Xiao Qiao’s Wedding

Last weekend was actually Xiao Qiao’s wedding. I previously saw pictures but was confused since aside from her pictures, others didn’t post anything. I thought I misunderstood or it was for a show. But then last weekend’s updates clarified everything and it was very exciting. The majority of the J-Star family came to support and…

Love On Sale by 183 Club

Song Title: Love On Sale (愛情特賣) Lyrics by: Ke Cheng Xiong (柯呈雄) Music by: VJ – James Chu and Lars Quang Key: Bold = Original Lyrics Maroon = Pin Yin Blue: Jacky Golden: Ehlo Pink: Johnny Green: Ming Dao Purple: Sam Red-Violet: Xiao Qiao Teal: Chorus 我覺得有點點悲哀 wo jue de you dian dian bei ai…

183 Club’s First Album

Old album, but for sentiment’s sake, I’m digging it out and reviewing it anyway. First thing I want to say is: I regretted not getting the other version. ‘Cause I got the simple version so I could take advantage of a certain deal. I swear it was a bad idea. Free stuffs aren’t all that….

Dan Shen You Yue: The Wrap Up

Yup, they’re done! In fact, they were already done during the time I posted the other entry. But I just got SUPER busy that I didn’t post updates. To celebrate, they took more crazy pictures (aside from the usual wrap up party). *All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Gold Pretty Girl: The Name Changing Crisis

I actually had a feeling they changed the name because of some posts that Xiao Qiao tagged. But wasn’t sure so when I saw Jun Ya’s post about the name change, I immediately jumped to update. YUP! It has been awhile. The drama is now called Dan Shen You Yue (單身有約‬), no English title attached…