Year 2014 in Recap

You know what? I’m beginning to feel like the year in review from WordPress doesn’t even justify my accomplishments, especially this past year. So I decided to go all out on the rebellion and make my own post. It might not look as glamorous as WordPress’s version but at least it doesn’t make me look that lazy, lol.

Starting off with some general stats.

Total Posts in 2014: 139 – Yes, posts ONLY. But the number would have gone up if I counted the pages since I usually use ‘pages’ for fanfic updates, except if it’s a one-shot.
January: 19
February: 16
March: 13
April: 14
May: 6
June: 12
July: 8
August: 10
September: 7
October: 9
November: 8
December: 17

Times Updated on People on the Poll: 63 – Looking at the breakdown, it goes to show that I update on whoever I feel like, not having to do with the who is leading the polls, etc. It’s nothing new, it’s like what I said before. It’s not that I placed in the poll just for kicks or just messing with people. But it’s more like I was curious (like I mentioned in the past already) and try not to put myself on pressure as to update according to votes. What I do feel bad about is not updating on Vic and Janine or Nic more like I should have.
Wallace Huo: 8
Ady An: 1
Hu Ge: 1
Vic Chou: 4
Joanne Tseng: 4
Janine Chang: 2
Angela Chang: 1
Xiu Jie Kai: 1
Nicholas Teo: 1
Yvonne Yao: 3
Zhao Jun Ya: 16
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: 5
Sophia Chou: 3
Van Fan: 1
Eric Suen: 3
Penny Lin: 3
Jacky Chu: 10
Bianca Bai: 1

Music Reviews: 13 – Not bad, right? I managed to empty the majority of the list I had up. So it’s something to celebrate here.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries: 22 episodes and 6 reviews – I could have done better here but still not too bad.

Fan Fiction: It has been a sad case here since I don’t know when. But I really do apologize for all those waiting for certain stories that have been lagging for the past few years now. It’s just that I didn’t find inspiration to do work with it and didn’t want to end up ruining it more than I already did.

  • Slanted Thoughts 2
  • The Dating Game 45 – Mad progress on this saga, right? Sadly, it could only be said for this one, lol.

Songs Translations: 12 – Hey, it’s a record here! I’m serious! Translations are hard! It’s harder for my case since I’m still learning in some areas.

Chinese: 9

Vietnamese: 3

Side Updates: 41 posts – YUP, these have been occupying my time as well. At times, I cheated and posted pictures only, but I swear, some of them were kind of too secretive to talk about. Or some were adaptations that I hadn’t read about yet.

  • Fu Rong Jin: 5 – It’s going to show like next year, right?
  • Favorite Scenes Saga: 1 post, but I did have a lot to work on so it wasn’t like I was slacking on purpose
  • Worth Watching Saga: Managed to publish all 3 I have in the background for the recommendation posts. Plan to launch another one this upcoming year.
  • Seasons in the Sun: 5
  • Love Knows No Distance: 2
  • Gold Pretty Girl/Dan Shen You Yue: 3 – Seriously, been waiting for this to air.
  • Dong Jiang Heroes: 6
  • Never Ending Love: 2
  • Royal Tramp/ The Deer and the Cauldron 2014: 4
  • Yuan Yue Wan Dao: 1 – Seriously, when is this airing?
  • Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013: 4
  • Throwback Thursday Saga: 3
  • Reasons to Stay Positive Saga: 2

What do I want to focus on for this next coming year? More on Couples posts and pages. Not to mention the “Special Profiles” pages that I had suddenly abandoned. There’s also the “All About” saga that I halted all of a sudden as well. So are these my New Year resolutions? No. I seriously don’t want to force myself into that, considering how this is just a blog to share all the randomness that I like. So putting pressure on that would lose the purpose of the blog itself even more. I’m just bringing it up because I want to say I’m not abandoning those completely yet. Although what I would want more is to finally finish some fanfics that I have been lagging since whenever. Wouldn’t that be something?

All right, have a great year next year, everyone! Happy blogging or stalking if you don’t blog! (LOL) See you next year for another random update of the wrap-up from me!

I Love You by Xu Jin Hao

(Uploaded by: 0955774177)

Song Title: I Love You (我愛你)

Music & Lyrics by: Chen Guo Hua (陳國華)

Bold = Chinese
Crimson = Pin Yin
Crimson = English

xi huan ni shi yi zhong qi miao de shi
Loving you is a kind of a phenomenal thing
wo zi ji ye wu fa jie shi
Even I, myself, can’t explain it
希望在未來的日子 互相扶持
xi wang zai wei lai de ri ji   hu xiang fu chi
Hoping that in the coming days, we would assist one another

qing lu zhong you xu duo shang xin de shi
Within the path of love, there are many grievous things
wo hui nu li rang ta xiao shi
I will work hard to make it disappear
kan zhe ni xiao de xiang tian shi
To see you smile like an angel
jiu suan zai ku ye zhi de shi
Given that all the pain will be a worthy test

我愛你 這是世界上最美的字
wo ai ni   zhe shi shi jie shang zui mei de zi
“I love you” are this world’s most beautiful words
yao yong ling hun ke zui mei de shi
I want to use my soul to carve this most beautiful verse
wo jiang yi sheng xie shang ni ming zi
I will write this on your name for the rest of my life

我愛你 想要對你說聲千萬次
wo ai ni   xiang yao dui ni shuo sheng qian wan ci
“I love you”, I really want to utter these words to you ten million times
zhi pa shi jian bu gou wo biao shi
I only fear that there isn’t enough time to express it
就從現在開始 讓我抱你一輩子
jiu cong xian zai kai shi   rang wo bao ni yi bei zi
From now on, let me hold you for the entire lifetime

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Love Together OST

It’s about time I do the review for this though I have gotten the soundtrack via YesAsia awhile back. (YES, blame it on desktop failure so couldn’t scan stuff.) Must say that the collection is worth it. Well, if you didn’t collect some of the songs in here already. But let’s get started, eh?

1. Not Complete Without You (有你才完整) by Fu Qiong Yin (符瓊音). The main theme song. I don’t know, but man, to listen to it more carefully, it’s perfect for the drama itself. The lyrics are penned by Yang Pei An and the music written by Xiao Huang Qi. The perfect duo to do the deed, right? At least I thought so. Then combine in Fu Qiong Yin’s voice is just so suitable for the whole atmosphere of the song. At first, I was wondering if it was written by both Yang and Xiao, why didn’t they sing it? But after listening to the theme song a few more times, I got it. Good choice indeed. My favorite part where this song was being played in the drama was in episode 8 where Zhong Ze was searching for Xiao Yu in the woods and found her finally. He ran over and hugged her before she could say anything (except for his name). The song was really suitable for that moment because Zhong Ze finally let his bottled up feelings out, proving that he really cared for Xiao Yu–unlike what he said before about only having ‘revenge’ in his heart. I think, either way, this song works for both of them because, without either one, they wouldn’t feel complete.

2. Writing a Blissful Song Because of You (為你寫一首幸福的歌) by Chen Guo Hua (陳國華). A sweet, somewhat leaning on a mushy side song. Not bad actually. I didn’t really pay attention the first time around yet listening to it again brought some nice feel to it.

3. Want to Hear You Say (想聽你說) by Mi Er Si (米兒絲). This song, I remember, was played during the conversation between Xiao Yu and Ah Bao in episode 8 where she was calling to apologize to him for scolding him previously. Not sure if it was being played some other time (and I might have missed it), but that was one of the memorable scenes. It really suits the feelings Ah Bao has toward Xiao Yu. Kind of one-sided but still cute in a way.

4. The Heart’s Regret (心中的遺憾) by Yuki Hsu (徐懷鈺). Kind of sad is an understatement. This song always brings some kind of bittersweet feeling to me. I can’t tag it to a specific scene of the drama but it must have been played in the drama from time to time. With the complications throughout with Zhong Ze and Xiao Yu’s feelings for one another and other factors involved, the song already hinted so much. Quite suitable.

5. Living in Your Heart (住進你心窩) by Ai Cheng (艾成). I think this song was another song played at one time or another in Rookies’ Diary but I can’t remember a specific episode or moment, but could remember that it was used. Regarding this drama though, I think this is talking about Ah Bao? Like how he’s always wanting to live in Xiao Yu’s heart yet could only be her best friend. Yet he’s not bitter about it either–at least not at the beginning, but would always support her and encourage her on. Oh yeah, how could I forget the time when this song was playing was in episode 6 when Xiao Yu was yanking the pillow away from Ah Bao, causing him to fall off the bed. (LOL!) Told you it was for Ah Bao.

6. A Very Difficult Goodbye (再見太難) by Li De Hui (利得彙). Not really my favorite or has that much impact when I listen to it. But I must admit it’s another good choice to include for the drama’s soundtrack. While listening to this song, the scene where Xiang Xiang was urging Xiao Yu to go say a proper goodbye to Zhong Ze before he went away (to Japan) came to mind. It was in episode 5–and when I was going back to check, it was indeed playing in the background when Xiao Yu was chasing after Zhong Ze on her bike–and finally giving up.

7. How Could It Possibly Be Loneliness? (怎麼可能會寂寞) by Wu Ting Che (吳听徹). NOT sure if I got the translation correct but indeed a nice song. Kind of long-winded (lol), but I guess it drives the point in the end. I don’t remember it being played in the drama but it must have. It’s just that it’s not really my favorite.

8. I Love You (我愛你) by Xu Jin Hao (許晉豪). A song written and composed by Chen Guo Hua. I thought it would get lame since the title is just so simple yet it sure proved me wrong. I forgot when it was played in the drama yet I had a feeling it was suitable for Zhong Ze and Xiao Yu. So much has happened between them but I think the ending proved that the song rings true.

9. Qi Xu (祈許) by Liu Hong Ling (劉虹翎). I don’t know. Too much brain work with figuring out the title. I get it, just can’t put it so that it sounds good and doesn’t lose its meaning at the same time. But about the song, a touching song. I honestly don’t know which one is this song for. But it might be a toss between Zhong Ze and Xiao Yu?

10. Song of Happiness (快樂的歌) by Yang Pei An (楊培安). OMG! All of those sad songs and then this happy song. Living up to its title since it definitely brought forth positive feelings. It’s kind of funny to listen to Yang Pei An singing a song bordering on the popular side versus his usual inspirational ones.

11. 58 Degrees of  Loneliness (58°寂寞) by Fu Qiong Yin (符瓊音). Another song that was used in Rookies’ Diary and then now used in here. It’s okay though. I seriously don’t mind. Too morbid. YES, that coming from me.

12. Crossroads (分岔路) by Chen Guo Hua (陳國華). This song is just sad. The time I remember it the most was in episode 7 when Ah Bao told Zhong Ze that Xiao Yu had agreed to go with him back to Taiwan. (It was near the end of the episode.) And this song is definitely for Ah Bao. Good call on using this song. Chen definitely brought out the feelings of this song. It was possibly due to the fact that it was written and composed by him. But must give him credit for it.

13. Admired by Thousands (萬人迷) by Ai Cheng (艾成). I don’t remember this song actually playing in the drama. At least not the words but more like the beginning of the song, like the upbeat music. But it was also used in Rookies’ Diary from time to time and especially in Episode 42. This song could also be found in one of Ai Cheng’s albums if you don’t want to get this soundtrack. What does this song have to do with this drama? Honestly, I always ponder. Yet maybe it could be referring to Kurt Chou’s character aka Ah Bao? LOL! Considering how he’s just so cool and all in here.

14. Moonlight (月光) by Yang Pei An (楊培安). The ending theme song. An inspirational song–and is also written and composed by Chen Guo Hua. Really suitable for the drama. It describes the people of General Street perfectly and how they’re always so full of hope to overcome all obstacles. This is more like Xiao Yu reaching out to Zhong Ze. Or vice versa, depending on the situation. Nice song as an ending theme. AND yes, this was another song that was used in Rookies’ Diary, but in season 2. I guess FTV was shooting two birds with one stone by releasing this soundtrack.

How come I didn’t number my favorites? I can’t figure out. But my favorites equally are #1, #12, #13, and #14. I couldn’t decide between the four of them since it gives a different feeling yet somehow couldn’t really say I like one or another more. Rare occasion but yeah. The second favorites would be #5 and #2. A very good deal for me, considering how it linked with the drama so perfectly and how I had liked the drama so it made it better.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT