Year 2015 in Recap

  Oh joy, I'm bringing this back since it's another year of madness. How did it go? Let's check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn't worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for … Continue reading Year 2015 in Recap

Love by the River: Tragic or Touching?

(Credit: 大愛戲劇一部) Yes, I'm really back to updating constantly on Jun Ya lately. But it's because the dramas kept piling up. I saw the news about this before the movie, but I ended up jumping ahead with updating the other one first. This production marked the third time Jun Ya got married in a DaAi … Continue reading Love by the River: Tragic or Touching?