At the Dolphin Bay

(image credit: net) I have a confession to make. I never really watch the whole thing. Yes, tragic and late, I know. But I mostly watched bits and pieces here and there and mostly MVs. I do own the soundtrack though because it was so beautifully done by some of the cast and production team. … Continue reading At the Dolphin Bay

Fan Fiction: The Number Revelation 2

It has been seven years now and I'm bringing this back out to discuss, nice or what? Once again, only listing fanfics that have been posted on the blog, NOT anything still in the background. So, who's the winner this time? Wallace Huo - 19 (The Neurotic Collection, The Slanted Thoughts Collection, Stranded, The Business, … Continue reading Fan Fiction: The Number Revelation 2

Fan Fiction: Critiquing Your Own Stories

Years ago when I was still active on Winglin and other online communities, there was an explosion of different authors and readers alike coming out with websites or their own page to critique different fan fiction authors. Whether it was to help the authors improve their writing techniques or just something fun to do, it … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Critiquing Your Own Stories

Xiao Qiao's Wedding

Last weekend was actually Xiao Qiao's wedding. I previously saw pictures but was confused since aside from her pictures, others didn't post anything. I thought I misunderstood or it was for a show. But then last weekend's updates clarified everything and it was very exciting. The majority of the J-Star family came to support and … Continue reading Xiao Qiao's Wedding

Love On Sale by 183 Club

Song Title: Love On Sale (愛情特賣) Lyrics by: Ke Cheng Xiong (柯呈雄) Music by: VJ - James Chu and Lars Quang Key:Bold = Original LyricsMaroon = Pin YinBlue: JackyGolden: EhloPink: JohnnyGreen: Ming DaoPurple: SamRed-Violet: Xiao QiaoTeal: Chorus 我覺得有點點悲哀wo jue de you dian dian bei aiI'm a feeling a little sad Tôi cảm giác rằng có … Continue reading Love On Sale by 183 Club