s leading by looking at ‘Categories’, but the ‘Categories’ count is misleading. It’s because sometimes I tag people or topics but I don’t put it in ‘Categories’ because it belongs to ‘General’ only or such. So in this post, I will disclose the exact number as of the time of the cap above (which is actually Friday, January 24th in case anyone wants to keep track). I’ll list it backward so it would get even more exciting to see who’s the real winner, lol.

183 Club – 31 posts

Novia Lin, Su Yan Pei, Wilber Pan – 32 posts

Shen Shi Peng – 34 posts

Ai Cheng, Hu Ge – 37 posts

Becky Chang – 38 posts

Calvin Chen – 40 posts

Chen Bo Han – 43 posts

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng (Game Union) – 44 posts

Angela Chang – 45 posts

Ady An, Pan Bo Xi – 46 posts

Derek Chen, Ye Jia Yu – 47 posts

Jiro Wang, Lin Dao Yuan, Li Xing Wen, Nicholas Teo – 48 posts

Hao Zi , Xia Zheng Feng, Yao Yuan Hao – 49 posts

Ah Xiang, Debbie Huang – 50 posts

Ah Gan, Liu Xiang Ci, Qian Jun Zhong – 51 posts

Fahrenheit – 52 posts

Fu Zi Chun – 53 posts

Pang Yong Zhi aka Ah Pang – 54

TVB – 64 posts

Cyndi Wang – 72 posts

Wallace Huo – 73 posts

Rookies’ Diary – 84 posts

Jacky Chu – 97 posts

FTV – 98 posts

Joanne Tseng aka Qiao Qiao – 107 posts

Denny Tang Feng (Tang Jia Hao) – 112 posts

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu aka Xiao Xiao Yu – 125 posts


Zhao Jun Ya


Who knew, right? Well, I sort of knew he was one of the top 5. Yet I didn’t realize he ended up leading. Nice?

What about the others? It’s obvious from the majority of the people, it was because of Rookies’ Diary at one point that cranked the stats up for them. 43 episodes and they ended up with lots and lots of posts. It’s the same for some others, as long as I do some episode summary or recaps of stuff, they would benefit from it. However, the ones truly gaining posts because I had posted about them since the beginning are Xiao Xiao Yu, Tang Feng, Qiao Qiao, Jacky, Wallace, Cyndi, Nic, Ady, Angela, Hu Ge, and 183 Club. Calvin and Jiro only came into the picture in later years since I wasn’t that into Fahrenheit from the start, considering how some fans were scaring me away more than get into them. Too bad Chun didn’t make it into the most used tags because he only has 9 posts. YES, sadly. But not too bad since it was partially due to my laziness with updating on him. And yeah, same with Will as in he came into the picture later for me than the initial obsession with some people.

So, talking about the top 5, excluding FTV (since I already explained how it had to do with their dramas), what about them? Jacky made it, Wallace didn’t, why? Um, like I mentioned many times before, I listen to music more than watch stuff. Wallace just got really unlucky because, at times, I couldn’t find time to catch up on his stuff or I decided to give up. *shrugs* Jacky’s posts only slowed down when I was so mad at him that I didn’t want to bother anymore. Yet he always managed to find his way back into my posts somehow. (YES, he’s evil. He knows some voodoo OR something.) Moving on, it’s too obvious that Qiao Qiao would gain so many posts on my blog, but what was surprising was finding out she lost to Tang Feng. Then I realized the same thing that had happened with most of the people mentioned here. Rookies’ Diary happened, lol. Have no fear though, several more posts then Qiao Qiao would pass him to claim the 3rd spot. (LOL!) Now, about the little fish, lol. Xiao Xiao Yu had a lot of advantages because of the number of summary posts I did. She would have more if I had continued on with updating some of the summaries. Yet that’s not too bad with being in the 2nd spot–only three posts behind Jun Ya. And talking about Jun Ya, how in the world did it happen with me only blogging about him since like three years ago? I don’t know. It just happened. I only managed to slow down a tad because I got occupied with other real-life matters, and then there was the whole thing about his dramas being a tad vague like for the last bit of 2013. Yeah, he practically fell off the radar after Lucky Touch though I did hear some new drama in progress at that time, I wasn’t too sure. It wasn’t until now that I could be sure of something and could continue with updates again. In fact, there are several posts in the background regarding him but I still haven’t gotten around to it yet. At least not in a sense of a good post. But as I’m writing this, I realize before this post publishes, Jun Ya will jump up five more totaling his posts count to 133. So yes, he will continue to lead even though Achel, Joanne, and Jacky will jump up in posts as well.

Oh yeah, I initially didn’t want to tag them in this post since it would be too funny. It’s like “Are you kidding me? Tag them in the tag post?” kind of thing. But I decided to tag them anyway, but will minus one the next time I update on the tags again. Nice? So see you next time! Whenever that is that I feel crazy enough to get random about tags again. But I probably will only update on the top 10, and it will be on people, skipping topics/titles/station names. And who will gain the upper hand with the next update? Who knows?

Rookies’ Diary: Couples

As the title indicated, I want to focus on the couples in the drama for this post. I think what made this drama good for me was having romance BUT did not focus only on one or two couples yet extended to include stories involving all couples–whether major or minor, making it even more realistic. Not to mention how it didn’t just focus on the ‘love’ part and astray from the whole military theme. The romance was only a part of it, and that was enough for me.

The following will include all possible couples from parts 1 and 2–though I won’t include the really far-fetched ones:

Sun An Bang (Yao Yuan Hao) and  Qiu Jing Wen (Novia Lin). Are they cute or what? Well, in their own way. I liked how it appeared that he was the strong one and she was the weakling YET they (the scriptwriters) extended that whole thing with making her being the only one that could tease him and how he would go clueless when he was around her. Well, somewhat at first. That was interesting since he seemed so tough the majority of the drama. It was different to show that he reacted differently around her. Then there was the whole thing with her not being able to tell directions at times, which restored their balance since she had a mix of this and that within her. Not too one dimensional or cliche either. They seriously complimented each other quite well with their own talents/abilities and/or personalities.

Sun An Bang (Yao Yuan Hao) and Jin Bi Ying (Debbie Huang). The reason why this pairing wouldn’t work was too obvious. Not because I support the other pairing since Jing Wen appeared later on, etc. But it was more like he couldn’t really relax around Bi Ying, and even though she did show her support toward him but he was just too serious around her. Treating her like a friend was already a push for him because he would often refer to her–or at least seemed to act that way around her–with her ranks and much respect in regard to that. Not to mention how they couldn’t communicate too well at times, like her jokes were lost on him, lol.

Yang Hai Sheng (Fu Zi Chun) and Zheng Yu Ting (Ye Jia Yu). A mixture of cuteness and cleverness, lol. Their banter was quite addicting to watch. They seriously were somewhat of a cliche couple with her liking him since little and him being somewhat of a player and all. But it wasn’t unrealistic or too dramatic so it was a nice touch. Their constant challenge–whether known or unknown by both parties–were too hilarious. What made the whole thing even more addicting to watch was not making one or the other too weak. She was seriously too cute but wasn’t clueless about things. Though at times she faked innocence to lure him into her traps but it was quite graceful how she did it. She did go overboard that one time but it somewhat made him realize about his past behaviors and the funniest thing was using his morbid mode to deceive her (with Da Tong’s help). YET when she found out, it was all over again with the competition, LOL! Anyway, they were on the same level but their story differed from the other couples’ hence making it unique for the overall drama.

Lin Bo Wen (Derek Chen) and Tian Xin (Kelly Pai). A somewhat lost cause for them already but maybe they could start anew in the future? Considering how Bo Wen had seriously thought things over, wanting to do more with his life than just focusing on love? Maybe after some time apart and pursuing their own path, they could one day reunite?

Yu Shan Ren (Ah Pang) and Wang Sheng Nan (Liu Xiang Ci). Okay, from past posts, it’s obvious that I’m shipping for this pairing more than the other. And again, it was mostly due to the fact that the scriptwriters had teased us so much at the beginning with their possible pairing. AND oh hey, they did have chemistry. There were hilarious scenes as well as scenes where he was quite considerate toward her. I honestly thought they complemented each other better since they were on opposite sides. He was more relaxed at times and was quite supportive of her when she wanted to conquer her fear or other times where he cheered her up. She could get quite worked up with his perverted behaviors at times or when he was goofing off too much, but it was still funny and enjoyable. And maybe I’m just too stubborn. But maybe it was better they didn’t end up together because of the lapse between their ranks. Well, like he would care so much, but who knows what happens in the future? Off-screen though, I thought they had a lot of chemistry as well. Maybe because they worked together hosting on that one show so they understood many of the subtle signals at times. (I’m talking about their signals during one of the concerts.)

Luo Gang (Tang Feng) and Wang Sheng Nan (Liu Xiang Ci). They matched wit-per-wit already, not backing down regardless of how much they cared for one another. I have mixed feelings for them at times. It’s not only because of the reasons mentioned above (aka shipping for Shan Ren and Sheng Nan) more but it had to do with the clashes in their personalities. But was glad that they ended up together anyway, considering how they really cared for one another. (AND it would be a shame if she had to settle.)

Cai Hao Zhi (Hao Zi) and Liu Su Qing (Becky Chang). Not really my favorite couple. Though I no longer blame her for her schemes at the beginning. Maybe because the show already ended so I don’t really care anymore. But their story wasn’t as appealing to me. Okay, so they had their fair share of moments too with him being jealous and finally realizing he did care for her. Yet I guess I wasn’t into the formula for their story. I admit their story indeed was quite different from the others too since she was quite daring, fighting for her love. Yet I wasn’t as into it.

Cai Hao Zhi (Hao Zi) and Ye Xiao Yan (Achel Chang). It was only a little scheme with Hao Zhi trying to get Su Qing jealous but I thought they were quite cute together too, acting so close and all. LOL! It sparked some jealousy from Wu Yong as well. And it was really a riot. One of those classic moments.

Qiu Yu Shun (Ah Xiang) and Ye Xiao Yan (Achel Chang). At first, I thought they were really cute together and would make it to the end–with the possibility that Da Tong would approve more. Like those typical formula with earning the older brother’s trust. Yet it wasn’t so since You Shun’s one wrong decision tore them apart. The others understood his situation and Xiao Yan understood too later on. Yet the trust was already gone and perhaps call it that they didn’t pass the test. NOT that I don’t like them because I was really into them at first too hence I was really torn between him and Wu Yong later on–as to who she should end up with. I guess the plot development did make sense so I can’t complain about that.

Wang Wei (Zhao Jun Ya) and Yan Xiao Rou (Tang Zhen). Okay, did I say the others were cute? I think I overused it already. But I don’t know. It’s hard not to use it on these two. I think out of all the pairings, they had the least screen time together yet the point wasn’t miss. They were mad cute all right. She was somewhat a klutz and perhaps a tad on the naive side? YET it wasn’t too fake either. It was enough. He was sort of protective of her at times and was really patient with her, especially trying to help her gain confidence during the haircut incident. Then there was also the whole thing with shielding her from Shan Ren’s teasing words, lol. Their other scenes were equally addicting to watch, especially the scene where he was tending to her hand–because she cut herself. (DARN, clumsy girl all right.) But he was really attentive and dropped his books right away to go and take care of her. Aww… What was kind of funny was how he asked her out later but didn’t know the difference between a typical dinner and a date? OR was that it? I had somewhat forgot already. Need to watch again later. But it was really cute seeing the role reversal with her being the one ‘knowing it’ while he was somewhat clueless. He was so boyish at that point and she somewhat became the experienced one.

Wu Yong (Xia Zheng Feng) and Ye Xiao Yan (Achel Chang). OMG, I didn’t see it coming since though it seemed like they were the odd bickering couple but I thought it was just him liking to tease her. Like sometimes it happens with the older bro’s friend. YET it showed some possibilities when the guys saw her at the pool swimming and they had the challenge. They were honestly too cute later on though. Not that they weren’t at first. Their story was really well developed–with how it wasn’t really trying to convince. Maybe because it was the lapse in the story at times so it wasn’t forcing us into acknowledging them but more like it fitted in perfectly with other events of the story. (Just like most of the relationships in here.) The transition with their story and how their feelings changed toward one another–mostly for the better–was really nice. Like I said already, not forced at all. It was just how it happened with her and You Shun, and she needed time to cool down before she would realize of Wu Yong’s existence. Okay, she knew he was around BUT he was still her brother’s annoying friend. But her views changed toward him later. It was slowly as well. They (the scriptwriters) had him liking her and realizing her considerate side first, and then moving on to develop her side of the story. The result? Tying it together at last. Quite suitable.

So, what about favorite couples? Well, I’ll be lying if I say I don’t have a particular favorite and all couples contributed to the story. True that they all did. But my favorites were actually a toss between Hai Sheng and Yu Ting, Wang Wei and Xiao Rou, and finally Wu Yong and Xiao Yan. What about the others? Um…it either didn’t happen or I felt kind of robbed, LOL! I did get over it already, especially An Bang and Jing Wen AND Shan Ren and Sheng Nan, but that did not mean I would let it go completely. What about least favorite? Hao Zhi and Su Qing, and then Bo Wen and Tian Xin. It would be too unrealistic if I say I liked those two couples as well. Hao Zhi and Su Qing were too silly for me at times. Then there was the whole poor timing toward the end with putting in their get together. (Yeah, the part where Luo Gang was still moping in the hospital and all. Though I’m being somewhat unfair because they did have the get together with the other guys at Wu Yong’s place too BUT that seemed less random? I don’t know.) Regarding Bo Wen and Tian Xin, again, NOT about blaming her but I found them kind of too boring, lol. NOT their characters, just their story together, etc. Kind of cliche and somewhat too dramatic.

Okay, so I’m not going to include part 2 anymore because honestly, it focused on the operations most of the time. Though there were obvious signs of some people pursuing others YET they had no wrap-up? OR had no time? So I’ll skip that for now. Maybe I’ll come back later. We’ll see. Possibly I need a second watch to discuss more.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, but what made me love the whole formula of this drama was seeing how they didn’t force a new pairing into the picture when they entered part 2–even though some of the characters’ significant others weren’t around anymore. Like how they did mention Hai Sheng and Yu Ting and also Wu Yong and Xiao Yan. It was an ongoing story and it made sense that those characters didn’t appear in part 2. But it did not mean they needed to break Wu Yong and Xiao Yan up and made him pair up with one of the new characters. The consistency made it even more realistic and lovable. Like one person not being around did mean he/she had to be replaced. Xiao Yan wasn’t around but it did not mean she ceased to exist just because the focus was no longer on the base (and other characters there). I will admit I was scared they would pair Wu Yong up with one of the new characters as well. Though I have no problems with the additional female characters in part 2, but I was against the idea of establishing a new relationship just like that. I meant it wouldn’t make sense that it took Wu Yong and Xiao Yan so much to get together and then break up just because? YEAH, so I was glad no one pulled that trick in part 2. (BEAT THAT TVB! YES, childish, but I had to put that in.)

And that wraps up the discussion for this time. What’s the topic for the next time? Favorite characters?

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 42

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So the scheme with trying to get Hao Zhi and Su Qing back together continued. OMG! So exaggerated but they were definitely putting Hao Zhi on the edge. Oh well. He’ll get over it later. Wow! They had no idea that Hao Zhi was pretty good! It was turning into a mess yet they were all in the dark–literally–so can’t explain now. Lucky Tian Bin managed to hit the lights or they’ll be killed by Hao Zhi for real. Geez whiz. But mission accomplished still. They were all hiding in the closet to watch? Hao Zhi sharpened up after the 2nd person though. Gosh, so nosy. Guess they couldn’t help it since they did help with the whole matter.

A touching reunion indeed. But will this dissolve when he finds out the worst? I found it extremely funny though that An Bang managed to find them again after everything’s already taken care of. Great or what? Yes, in time for the reunion of their family of three. (And always like the song in the background for their moments.) So the misunderstandings are cleared. The better.

Two down, one to go, right? Well, there are more than one. But for now, this is one of the most important issues they have to face. Yup, Sheng Nan’s mother is super worried about her joining the special operations unit. Don’t blame her. What to do now? Only Ding Hao could reassure her? Or… YUP, Shan Ren’s going as well to protect Sheng Nan. Like she needs anyone protecting her, but it’s a way to reassure Sheng Nan’s mother indeed. It’s funny that she’s touched yet doesn’t want Sheng Nan to go either? Not a surprise. I meant who would be touched enough to hand their daughter over to danger? Being touched about the action is one thing, being cautious about the future is another. Shen Ren called Sheng Nan’s mother ‘Mom’? LOL! Well, he slipped and Sheng Nan gave him the evil eye again, LOL!

Just a minute earlier or a few minutes later then the inevitable could be avoided. But I guess it would come out eventually so it doesn’t matter? or does it matter since it’s always better to be told directly right from the start than having to hope and be shattered later? Yup, and the confrontation came out. It seriously is too perfect with his ending, especially for Luo Gang. So, of course, he’s bitter and pissed off. Can’t blame him. Yup, everyone knows but him. That outta hurt. It’s not about saving face or anything, but the feeling of being left in the dark.

An Bang’s reminiscing about the past. How those frustrating moments would bring his blood pressure higher yet now it seems funny? Maybe because they already learned and grew so it seems worth it? (DUH, right?) So, what is his decision? Not really hard to guess, especially his strong sense of responsibility and all.

Yup. Ding Hao trying to convince An Bang? He seems determined, will it work? Yet I have to agree with Ding Hao. Why give up when he’d been through so much? And if he gives up, that meant all of Ding Hao’s past efforts in helping him had been in vain? Can’t blame him for thinking that way either. He can’t just drop everything and leave. Ding Hao was definitely their leader though, always manage to steer things around.

Luo Gang was thinking things over. Yup, An Bang’s definitely a good brother, no doubt about it. What to do now? It’s not like it would be easy to get over the fact that his future’s gone. But… so many things to consider.

I’m ready for a change in the atmosphere all right. (For the record, I do feel pissed off and really terrible for Luo Gang’s situation but really need a break from it all–if only for a while.) Eh…even Xiao De Ji and Wu Tian Liang came? NICE… OMG! That was so cheating! Hai Sheng was saying the title of the drama that they were all in. (Well, at least the new drama that starred Zhao Jun Ya and Ye Jia Yu–with Fu Zi Chun appearing as a guest, LOL!) And Xiao De Ji was at it again, trying to score points with Xiao Yan. So funny that Wu Yong hit his hand ’cause he was trying to make a move on Xiao Yan! LOL!

Hai Sheng and Yu Ting, lol. And why were the other two guys spying on them? How rude, LOL! And they dared to sing and tease them? Well, the other two were there as well. Yu Ting scolded them, LOL! Serves them right. Aww…Wu Yong and Xiao Yan were equally cute. And the song accompanying the following scenes sang by Ai Cheng was quite nice.

Aww…so cute. YET Wu Yong just had to blow it by saying the wrong words. He had no idea. Xiao De Ji jumped in, wanting to give Wu Yong advice while Wu Tian Liang exposed him? NICE…

After all that work, they get to eat now. Great. Very nice scene for the episode. Not to mention lightening up things a bit. Like taking a break. Nice ending for the episode also.

Previews. Oohh..special festival under the fire? Nice. They’re showing parts of the 2nd part as well. OY!

NGs. So funny–like always. I knew they would mess up at the part where Hai Sheng was talking nonsense to Yu Ting again, LOL! It’s just too funny not to mess up.

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 41

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Didn’t Luo Gang say that they shouldn’t alert his mother? I guess An Bang’s not much for taking orders from others. Even if that person is his brother. Oh well… so he heard her but pretended to be sleeping? Nice… I had a feeling about that though. (The typical cliches scene but it’s okay.)

So funny, Hai Sheng trying to convince Shan Ren? LOL! Yup, Hai Sheng definitely know where to hit, lol. Who else but Sheng Nan, right? And suddenly they were best buddies again, huh? Well, so much for best buddies. Shan Ren’s threat: If you dared trick me, you’re definitely dead! (LOL!)

Indeed Sheng Nan was there with Yu Ting and Xiao Yan so Hai Sheng’s safe for now, LOL! Oh, so they were teaching Yu Ting how to swim.

But if Hai Sheng wasn’t lying, why was he dragged into the punishment too? OY! Funny how they were pretending to be so focused on cleaning, LOL!

They were having a decent conversation for the first time? At least not jabbing at one another. Seems like it. (But watch out for Shan Ren! LOL!) She asked him regarding the other day? How romantic could it get? Imagine confessing at such a location. LOL!

Wu Yong edged right out of it so it ended up with a swim off instead? NICE! We’ll see what happens this time. What’s with their little dance? Well, it was all with the warm-ups, etc BUT it’s just so funny. Shan Ren cheering Wu Yong on? LOL! Aww…Hai Sheng and Yu Ting. He was still jumping around? Hai Sheng was supposed to be the judge? Great! It would be too unbelievable if Wu Yong could beat Xiao Yan though since his past records said otherwise. Shan Ren was getting on the edge, LOL! How could Shan Ren catch up now? Xiao Yan gave Sheng Nan a head start. Oh…Yu Ting fell. It made sense now since the previews just showed her falling in. Now that we know she’s not that pro with swimming, possible. Time for Hai Sheng to be the hero now!

And the truth unfolded as Shan Ren seek Sheng Nan out for a talk. The flashback conversation between Shan Ren and Luo Gang. OY! So that meant it was the answer we’re waiting for? NOT really since who knew it was that way, right? Yup, Hai Sheng overheard them and Shan Ren signaled to him.

I guess the promise only applies to not telling Luo Gang and not others? For the last time, it wasn’t Hai Sheng’s fault. And Wu Yong’s right. What’s the point of playing the blame game now? The damage has already been done. And the last speech from Shan Ren to them.

YUP, need to remind them that An Bang’s supposed to tell Luo Gang. IF anyone slips it before An Bang tells him, I’m so writing that person off. NO EXCUSE.

So here they are, visiting Luo Gang. Let’s not mess it up, everyone! Wu Yong’s not present and is the only one who could get away with it this time. That was funny that Hai Sheng almost slipped. Well, everyone expected Da Tong to slip, right? BUT lucky Hai Sheng steered it around. Tian Bin slipped? Not a surprise. He sort of slipped like one other time too. They knocked him over the head? Well, gotta remind him of matters. Yay, they’re celebrating Luo Gang’s birthday! Well, something to look forward to.

Can’t avoid this so I’ll include it too since it’ll occupy part of the episode. Hao Zhi and Su Qing waiting for someone. YET they had no idea something would happen soon. Notice how You Shun was saying let him handle matters earlier in the episode. Hahahaha, Tian Bin was the one in disguised and cleaning the sidewalk. Yup, You Shun was directing the whole scheme from his walkie-talkie. Kidnapping? GREAT! If only they don’t get caught, like involving others hence getting into trouble–for real. Then that would jeopardize their chance in being in the special operations unit. The sloppiest kidnapping scheme I’ve ever seen. GOSH!

So while that was going on, Ding Hao was tipped off by Xiao De Ji that Chen Hao Nan was on his way to cause troubles again. An Bang was on his way to get Luo Gang out of there and to safety. We’ll see if it would work. But based on the previews, tough luck! They really want to make sure Luo Gang couldn’t even walk, right? To think that there’s a slim chance he might miraculously (and unbelievably) recover to join the special operations unit. GREAT…

So the kidnapping continued with You Shun taking over the whole talking. Geez, it would be more effective actually. The others were so sloppy. It’s a wonder they didn’t get caught yet. Oh well. Just when I was praising You Shun for being effective, he slipped. How could he claimed that he knew all of Hao Zhi’s history (dating back to 18 generations), but do not know their phone number? LOL! Seriously, Lai Hu, Da Tong, and Tian Bin were SO off. They should be in exile for now. Kept making You Shun clean up their mistakes. But then again, why did he even recruit them in this whole scheme? It’s just too risky.

Close call but Luo Gang’s catching on. Not hard to detect suspicions. Yeah sure, like Luo Gang was going to stay put. Yup, Luo Gang saw Chen Hao Nan’s gang cruising around, looking for him. And what do you know? Didn’t An Bang tell their mother not to come? I guess “Don’t” always have the opposite effect. Honestly, I hate to say it, but if she can’t help in any way, don’t get in the way. I know she’s worried YET she can’t do anything anyway. Why make them worry even more? She thinks she can help because it’s all about money, right? NOPE. It’s not always that. Look at those guys. YUP, Luo Gang’s definitely going down the crippled route. Okay, mission completed. YET… but then it had helped Luo Gang see through his mother’s good side – or at least how it was different from his POV before. Okay, I’m just plain impatient. Well, at least that’s solved now. Moving on to the next item? Yup, impatient. Wonder how he would react to his condition then.

Hmm… getting WAY impatient. Come on. Move faster since I’m not really that into watching Hao Zhi and Su Qing. MEAN, but honestly, I rather see them being random together than seeing the whole Su Qing dramas. I like it that they’re helping each other and are bonding yet not really the best subject to focus on at this point. Hope it doesn’t drag anymore. Not that it’s dragging but then again, I’m impatient. Okay, so things are moving forward a bit. Geez…I was getting on the edge with it. The episode wrapped up with You Shun discovering that Su Qing’s password is actually ‘Wo Ai Zhi Zhi’ (5244). NICE?

Previews. So Luo Gang found out. And then Shan Ren jumping up to make his declaration! NICE… They have to save important stuffs for this episode. Wu Yong messed up! Aww…so close. Hai Sheng and Yu Ting! Aww…so Wu Yong and Xiao Yan actually got together? YAY! They better not tease us AGAIN.

BTS. So cold! Poor the girls. Brave indeed. They’re all so funny. Hai Sheng rescuing Yu Ting scene? LOL! I like the NGs more this time since there others parts aren’t as exciting to see how it was filmed, unlike some of the past scenes. I guess after all those powerful scenes with the routines and/or trials, these can’t match up. Ah Pang said it wrong. Li Ban Zhang since Wang Ban Zhang pulled the disappearing act again.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 40

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Yup, it’s serious. It’s not rocket science. Yet there was always hope lingering around them.

I think the person who should be apologizing didn’t even say it yet. It’s honestly not Hai Sheng’s fault. Yes, it’s mean, but it’s the truth–regardless of their good deeds and/or intent at that time. It’s just too frustrating and too hard not to feel strongly against the situation. Shan Ren had to ruin the moment with their bond YET it’s true. It’s going to affect them more than that. Ding Hao’s going to get creamed again. But I could feel the irony when someone was thinking they were a bunch of babies before. So which way is it, people? Either be hard on them so they could learn and grow or baby them. Can’t pick both.

Who could eat or drink, right? It was getting too hectic. Wow, what a birthday present for Luo Gang, knowing that he won’t be able to join the special operations unit anymore. They had no idea. The others were all heart yet it’s just so sad seeing the inevitable unfolding.

More dramatic scenes as Su Qing was confronting Hao Zhi. I’m getting irked again. Just because Su Qing had ruined Wu Yong and Xiao Yan’s chance. It wasn’t like Wu Yong would progress any faster yet it was like so funny to see them being teased by others. Sort of like acknowledgment. Yet it was cut short. Su Qing pulled the ultimatum on him? Honestly, I don’t like it that she was saying how he was ignoring her and/or not talking her since he’s a tad BUSY here. It wasn’t like he volunteered to come for a vacation. He was serving his duty. It was a misunderstanding and a childish attempt to get her jealous with the Xiao Yan situation, but otherwise… Ah Hou’s ‘Tian Bin Ren Sheng’ comment, LOL! Aww…Wu Yong lost his chance again after Su Qing, Hao Zhi, and You Shun left. OY! It’s getting too frustrating. Or I’m just plain impatient. To think that Wu Yong wouldn’t dare to confess. But I guess regarding important matters, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

So it was just the two of them again, brothers only. Luo Gang had no idea so he was still able to joke. Wonder how he would react when he realized he couldn’t enter that future anymore. From his past reactions, it seems obvious, but have to wait and see.

Familiar scene? Yup, some things never change. OMG! I didn’t expect to laugh but it was just so funny. Miss those old times. But this time, Hao Zhi’s there to help You Shun advertise. Interest sure decreased when You Shun announced the price, LOL! Oh, sounds better when he offered the special price, LOL! And Da Tong was trying it out or something? Looks too weird. Was he putting them on? Yup, he put them on. Poor Tian Bin and Ah Hou!

It was a once in a lifetime chance that Hai Sheng would share some tips so better shape up and listen, right? Oy, poor Ah Hou. Wu Yong already pulled him aside so can’t do anything – even if he tried. And was Tian Bin seriously believing in Hai Sheng’s technique? Like seriously? And Wu Tian Liang’s attempt to pray. OMG, it was getting out of control. Seriously. Were they using these scenes to undo the intense atmosphere created in the previous episode? Seriously. OMG! That was so messed up! Xiao De Ji traded Wu Tian Liang’s deity for the magic water? That was sooo messed up! Yet it wasn’t out of Xiao De Ji’s style, LOL!

And the important day arrived. Let’s see if all those protective methods and/or items would help them. (Yet when the powerful song was singing in the background, I kept thinking of the time they fixed the lyrics to help Hai Sheng confess to Yu Ting, LOL!) Oh, this would explain where they’re going to transfer to – according to the number they picked up from the box. So Ah Hou got into the air force. Wang Wei yelling at them again, LOL! Bo Wen was so happy. Great to see him striving toward his goal and feeling strong about something else other than his love life, lol. Shan Ren noticed Tian Bin’s ‘magic eye’, LOL! Tian Bin got into the special force. (OF course for those already seeking out info for part 2 and watch would know.) He had to ask? LOL! Wu Tian Liang couldn’t distinguish from left or right? LOL! Shan Ren rolling his eyes at Xiao De Ji’s comment, LOL! He has to endure them for several more days. Jia you, lol. 600? LOl! That’s 9, LOL! How could it be, right? There are like 10 numbers so… He rubbed the substance into his eyes. LOL! So much for luck.  So after You Shun was done with his tea-time chat, it was his turn to come up and chose a number. But before that could happen, Wang Wei summoned Xiao De Ji to his side to give some advice. LOL! You Shun made it into the special force operations, what was he frowning about? Hao Zhi was still hogging the deity doll? LOL! Well, he made it. They were still making fun of Xiao De Ji? So wrong yet it was so funny. He brought it onto himself. I think the deity was super good all right, punishing Xiao De Ji for snatching Wu Tian Liang’s possession and exchanging it with the magic water. LOL! (And just with the meeting among the officials, we know An Bang’s fate. Though not something that An Bang could accept yet it wasn’t too unrealistic since the transfer was the higher ranks officers’ decision. Not everything in life could work the way he wants. Well, it wasn’t some extreme sentence yet he looked so reluctant to leave for the training at that point.)

Were they celebrating too soon? But I guess they deserve the break. It was finally over. And Ding Hao stepped in to announce some news to them. After the announcements, they were left to celebrate again. Hai Sheng urging the others to cheer Luo Gang on. YAY! What? They brought wine into the place? Well, at least Da Tong did. What? A little? Do they know how it all begins with just a little? Honestly…yes, hope they don’t get caught. Could they control themselves? Da Tong wanted to switch games? LOL! They’re playing truth or dare? NICE… Let’s see what would unleash. YUP, I’m right, ‘a  little’ turned into much more.

Yup, party’s over. They didn’t get caught with the wine. But still… So they managed to negotiate some more time. Let’s keep it down this time. No one believed Wu Yong’s answer, LOL! Well, everyone who witnessed the almost confession scene wouldn’t be fooled. Yun Lin Wang Zi? OKAY… YUP, Ding Hao caught them. Who would drink water like that? Darn, he gave them one last chance and they pointed to Da Tong right away, LOL! So much for buddies. But it was true. That was funny that Da Tong didn’t hesitate to point out those who had drunk it earlier. Great, the blame game after Ding Hao left. So much for being buddies.

It was too torturing with Luo Gang holding so much hope. Yet An Bang couldn’t tell him. At least not at that time when he was still in the process of recovering. Sheng Nan’s words brought some more hope to Luo Gang with the promise of PK. Yes, she had no idea. An Bang couldn’t bear to listen anymore and made an excuse to leave. I don’t blame him. It was too torturing to listen, knowing he can’t do anything to change it. And An Bang, Heaven wasn’t toying with Luo Gang’s fate, the director and the script-writers were. (LOL!) But that scene was truly moving–with An Bang’s words, Sheng Nan’s words, and the flashbacks. Of course the song in the background as well.

Previews. Hey, Wu Yong and Xiao Yan’s face off? NICE… So Sheng Nan told Shan Ren the truth behind Luo Gang’s condition–AND Hai Sheng overheard them. OY! They were packing. Yup, it was getting to the point that they were going home anyway. What? Chen Hao Nan back to cause trouble? Great, something else to deal with. And then Hao Zhi and You Shun’s little show.

BTS. OMG! Ai Cheng really cranked it up. Darn, he let them apply the thing for real? Darn, sucks to be him! Jia you! Lucky Zhao Jun Ya did it super fast? Or at least it seemed to be one take? Ah Pang called out ‘Tang Feng’, LOL! GREAT! Thanks to him they had to do another take, LOL!

They played the song sang by Xiao Xiao Yu after the BTS. I haven’t paid attention to the MV much until now. Nice.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 35

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More grilling them time. Well, more like encouragements but had to push them a tad harder. They were getting too comfortable as the previous episode was shown.

So they were back at trying the shooting again. Let’s see how they do this time. Shan Ren got stuck with Da Tong again? LOL! Always fun to see Hai Sheng and Luo Gang competing. Though it was more like Hai Sheng not getting over it. Never mind, Luo Gang was competitive as well since he was looking at Hai Sheng when his result was announced and Hai Sheng returned the taunting as his own result was being heard as well.

So they were given time to roam around BUT why in the world was Wu Yong helping her? And You Shun saw them. Of course, that also meant Hao Zhi saw them since he was coming to get You Shun. Classic! Shan Ren interfered. Yet things weren’t going anywhere either. But then Wu Yong thought he could get away but he was sooo wrong. He should’ve left when Shan Ren was distracted with Hao Zhi and Su Qing. Oh well…

Just when they were getting valuable information from this seminar, Da Tong decided to drift off again. Though no one would notice, right? Oh, maybe they will! Since he’s like right in front! Hard to hide. And we see Kurt Chou making an appearance right before the time Tian Bin nudged Da Tong for him to raise his hand and volunteered. LOL! Serves him right for not paying attention! LOL! OY! He was sure making everyone confused. Well, not really but sort of. Hao Zhi trying to convince You Shun? We’ll see. What? Tian Bin…oy… So Hai Sheng was hesitating and remembering about Yu Ting’s words but ended up getting up and going anyway? Hmm…that prompted a reaction from Wu Yong as well? Wow! Most of them got up and joined in? Only Lai Hu was left behind and was still undecided. Da Tong and Tian Bin were urging him to join in yet… Even Luo Gang urged him. He was watching them walking by one at a time. What would he think now? But that wasn’t the most climactic part because when Neng Zhi and Shan Ren exchanged a look upon realizing that Lai Hu wanted to go as well was just priceless! How could it be, right? OMG! How embarrassing. Hao Zhi and You Shun back out at the last moment.

So after that awkward moment, the rest of the group proceeded to a different room for a questioning seminar, etc. So much for his “Not fearing that you’ll ask, just fearing that you won’t ask” mantra since his answer to Tian Bin’s question was just so depressing. Not that depressing but still it was like he might as well say, “No” and get it over with already. But nice comeback from Tian Bin. OMG! Da Tong was actually pulling that one over Huang Lie? LOL! Pulling the ‘connections’ card? (Haven’t he learned from last time when he pulled that one of the officers?) And look at Huang Lie’s expression after the guys left. They were in for good this time.

Rare to see that Luo Gang was comforting Tian Bin instead of the other F4 members. But still nice to see their bonding thus far.

So Hao Zhi was actually paying attention to Su Qing, just that there was no competition before so he acted like he couldn’t care less. Geez whiz. You Shun’s so smart. He saw right through the act. Aww…nice! You Shun recruited Xiao Yan to help. No wonder she agreed immediately. LOL!

Aww…they were indeed cute together. NO wonder that triggered some reactions! And Wu Yong had no idea that he should be worried since he was so into convincing Su Qing not to be sad, etc. And Wu Yong’s reaction when he finally saw Hao Zhi and Xiao Yan together, LOL! Hilarious! He was scolding her and her retort was priceless! Exactly, where should she be, right OMG! Su Qing grabbed onto Wu Yong’s arm but Wu Yong was trying to fend her off, not wanting Xiao Yan to misunderstand? LOL! Okay, so I forgive him since he was just pitying Su Qing. But Xiao Yan’s skit was even funnier! She acted all innocent and weak, wanting Hao Zhi to help with the boxes, LOL! Aww…that was so sweet! LOL! That was definitely killing Wu Yong yet Su Qing still proceeded with her plans. Seeing Xiao Yan’s jealousy was so cute. LOL! Xiao Yan said that Hao Zhi’s stronger? And Hao Zhi concurred? LOL! Couldn’t stop laughing. This is too funny. I didn’t realize I would enjoy scenes of Su Qing but oh well. Xiao Yan’s making it so priceless. Man, Hao Zhi shouldn’t have initiated since now they’re in for good AND You Shun’s standing at the side, worrying his gut out for their well being, LOL! Xiao Yan was all worried for Hao Zhi and being sweet on him again BUT of course, he wouldn’t say his hands were tired, just wanting her to add more boxes. GREAT! Wu Yong’s reaction, LOL! You Shun was totally feeling the load for them, LOL! Was his scheme a good idea, after all, LOL! Ooohhh…Wu Yong caved in first. Yet it was impossible not to. So Xiao Yan and Hao Zhi won this battle. That was a sweet getaway! LOL! So funny that Wu Yong blamed it on Su Qing? GREAT…thought he was supposed to be comforting her. I guess where Xiao Yan was concerned, he had to fend for himself first?

Eh…Xiao De Ji was determined to make it to the top? Was he turning a new leaf for real this time? An Bang saw him practicing and was more than happy to see him try. I guess it was the right decision in letting him have a second chance? Even if he had caused so much troubles before turning around? In a way, I guess this is more meaningful than just tossing Xiao De Ji out–or someone else–and not cared at all what happened afterward. Yes, punishments should be dealt with at times yet it seems more effective that way. If they’re forced to an irreversible route, they would just continue on that route, not being able to start anew. But with this, though slow, would allow them a wider horizon for the future. But then again, it wasn’t like he would turn 360 degrees all nice and kind. It was a matter of step by step. He had a point to prove at the moment. It wasn’t like he would change completely. Still…a small step was better than nothing at all.

Great. Calling her Da Pi Gu (大屁股) at such a time would help situations? YET it was so funny how he was fixing it to Xiao Pi Gu or Da Xiao Pi Gu. OY! And he was clarifying things to her? She said she didn’t care yet she was unknowingly clarifying things with him too! LOL! That was kind of messed up that he was asking if he could pursue her now, LOL! That was the same as celebrating on You Shun’s heartbreak. Oh well… That was too crazy that he was laughing when she walked off already, declaring that she was his, etc. OY! He could be so, so silly. We’ll see if he succeeds.

Things were going well when Wu Yong just had to urge Hai Sheng on since Shan Ren and Neng Zhi weren’t really watching. Yet should Hai Sheng be accounted for himself since he should know better than to take the chance?

So Sheng Nan’s afraid of heights? Man, that was messed up with yelling at Da Tong all these times though. Yet she did encourage Da Tong and even Xiao De Ji on at times too. I guess they were hinting at that, but we didn’t realize it until now. Will Luo Gang succeed in helping her overcome the fear?

While that was happening, Sheng Nan’s mother was coming to visit. And Shan Ren jumped up and called her ‘Mom’ when he heard Neng Zhi saying that Sheng Nan’s mother was visiting. NICE! Time to score some points. Yet it was funny that he sort of got shoot down when she mentioned Luo Gang, LOL!

So they were proceeding with the test. Jia you, Sheng Nan! Yup, shouldn’t give up since she wanted to move on toward the Special Operations Unit. Thank goodness Luo Gang is persistent or she would’ve given up. But I guess that was the point with him helping her. Have to be firm in letting her know she had to try harder and overcome her fear. Darn! They fell! Nothing serious happened yet since that was the end of the episode.

Previews. So Hai Sheng found out the real reason behind how Shan Ren was being so fierce with Hai Sheng and all. Ooohhh…that was messed up! Was that really Xiao De Ji? And Shan Ren just believed Da Tong like that? I guess that was something for Xiao De Ji to reflect on since his past actions weren’t all that innocent either.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 34

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More routines and/or practices. Only difference is they’re combining the routines at once like they did sometimes.

Just when things were going smoothly for everyone who went on the pole, Xiao De Ji had to challenge An Bang – who just recovered. But that didn’t discourage An Bang from showing Xiao De Ji that he could still climb and with such speed. GO, Mo Gui Pai Zhang! LOL! He’s back! And surprisingly, Xiao De Ji actually tried again and didn’t do so bad. Was he going to turn a new leaf now? We’ll see. And Hai Sheng and Luo Gang were still fighting, LOL! Or more like competing. Nothing new yet still funny. Eh…Shi Jun was not bad. Pretty good actually. An Bang looked like he was so proud of them. Aww…so Da Tong was still pulling the fear of heights card? Well, he didn’t say it but An Bang told him not to look down. He did it though! Great job! Something to praise…LOL! Yay! Tian Bin made it also. Even Wu Tian Liang and Hai Sheng’s secret admirer were doing quite well also. Strange…getting kind of cheesy. But the important message here is to stride forward and not care about those childish fights anymore? shrugs Still not too unrealistic. Lai Hu was still careless, LOL! Poor Wu Yong. And they got yelled at. Thanks! It would’ve been too good to be true if they didn’t get yelled. Aww…Wu Yong was still so forgiving, even helping Lai Hu without second thoughts. Well, they were in the same band after all so can’t really hold grudges against one another.

Neng Zhi was so nosy, LOL! YET Shan Ren had no idea Sheng Nan was like right there! OMG, Shan Ren was too much, kept taunting Luo Gang. Well, he was curious why Luo Gang wasn’t performing his best on that day but he sort of pushed it. No wonder Sheng Nan was mad. Can’t blame Shan Ren for feeling threatened, but he shouldn’t risk that so much. And the funniest thing about the whole scene wasn’t Shan Ren getting yelled at BUT it was the part where he realized the others were watching him the whole time. LOL!

They’ve been there for twenty-something days already? WOW! But made sense since it’s near the ending now. Oh, so they were helping with set up. No wonder. I thought they were just carrying supplies to the cafeteria. Wu Yong and Lai Hu dared to sneak into the kitchen to get a taste of the food? We’ll see if they succeed. Two guesses though. Yup, they got caught and had to return to work again. Tough luck! LOL! Aww…poor Da Tong, Ah Hou, and Tian Bin. No food for them either. Cruel! Well, they should’ve worked harder instead of messing around earlier. (It was more like there were shifts so had to take turn taking breaks and then switch.) Da Tong being impartial with the foods? Shan Ren’s tease, LOL! Priceless! Yup, what was Da Tong doing? Scoring points with Shan Ren by giving him more?

It was interesting that Wu Yong and Lai Hu got to eat along with Hai Sheng and Luo Gang. No doubt that Hai Sheng and Luo Gang worked their hardest. But the other two? Guess Shan Ren had his reasons. What? It got even better since Wu Yong took too much and Lai Hu only had a little. LOL! OMG! So cunning! I knew it! Lai Hu wasn’t the type to be too sad or too tired or too anything to eat. He hid it!

So Lai Hu hid it again. Was he passing it on to them or was just hiding it for the time being? Hmm… Da Tong went to fetch even more? DARN! If they were caught, they were soooo dead. YUP, Shan Ren walked in. But is he going to catch them? And that was too much. They had to go back and help already? They just started. Shan Ren sure knew how to mess with them. LOL!

Hai Sheng encouraged Bo Wen on again! Yay for brothers! And awww, that was so cute. Yu Ting sneaking up on them. Ooohhh…so she was coming to him for the second task. Hai Sheng exaggerating again, LOL! He feared that the task would be too easy? LOL! Hai Sheng’s expression was priceless! Darn! He asked for it! LOL! Regarding flashback, wow, so Yu Ting liked him since whenever. NICE…it wasn’t impossible though since her reaction was so weird since the first time she met him (or more like saw him again). Bo Wen teasing Hai Sheng! A change! Definitely a change! LOL! And Hai Sheng annoyed? A first…almost…

Another meeting. Yay! Still hope for Luo Gang’s future!

And they were doing fine the whole time until Ding Hao exploded on them and then the rest of the superiors were left to ponder about matters. Hmm… Well, it was sort of careless of the recruits to left things like that. They were getting too comfortable with getting along and going through things these past days. Hopefully, An Bang’s strategy works. He’s being positive but who knows?

Ooohhh..they were seriously pushing it! Talking about Ding Hao at such a time when he was fuming with anger already? Better hurry or else. OMG! This was getting priceless! Wu Yong kept ranting on and on when Ding Hao was right there! Da Tong’s bug-eyes! LOL! Lai Hu was sending him messages but he didn’t get it! Gosh! This was even more than upsetting An Bang. Thanks a lot, Wu Yong. They only had ten seconds left. The others would definitely love him after this. Love to kill him! Darn, so Ah Hou was using that trick to make sure it was accurate? GREAT…NOT REALLY…

So funny. They still had the heart to sing and dance? Well, guess can’t take that away from them or it would be too senseless to live, LOL! Hope they don’t get caught though. What? They were getting morbid and then lighten up again with more ideas? Always good to know. Are they going to sing the song in the background now?

Ooohhhh…they were more unbelievable than Wu Yong and Lai Hu. Seriously, aren’t they afraid of Shan Ren? Or anyone else? Darn! Better be prepared with some explanation first. That was too much. It got even more whacked since they were tasting every single one of the batches. YUP, Shan Ren was lurking around. Or more like he stepped in right on time. Caught red-handed! Can’t deny it now. OMG, he ate the piece that he confiscated from the other two? GREAT…that’s kind of weird though. And the funniest thing about it was that he was walking away and mumbling about how right the other two were since it was pretty good.

Eh…An Bang and Sheng Nan feeling bad for Shan Ren? Hmm… They were softening all right. Well, maybe they shouldn’t feel so bad for Shan Ren since Shan Ren could always yell at the recruits, LOL! And yay for teamwork! Shouldn’t give up! Suitable song for the situation. And just when things were going smoothly, Da Tong made an oops! He sure knew how to choose who to offend. Honestly! What? He got out of that one so easily? There must be some other catch, right? LOL! I knew it! If the others knew, they wouldn’t envy him for having connections! LOL! He got to mop the floor! Good luck!

Always good to see that they were like old times again. I meant with the consistent talk and bonding like once upon a time–even if they have other new friends. What will Lai Hu’s decision be then? Will Luo Gang’s encouragement go through and he would eventually try out? (Hey, he’s in part 2 so you could pretty much guess the result.)

Eh…Ah Hou delivering Hai Sheng’s love letter to Yu Ting? Aww…OMG! Yu Ting practically running! Was this a trick? It would be too cruel if it was. OMG! They fixed the song and plugged in Hai Sheng and Yu Ting’s name? LOL! Cute! And not to mention replacing all the words as necessary for the situation, LOL! Too much! Leave it up to Hai Sheng to think of such tactic to confess.

OMG! That was so unexpected! And quite creative too! Yay, using Xiang Ci and Ah Pang’s song to emphasize the point. Aww…so sweet! And I thought he was like right behind her already. But no, had to yell it out, right? Can’t hide it after what the others went through for him. Oooohhhh…Xiao De Ji strike again? I knew it! That totally ruined the moment YET it caused Yu Ting to laugh and then accepted Hai Sheng’s confession. Tian Bin trying to jinx him? LOL! Hai Sheng was so confidence though, LOL! Ooohhh…darn! Hai Sheng had to ruin it! And he had to pay them? No wonder. I thought they were all heart. Well, Bo Wen didn’t ask for money so Hai Sheng should be glad.

Yup, time to encourage them AND remind them not to mess up, LOL! So funny and somewhat nice at the same time that Shan Ren finally accepted and included An Bang. It was obvious already when he attempted to help An Bang with the sticky situation. But it was like he was willing to admit it more now. So after that powerful speech from An Bang, will they do their best? We’ll see. Yay, Lai Hu got help again with the wall climbing task but it was one of the methods they could use to aid one another. So much companionship going on. Hope things won’t upset Ding Hao–again. Ooohhh…Xiao De Ji wasn’t doing so hot today. What’s with that? Got scolded by Sheng Nan again? Or was this telling us it was one of those days that he didn’t feel like causing trouble previously? Hmm… And then things continued with less frustration afterward with Da Tong and Tian Bin’s turn at the poles. Ooohhh…Shi Jun’s father is back. He always looked grim so not sure how he would react. Two guesses though since he would especially pay attention to his son–or pick on him. Oh…he fell. Lucky nothing serious happened. Watching Shi Jun’s father could be so funny though. He’s unwilling to accept that his son could do so well in the other tasks, so had to stick around to monitor some more. (But it was more like he wanted to see what else his son could do, LOL!) Oh, great to know that we could see other tasks too since we only saw like several incorporated into the trial previously. But didn’t see this far. At least not seeing how they were able to master the horizontal bars already. And some people were making Ding Hao’s blood boil again. Darn…not good.

But great to know that Shi Jun’s father finally let him do what he wanted all along. At least we’ll see if he pass the test or not. That was almost a touching moment. Acceptance. After Shi Jun was gone, Ding Hao talked some more with the old man. Yup, can’t help but worry. But that was the end of the episode.

Previews…more training. Need to try harder! Back at shooting skills. Aww…Wu Yong questioning Xiao Yan about being with Hao Zhi? LOL! NICE…more randomness then. But that meant Su Qing’s going to be around too. OY! The sacrifice! What? Will Luo Gang’s fall cause his chance hence not appearing in the next part? DARN! Wu Yong and Hao Zhi competing to see who could carry more boxes? Sucks to be them but serve them right for using such tactics to get Xiao Yan and Su Qing’s attention. OR more like a fight to see who could hold out longer.

BTS…yay, showing the parts where they were doing the trails. And then the part where they were doing the confession! So hardworking! Looks so easy yet not easy to set up–like always!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Father and Son: Cast

Okay, I’m back for another update because FTV had already set up a page for the upcoming drama. (If you want their blog page, click here.) This post is to confirm the cast (obviously). So who’s in so far?

According to Rookies’ Diary’s Facebook Page, some of the drama’s cast will be in the upcoming ‘Father and Son’, which are:

  • Li Xing Wen. We need our Lian Zhang, right?
  • Shen Shi Peng. Most of what we see of him in Rookies’ Diary is the yelling parts or the intense scenes so can’t wait to see him in a different role.
  • Tang Feng. Need I say more? He’s still spotting somewhat of the hair from RD (as most of the cast) but has exchanged his uniforms for suits. Hope not too overdone, lol.
  • Fu Zi Chun. Another comedic role? Well, according to some trailers.
  • Ah Pang. Didn’t realize he was also in it at first. But can’t wait to see what he’s portraying in here either.
  • Qian Jun Zhong. His hair’s coming back (or at least for the time of the filming).
  • Ye Jia Yu. Can’t wait.
  • Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu. YES! I thought she’s occupied with different events for a while but glad she has another one. I don’t care how small it might be. Just glad she’s in something else.
  • Becky Chang/ Zhang Jia Xin. Can’t say I was amused by her previous role. But I’m willing to see another one.
  • Lin Yi Fang. Lai Hu’s father (if anyone was getting confused with all the names). Saw him in one of the trailers.
  • Ah Gan. He was seen in one of the photos Tang Feng posted on his Facebook.

Pairings. Nothing locked in so far, at least from recent trailers, except for maybe one. But I can have a little fun just based on the RD pattern?

  • Qian Jun Zhong and Zhang Jia Xin. I saw a clip of them shooting the wedding scene. Lively scene and they looked great. I found it interesting that she was getting married again in here. This dress fits her better. (But like I said before, it was possible that the one in RD was made to tear apart, unlike this time.) Anyway, they do match from what was shown thus far. Can’t wait to see actually.
  • Fu Zi Chun and Ye Jia Yu. They’ve been in a few dramas together now–with RD being the most recent (and they also paired up). Well, I’m not sure about the past since RD was my first drama of them. So I wouldn’t mind them pairing again.
  • Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu? Just saying? LOL! I’m sure there are other girls in there and it’s a slim chance since he’s one of the main guys and she might not be one of the main girls. But I could always dream. LOL!

Anyway, fun guesses aside, this is another one of those meaningful dramas. At least from the trailers so far and various clips. I wouldn’t mind and so looking forward to it. But it’s going to be a challenge since it’s time to read my eyes out of whatever that is I could read because most of the dialogues seem to be in dialects so far. Some of the interviews were in Mandarin though. But either way, it would be fun to learn more. So who’s ready?

No pictures this time ’cause I’m lazy to hunt around in my stock and place it in.

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 33

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So we left off with Shan Ren and Neng Zhi passing words around to make the conspiracy happen, right? So it continues in this one. Though would it be successful? We’ll see.

Poor Hai Sheng and the others. They had no clue that Shan Ren was just stopping and yelling at them to waste time. Or more like stallingl for time until the other vehicle came. Lucky Hai Sheng caught on and he joined in with the skit. LOL!

And finally, they were able to catch up to one of the most important persons there to help An Bang’s case. Or will this lead to anything? They just like to keep us audience on the edge. But to get back to the story, they were seriously too much though. I meant the words they used for such a situation, such as bringing in Bao Qing Tian and all the righteous words. But I guess whatever helps them communicate their thoughts to the superiors. Just when things were going smoothly–or so it seemed, Tian Bin had to make a mistake. I thought he’s ‘tian bin’, why did he mess up like that? But Xu Jia Cheng was standing nearby and witnessed the whole scene. Would this influence him and caused him to change his mind when he is called upon later? (Or I’m just being hopeful and bias here since I seriously do not want Jacky to play such a character. NOT really that despicable or anything since it was just a difference in opinion BUT I had a feeling it had to do with Jing Wen more than the actual difference in opinions SO that’s when the disturbing feeling comes into play.)

The panel is in place and the trial will begin. Well…more like last chance to see the so-called ‘evidence’ and hear everyone’s case before deciding. Definitely keeping us in suspense since some of the reactions are so hard to read while An Bang was talking. It was obvious they were molding things over and some looked lenient yet their expressions could deceive. Kind of obvious that An Bang’s attempt to stop Luo Gang failed yet it still showed that An Bang would never sacrifice his brother–even when he had a chance to clear himself. Ding Hao’s speech was indeed quite moving. Yet will the others be moved by his words? Nice song accompanying the moment to stress the point. So after Ding Hao left, Xu Jia Cheng stepped in – after a word of greeting to Ding Hao. What will it be?

So after that hectic session, they gathered outside for a tea party. JUST KIDDING…was just walking out. Jia Cheng was making his way out as well; Ding Hao told the others to remember to thank Jia Cheng like seconds before Jia Cheng stepped toward them. Just when it seemed okay to like Jia Cheng, he had to make it harder to like him. Just kidding, but still…since he was still clarifying that he didn’t agree with An Bang but just want to be fair toward the situation. Indeed what he said was true regarding how the others were willing to speak up for An Bang. Yet it didn’t mean he would link hands with An Bang and become best buddies. Still, it was somewhat admirable that he was willing to speak up in this situation and put aside his differences in opinions or more like some sort of bias toward An Bang. And then they clarified some things for us by doing the flashbacks with Luo Gang and An Bang at the restaurant with Chen Hao Nan and how the fingerprints became proofs of the whole money thing. Anyway, finally, see Luo Gang accepting An Bang and thanking An Bang for being there for him all these times. Though it had been quite obvious that he appreciated An Bang for what he did, it had been mostly An Bang saying things like, “Because I’m your brother” or “Because you’re my brother” in the past instead of the other way around with how Luo Gang actually admitting it. Still not too cheesy since it proved that Luo Gang was able to do anything to help An Bang.

So they were back to trying to throw the bomb again. Seriously, Tian Bin went WAY past the line, LOL! Yet Shan Ren still put him on about the ‘not bad’ comment before pointing out to him about the line, LOL! Bo Wen’s turn showed that he seriously had the ability but it was because of his own problems that he didn’t do so well in the past (obviously). Yet the funniest was Bo Wen’s words to Shan Ren, LOL! Bo Wen could be so funny at times. I guess he isn’t Hai Sheng’s best buddy for nothing. Lai Hu’s turn proved another disaster, LOL! Shan Ren had to duck. He switched hands! Trying to see if it would make a difference? Yeah right. OMG! Wu Yong got a 48? (And An Bang’s back so everyone’s happy, which is too weird of a sight to witness, LOL!) What? Hai Sheng got 35? Lower than Wu Yong? Unbelievable. Luo Gang also got 35. Was he trying to make it less embarrassing for Hai Sheng? Hmm…still can’t believe Wu Yong got 48. I must have under-estimated him in the past, considering how he’s as crazy as the rest of his bandmates. Shi Jun got 25, 3 points lower than Tian Bin. Not bad, I guess since he wasn’t as confidence last time. Da Tong actually apologized to An Bang for failing to make it? Wow, this is an improvement (aka Da Tong trying to make it instead of just doing it). Wow, Luo Gang and Hai Sheng tied again in the next round? (40) Let’s see how Lai Hu fended for himself the 3rd time. After some minor mishap, Lai Hu managed to score 25 and was so proud of himself that he wanted Shan Ren to praise him too? LOL! Shan Ren was indifference, LOL! Shan Ren shot him down with saying others scored 40? LOL! But still say a few words of encouragement so it wasn’t all for nothing. Da Tong scored 36 this time around. Not bad, showing improvements. No wonder they were in the same band, seriously. He wanted to be praised by Shan Ren as well, LOL! It was funny that Shan Ren was saying that An Bang had changed and was no longer ‘mo gui’, LOL! And Neng Zhi’s response. NICE…

WHAT?! And I thought Hao Zhi could get the upper-hand YET she’s coming up with another scheme to force Hao Zhi to pay attention to her? GREAT… Not really. Of course, I was being sarcastic. I can’t find myself to like her regardless. When in the world is Xiao Rou and the others back? (Just look at the list and Xiao Rou won’t appear anymore! AAHHHH…this sucks!) And why in the world is Wu Yong acting like a pervert in front of her? I’m taking his points back just for that. Why are the other sympathizing with her? GREAT…They had no idea how manipulative she could be. Of course, she’s working her charm at that very moment to lure them in and take her side instead of Hao Zhi’s. You Shun better speak up before I whack him over the head with something too. And yes, Hao Zhi seemed to be affected by it. But I seriously don’t care. I’m getting too impatient with unnecessary people appearing. Rather no girls around than keep seeing her around. (YES, mean BUT SORRY…)

Okay, Da Tong caught red-handed, LOL! Trying to spy for his mother? Not really but he got caught anyway. Can’t seem to explain himself. But he managed to gain the upper-hand again, LOL! So he was really spying for his mother. Darn…and I thought the other girl was too paranoid. What? Hong Jie took money from son? LOL! What difference does it make really? LOL! Too funny.

The date finally came. Why were they matching? Yup, teasing us again since we know it’s impossible between them. Honestly. But still funny that Shan Ren was saying that. (I like it that they were playing the song the two sang though.) She called him by his name and he got overly happy, LOL! But that also meant he cut her off. How would she be able to start now? Well, she has to be firm on it, can’t just keep him hanging like that. She wants to be nice about it yet it was giving him even more hope. OY! Please don’t make this turn into a typical soap. She’s a strong, independent girl so would be cool that she just approach it the straight-forward way instead of falling into those traps like those typical girls. Well, it was hard to start again when those annoying people were coming by to sing her happy birthday. I think they didn’t mean any harm but it’s delaying things even more. (To be absolutely random though, I like her hairdo this time more than the time she took Shan Ren to meet her mother.) And Shan Ren’s so dead… Who was playing him with this arrangement?

And here they are again. Luckily, Shan Ren’s words didn’t come true, LOL! Well, they’re waiting for the results still yet it seems like it’s always better to get the trial over with already than just sitting around and anticipating the moment when they go in front of the panel. Well, the hostility between Shan Ren and Sheng Nan are still there. Hard to forget actually.
That’s another episode. Oy, keeping us hanging again.

Previews…Yu Ting’s back! Yay! At least something to look forward to. Then suddenly I remember that it must be because she’s filming ‘Love Together’ with Zhao Jun Ya that they aren’t around as much during the later episodes than the earlier ones. Not to mention the relevant parts of the plot wouldn’t allow too much of her screen time. Back to this one, Bo Wen teasing Hai Sheng, so funny! Aww…Xiao Yan help Hao Zhi get back at his wife? LOL! So funny! Would love to see it. She thought she could get him all jealous with her schemes, huh? Two can play this game! LOL! Everyone’s spying on each other now, LOL! All messed up, LOL! And An Bang wearing the red string again, does that mean he’s been acknowledged again? (Aka rank still attached?) I’m so going to beat Wu Yong up for siding with Hao Zhi’s wife. What the heck? And Xiao De Ji finally turning a new leaf? Seriously?

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 30

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Things are looking super serious this time. Of course, since Ding Hao already warned them of the consequences if they dared to mess around.

OMG! Da Tong almost got into trouble. Gotta hurry and get up! LOL! But then again, he was looking around again. What’s up with that? Need to be serious this time around. I meant the threat with Ding Hao’s warning is enough to get anyone serious.

The funniest thing–and possibly most ironic–was that Da Tong wasn’t the first one to mess up but Tian Bin? Unbelievable all right! But of course Da Tong soon messed up so it didn’t make Tian Bin look so bad? Or would that even help? LOL! But things soon resumed with them being given directions to shoot the target. No wonder Ding Hao warned them how serious it was this time. Of course, they should always take the routines seriously, but this time, they were dealing with real bullets, etc, no longer pretending to shoot anymore. Da Tong closed his eyes the whole time? Eek!

Strange seeing them appreciating each other’s efforts and for once kind of was happy for one another? Though they have been getting along, there was still some subtle hints of competition. But they weren’t so extreme to the point of not congratulate each other–even if silently? And Tian Bin and Da Tong’s mix up! LOL! Seriously, that was hard to resist.

And Bi Ying was following An Bang. But I guess she couldn’t really say anything to help him feel better anyway. The best was to stay silent. Though I feel sad for Bi Ying too, I agree with An Bang. Sometimes it’s just best to be alone and think things over, not wanting anyone to make you feel the pressure–even if they didn’t mean to bring pressure. But sometimes it’s better to talk than just listen to his words and leave? shrugs Whatever works, I guess. Then I wonder if the outcome would be different if it was Jing Wen who talked to him since though Bi Ying tried but wasn’t successful. Things were quite intense this time so either way, maybe he would still be troubled? Who knows? And she was still able to tag him? Hmmm….too complicated.

Ooohhh…here comes trouble. And bluffing wouldn’t work in this case. They were ready to let head rolls – regardless of the consequences. And I thought they were going to beat those two up. Well, not yet. But that was priceless with the water thing. I was wondering where Da Tong was since F4 were kind of inseparable. I also thought that Shan Ren would catch them at it again BUT it was Wang Wei this time around. Hai Sheng’s explanation, nice! LOL! OOOHHHHH…Da Tong was so dead! He dropped the bucket on Wang Wei’s head! It was an accident, but still! Wait a minute! I thought Da Tong was afraid of heights? What happened to that? No wonder it seemed odd that he was up there instead of one of the others. And that was too strange as well. Wang Wei didn’t punish them? At least those actions usually ask for punishments. Well, maybe ’cause of what happened to An Bang so no one cares to punish them anymore? He could’ve at least punished those two, looking so arrogant.

Hao Zhi got exposed already? Eek! Both Hao Zhi and You Shun were laughing so hard at it! LOL! It was indeed funny. She always managed to get the upper hand because she had his father’s support. So for once, he could trick her! So funny with You Shun’s help! Man, they were a team all right!

How unconvincing could Xiao De Ji get? He couldn’t even get Neng Zhi to believe him so how could the soldiers believe him for his good heart? Only one of his henchmen would believe him. Though he was allowed to go, it didn’t mean he was convincing.

So they were lining up to donate blood. Only A and B so it would be understandable that everyone was not around. Not to mention how it was voluntary, so… And that was funny how everyone was making fun of Xiao De Ji’s blood. True. Honestly, who could use it? Might be black…yup… And awww…Wu Yong was seriously scared…

Good to know that their two bravest ones weren’t afraid of the needles–or scared of the sight of blood. Not impossible but still…would take away some points. So Lai Hu and Da Tong couldn’t donate on that day. NO PROBLEM, let’s wait for tomorrow, right? OMG! I guess the biggest bully is usually a scaredy-cat, eh? Xiao De Ji fainted on sight, LOL! That was priceless. He blamed it on the other guy? He was there to check out girls, like anyone was at fault. Geez whiz. But I guess he had to blame it on someone.

This was getting quite priceless by the moment. Wu Yong was seriously scared. OMG! Man, this was too hard to resist. He grabbed onto the next-door neighbor so the other guy would experience the pain too? OY! Ah Hou and Tian Bin were disturbed from their beauty sleep. (LOL!) Wu Yong was sure pushing it though. He dared to tease Xiao Yan at such a time? She’s still tending to him. She could cause him more pain than he could ever imagine at that point. Was he suicidal? LOL! Ah Hou and Tian Bin were whispering. Aww…so if Xiao Yan’s not with You Shun anymore then the plot’s heading towards Wu Yong? I know it’s kind of mean to wish that, BUT with the plot’s current hint, couldn’t help but get obsessed too. I would never expect it to be that way though since it usually lets couples stay together till the end if they paired them up already. Possibly it’s more realistic this way? Hope it’s not teasing us again.

The inevitable scene. But I guess it all made sense now. It was kind of strange that she was still taking care of his father yet was all distance toward him. At least kept a polite distance. Yet the blood donation scene made sense because it was in her nature to help others, not just because of You Shun. And I would understand too if they’re not together. It’s not whether there’s the whole ‘money’ thing, but there were already some things that would never return, like the trust. Though he thought that was the best solution at that time and went and protect her along the way, that was a risk he was willing to take. What about the future? We know he learned his lesson, but it wasn’t like there wouldn’t be an obstacle in the future. Would he be tempted again? What if the situation was different? Like ten times worse? Or it’s not about that either, but there’s already the unsafe feeling about the whole situation, like thinking ‘what if’ and feeling not so reassured. Though You Shun said that he felt the same way regarding sorting things out, but I think he was just trying to be strong for her sake, trying to make it easier for her. Must admit he’s really brave to make this move also. Can’t blame anyone for it actually, just that they haven’t met the right person or get through the obstacles? Suitable song for the scene.

Secret meeting in the middle of the night. Will they get caught again? Two guesses. They were there for another confrontation and possibly to settle the scores once and for all. Or will it be so? Love Hai Sheng’s righteousness. It makes the whole thing so dramatic without trying, LOL! Darn, Hai Sheng’s proposal. Tian Bin and Wu Yong had to grab Da Tong before things get too ugly. We’ll see what Hai Sheng’s up to. No way would he let Xiao De Ji experience happiness. Oh, so in order to save An Bang, they had to sacrifice Xiao Yan? But what difference does that make them from You Shun’s betrayal? Well, Hai Sheng’s always so clever so let’s hope he’s more than what meets the eyes. Tian Bin and Wu Yong better not choke Da Tong to death…

YUP, Hai Sheng was so clever. Always have a back-up plan. Why would he sacrifice Xiao Yan, right? Even if they’re desperate, they’re not crazy. At least he’s not. (Though he could be at times.)

Here we go again, LOL! That was soooo unexpected yet touching. Okay, I’m such a sucker for it. Shan Ren always trying to cheer Sheng Nan up. LOL! She was actually worried? LOL! And yes, Luo Gang saw them. Aww…Shan Ren was putting her in a tough spot. She should’ve said she already did regarding previous commitments. Now it’s hard to edge out of it. Though she could turn super mean and chase him away. Oh, so funny that she was threatening him with not letting the others know, ESPECIALLY that nosy Wang Wei! Well, she didn’t say that, but it’s too obvious it was Wang Wei’s fault the last time with the whole show. But what would Luo Gang think now? Since he saw the whole thing…

That was funny that Luo Gang wasn’t mad but she was? Made sense since she was attempting to tease him but he outdid her? OY…strange. What? Maybe Luo Gang doesn’t have a knack for humor then? Ooohhh…needs to work harder. Was this a hint of another breakup? Well, they haven’t officially dated but it was already obvious that the feelings are mutual thus far.

Eh…who’s the unlucky person? And he found some more interesting items. GREAT…What a day. Or more like what a way to start the day off. Darn! And I thought he would stomp on Luo Gang’s picture for real! That was a good scare! At least he wasn’t that low. Yes, he was frustrated but wasn’t despicable to resort to such methods. And honestly, what a way to start the day off–with a totally different definition now.

And I thought it was Hai Sheng’s since Hai Sheng has one too? But then Hai Sheng’s wouldn’t ring at such a time, right? PHEW! Yet Xiao De Ji was still so arrogant. (Of course…) And he thought he could get away with whispering also? GREAT…Sheng Nan was willing to let heads roll today.

Just when they were getting together for tea time, someone was appearing to ruin the moment again. Well, not really tea time, but was just waiting and talking. I don’t know. Just feel like easing things out while An Bang was waiting for the result. (And Jacky sneaked in behind them. NOT really but it seemed that way.) AND Shan Ren just had to get all smart aleck-y. Come on now! Who was he kidding? Why in the world did he dare to pull that one? Crazy? (And okay, Jacky’s voice not dubbed anymore? NOT sure. My ears are really deceiving me because it sounds like him now. It could be it was dubbed in one of the earlier episodes and now it’s not? Or did he catch a cold and it sounded different before? Oy, too many possibilities.) OY! Poor Shan Ren! Darn! That must have hurt! But he sort of brought it onto himself. Sort of… (Okay, I don’t like it but why was Jia Cheng kept staring at An Bang? Jealous? JUST WONDERING… He better not be bad OR ELSE… I’m switching back to character names so I wouldn’t end up getting overly biased, LOL!)

Okay, now the trails. Man, such a dangerous test! AND An Bang was so helping Shan Ren and Neng Zhi with tips to endure the trial. Jia you! Man, Jia Cheng was sure trying to hold on too. GREAT…I don’t care for him much right now. It’s okay. He doesn’t have to hold on. (Hey, characters here, NOT caring about actors right now since I like all. Just didn’t like his attitude earlier. Though Shan Ren was sure asking for it, don’t know. Been rooting for Shan Ren and the gang for too long to care about the others.) Man, yay! They won! Well, at least that was over, right? AND just when I decided that it was okay to let my guard down, Jia Cheng strike again. Darn! When will he stop? Well, can’t hold on for long, eh? Since he would only appear for like 2 more episodes. Great that Neng Zhi showed support for An Bang–AND Shan Ren as well. (I almost thought that Shan Ren didn’t. But considering how Jia Cheng was taunting him earlier, it was too much, he needed to do something.) And more team spirit! Yay! And that was the end of the episode.

Previews. What? Xiao Yan actually smiling and talking to Xiao De Ji? Kidding, right? Must be some kind of trick or something. Oh…interviews. That would be interesting to know what they’re talking about. Or how creative they could get. Leave it up to them, they will. More troubles for Luo Gang…oy…more headaches…

BTS….I kept hoping they had the scene with the blood donation so great that they included it. Oh, so Xia Zheng Feng was for real? Everyone was tuning him out, except for Xiao Yu who was telling him to cry, LOL! Sad, can’t escape. Oh, he cried? They were just teasing, right? Man, that was so wrong. YET that was really sacrificing for filming. Man, he was really distracted. They let him eat so it wouldn’t be as nerve-racking? LOL! So they had someone to do it in Xiao Yu’s place. Had to be safe. Then the last part was her again since the switch was only to place the needle in for him.

Moving on to the endurance scene. Lucky they included that part. Want to see the trick. (Of course, it’s not real, but just curious of how they did it.) Yup, way harder. ‘Cause they had to do retakes and then take breaks. Okay, now I’m convinced that since the last episode, Jacky’s voice wasn’t dubbed. ‘Cause it sounds like him now. (Of course this is BTS, but then it sounds the same…PHEW…glad got that straighten out.) OMG! That was so funny, Jacky teasing Ah Pang! YUP, he’s such a teaser all right. Poor Ah Pang, NOT knowing how to respond–or defend himself.

NGs…LOL! They wanted to punch out the person who messed up! Man, Zhao Jun Ya was so serious. He knew he messed up so he apologized like mad. NOT really that extreme but yeah. So professional. Ai Cheng got punch after the cut? He hit so hard! No wonder! That must have hurt! LOL!

*All images were captured by DTLCT