Forbes China – Top 100 Successful Celebrities 2017

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I usually don’t do this, but I just thought I do it since year since I saw the list the other day.  (Go here for the list in its originality.) And I know she’s not ranked first, but I just like the picture, lol. Anyway, here goes the translation for the list:

1. Fan Bing Bing / Phạm Băng Băng
2. Lu Han / Lộc Hàm
3. Yang Mi / Dương Mịch
4. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying / Triệu Lệ Dĩnh
5. Yang Yang / Dương Dương
6. Tamia Liu Tao / Lưu Đào
7. Jackie Chan / Thành Long
8. Angelababy / Yang Ying / Dương Dĩnh
9. Jay Chou / Châu Kiệt Luân
10. Wu Yi Fan / Ngô Dịch Phàm
11. Li Yi Feng / Lý Dịch Phong
12. Deng Chao / Đặng Siêu
13. Betty Sun Li / Tôn Lệ
14. Tiffany Tang Yan / Đường Yên
15. Chen Kun / Trần Khôn
16. Huang Xiao Ming / Huỳnh Hiểu Minh
18. Hu Ge / Hồ Ca
19. Cecilia Liu Shi Shi / Lưu Thi Thi
20. Lay Zhang Yi Xing / Trương Nghệ Hưng
21. William Chan / Trần Vỹ Đình
22. Wallace Huo / Hoắc Kiến Hoa
23. Crystal Liu Yi Fei / Lưu Diệc Phi
24. Jing Bo Ran / Tỉnh Bách Nhiên
25. Huang Zi Tao / Hoàng Tử Thao
26. Wu Xiu Bo / Ngô Tú Ba
27. Andy Lau / Lưu Đức Hoa
28. Vicki Zhao / Triệu Vy
29. Li Bing Bing / Lý Băng Băng
30. Huang Bo / Huỳnh Bột
31. Wallace Chung / Chung Hán Lương
32. Lin Chi Ling / Lâm Chí Linh
33. Jia Nai Liang / Giả Nại Lương
34. Chris Lee / Li Yu Chun / Lý Vũ Xuân
35. Sally Jing Tian / Cảnh Điềm
36. Mark Chao / Triệu Hựu Đình
37. Di Li Re Ba / Địch Lệ Nhiệt Ba
38. Tong Li Ya / Đồng Lệ Á
39. Zheng Shuang / Trịnh Sảng
40. Cheney Chen Xue Dong / Trần Học Đông
41. He Jiong / Hà Cảnh
42. Wang Kai / Vương Khải
43. Kenny Lin Geng Xin / Lâm Canh Tân
44. Xue Zhi Qian / Tuyết Chi Khiêm
45. Faye Wong / Vương Phi
46. Eddie Peng / Bành Vu Yến
47. Lu Yi / Lục Nghị
48. Shu Qi / Thư Kỳ
49. Nicky Wu / Ngô Kỳ Long
50. Jin Dong / Cận Đông
52. Liu Wen / Lưu Văn
53. Guo De Gang / Quách Đức Cương
54. Michael Chen He / Trần Hách
55. Li Chen / Lý Thần
56. Jiang Xin / Tưởng Hân
57. Jacky Cheung / Trương Học Hữu
58. Eason Chan / Trần Dịch Tấn
59. Donnie Yen / Chân Tử Đan
60. Zhou Xun / Châu Tấn
61. Louis Koo / Cổ Thiên Lạc
62. Huang Lei / Hoàng Lỗi
63. Wu Lei / Ngô Lỗi
64. Sun Hong Lei / Tôn Hồng Lôi
65. Show Luo / La Chí Tường
66. Tony Leung Chiu Wai / Lương Triều Vỹ
67. Ryan Zheng / Trịnh Khải
68. Ruby Lin / Lâm Tâm Như
69. Sun Yang / Tôn Dương
70. Zhang Yi Shan / Trương Nhứt Sơn
71. Zhou Dong Yu / Châu Đông Vũ
72. Ni Ni / Nghệ Ni
73. Yang Zi / Dương Tử
74. Victoria Song / Tống Tây
75. Xie Na / Tạ Na
76. Hawick Lau / Lưu Khải Uy
77. Mayday
78. Huang Xuan / Huỳnh Hiên
79. Sandra Ma / Mã Tư Thuần
80. Guan Xiao Tong / Quan Hiểu Đồng
81. Chen Dao Ming / Trần Đạo Minh
82. Carina Lau / Lưu Gia Linh
83. Jolin Tsai / Thái Y Lâm
84. Nicholas Tse / Tạ Đình Phong
85. Aaron Kwok / Quách Phú Thành
86. Gao Yuan Yuan / Cao Viên Viên
87. Olivia Wang Zi Wen / Vương Tử Văn
88. Kevin Tsai / Thái Khang Vĩnh
89. Liu Hao Ran / Lưu Hạo Nhiên
90. Han Han / Hàn Hàn
91. Feng Xiao Gang / Phùng Tiểu Cương
92. Xu Zheng / Từ Tranh
93. Zhang Jia Yi / Trương Gia Trạch
94. Zhang Ruo Yun / Trương Nhược Quân
95. Ray Ma Tian Yu / Mã Thiên Vũ
96. Jason Zhang Jie / Trương Kiệt
97. Zhang Hui Mei / Trương Huệ Muội
98. Zhang Yimou / Trương Nghệ Mưu
99. William Feng Shao Feng / Phùng Thiệu Phong
100. Lin Qin / Lý Thấm


Miss Hong Kong 1998

The hosts for this year were Eric Tsang, Lawrence Cheng, and Bobby Au Yeung. The year that it started to deteriorate. Trust me, the hairstyles the contestants were wearing at the beginning were enough to turn everyone off. The stylists should be fired. Even if the contestants weren’t that pretty, the make-up artists and the stylists made it even worse. It was hard to swallow and took a lot of energy to continue watching. Jacky was one of the judges so it was something to look forward to. NOT to mention we would get to see him perform later. (Gallen Lo was also among the judges.) Must agree with the result that #6 was the best among the first group since her answer was the strongest. I swear I don’t know what half of them were saying. Worth millions of yawns. I was waiting for the questioning parts to be over so I could listen to some of the songs, lol. Eric was the hardest, Lawrence was minimal, and Bobby was the easiest. The short version? If one couldn’t pass Bobby, one don’t deserve to be there. Eric’s comment regarding the quality of beauty that year! LOL! I must agree though. #13 – don’t like her but must admit she was the smoothest among all the second group who answered. #14 was WAY off topic. She was so stuck up that I didn’t pity her at all when Lawrence was picking on her. #17 was standing at the wrong place! LOL! #20 got killed by Lawrence! My gosh! Eric was so funny! He said if he was #20, he wouldn’ve slapped Lawrence already! LOL! #19 won for that group with the best answer. Agreed since Anne got creamed major time!

They moved on, but Eric and Lawrence were trapping Bobby with questions! LOL! Okay, entertainment part. Sort of since this year, they had to use some of their artists. The girls were divided into four groups. Michael Tse performed with the first group and then the contestants had to talk about different strengths of Hong Kong. The first group talked about the economy of Hong Kong and their experiences. The second group performed with Halina Tam. (I don’t recognize her. Strange…) The second group of contestants talked about toys and their personal experiences. Eason Chan was leading the 3rd group. This group talked about electronics. Hawick Lau wrapped up the performances with the 4th group. The last group talked about jewelry. This was definitely a sign of TVB using artists internally and not being able to invite outside guests as much anymore. (OR at least they were trying to cut back on inviting mega-stars, LOL.)

Anne Heung won over the contestants with the last performance. Not a surprise since she seemed to shine out the most among all the contestants–regardless of the horrendous make-up and styling. Anyway, it was funny that Lawrence said Jacky was the best ’cause he didn’t wait for Lawrence to open the envelope. (LOL!) Jacky was the most courteous all right.

The contestants were then changed into different outfits designed by four famous designers and was led by four different gentlemen. Ben Wong led the first group! (I almost forgot that one!) Marco Ngai led the 3rd group. Anne won again for this round.

Okay, live performances aka pre-recorded stuffs that they traveled to different places. Who performed during these scenes? Edmond Leung, Mariam Yeung, and Nicholas Tse. The girls looked better in these scenes. Probably because the horrendous hairstyle was gone already. And the performers were brought on stage.

Eric was trying to sneak into the judges’ panel and pry the answers out of their mouths! LOL! Nancy Sit was telling Jacky to keep quiet! Hilarious! At least there was something to look forward to.

By this time, I’m not surprised that Anne keeps winning. New method to know who got in. I guess they needed something to create some hype for the show. Each of the hosts led a contestant one at a time and had them placed their ticket into the machine. They either got a ‘Welcome’ or a ‘Sorry’. Eric = sure win, Lawrence = NO WAY, Bobby = mixed. (Well, only 1 slipped with Eric’s guidance, LOL. Good enough! Lawrence got one in, lol. Poor Lawrence. YET #14 got in. Darn! Why didn’t Lawrence jinx her too? She was seriously stuck up!) Eric was so smart, he led Anne since she had been winning so it was easy to say, “If you lose, I won’t host the pageant anymore.”

The second part’s theme was International. The best part was having Jacky opened the performance. What could go wrong, right? Something else that was encouraging–they got rid of that weird hairstyle at the beginning. That was horrendous all right. After the contestants told us about their supposedly ‘goal/wish’, Jacky came out to wrap up the performance once again.

Natalis Chan replaced Bobby Au Yeung and Philip replaced Lawrence in this part. Great to have Philip back! (Eric even welcomed Philip back personally.) After the brief talk, Jacky was back with his hit song “頭髮亂了”.

They ended up doing the theme with different continents. And Africa was first. Ekin Cheng performed first. The contestants looked slightly better in these types of customes but still…some couldn’t even change my opinion regardless. Like the next part more. Eric was trying to talk and then he spotted Natalis and Philip filling out the forms, saying stuffs about him, LOL. They said it was only a sample! (LOL!)

Asia was the next stop after the random talk. Pretty cool since the contestants were in various oriental outfits. Definitely TVB’s attempt to recruit new artists since they were tested with the voice among other things. Andy Hui was the main singer for this one. He had to change into several outfits, considering it was relevant for different regions of Asia.

They moved onto the swimsuit part and like usual, they would squeeze in the questioning part. #1 seriously got straight to the point. She was definitely jealous of Anne, wanting Anne to disappear. Eric got her big time all right, exposing her intention and all. #6 got guts. Man, I can’t believe she would resort to those methods. Okay, it was getting worse and worse. One of the contestants didn’t even get what Eric was saying. They need to filter out these people. Not understanding the language fully and participating? Seriously? (I know I can’t have a say but probably any country would want someone who is fluent in their language.) Man, I love Eric’s mocking and Philip’s constant stabs. Philip hasn’t lost it at all. In fact, he was entertaining the audience more than the contestant could ever impress with the answers. By the time it got to #17, though her answer should be consider minimal, but I thought she was the best thus far, not stepping past the lines. Yay! Agree that #17 should get the prize since she has the best answer. Anne was all right but #17 had to think more to word it correctly and/or appropriately.

Of course it wouldn’t be the same without a skit from Eric and Natalis. Almost forgot that Jordan Chan was also in this one. Cool! Once again, the  girls look better during the shoot for the scenes outside. Not sure what happened. (Some of them still look so-so but most of them somehow look less unattractive.) Funny that he was dreaming! LOL!

Another highlight of the show (though most of the performances from the guests were great) was the part where Andy was portraying the prince who was in love with his servant. (The servant was of course portrayed by the previous Miss Hong Kong since it was like tradition to have the previous Miss Hong Kong participate in some scene and/or story.) A nice and cute story. (It would’ve been perfect if #14 wasn’t hugging the camera so much! Gosh, get a grip girl!)

Eric, Philip, and Natalis were back at backstabbing each other. They’re a riot. Moving on (again…), the contestants got to show their talents in different sports. (Sort of like Olympics theme.)

Seriously? #14 is Miss Goodwill? Honestly? Seriously? She looked like she wanted to challenge half of the world. But I guess it passed already and nothing happened so never mind. Doesn’t matter anymore. At least she wasn’t in top 5.

I so forget that Aaron and Sammi were also in here! Seriously? How could I forget? But I guess it was kind of long… Another cool performance.

Umm…before they announced the top #5, Anne managed to snatch another award! AND of course #1 must be even more jealous and feeling beyond threatened by now.

Top 5 (as announced): #9, #20, #19, #6, #17

The funniest part and probably tough–since they had to answer to the criticisms written on the forms.

#6 – Darn…she dived right out of that one…

#9 – She managed fine BUT I must agree regarding how it was a pageant after all.

#17 – Cute! LOL!

#19 – She managed all right. So funny! Eric’s so funny. At least she didn’t insult anyone.

#20 – Smart!

Yay! It wouldn’t be the same without Jacky closing the show up.

The results were too obvious. Though I prefer #17 to have one of the spots BUT I guess it wasn’t too bad.

The Spirit of the Sword

Thoughts? It was good enough.

Like Factors:

  • Nicholas Tse as Hu Yan Da Zang. I really liked the character Da Zang. He seemed to be cold-blooded and ruthless through his actions at the beginning of the series. However, he’s the most honest among all the others stating his motives from the start. He’s not like some other pretentious heroic figures in here. Acting wise, I think Nic did a great job. Even if he’s not the best out there, but I think that he passed for this series. I’m not much of a Nicholas Tse fan but for some reason I feel that he was robbed in this series. Honestly, the majority of the cast has more screen time than him and Gillian. That’s just too strange. Yes, there are scenes of him when he first appears and all, but after that, it seems to be less and less of him appearing somewhat in the middle and then near the end.
  • Gillian Chung as Zhu Er. As I mentioned before, I usually like the strong and skillful female characters more than the weaklings, but I really like the character Zhu Er in here. She’s very innocent and lively at the beginning of the story. Then she accidentally discovers her father’s secret and her life becomes so much more complicated. She suffers a lot and is forced to mature at such a young age. Gillian’s is a bit rusty at the beginning with her character transition but she picks it up as the series goes and really makes up for the rest of the series. Her portrayal of Zhu Er makes me feel sorry for her yet it’s not forced or over-done at all. Zhu Er has gone through so much but she becomes so much stronger later on. (There are various schemes where she’s overly worried for Da Zang but that’s understandable. She’s not whiny at all so I really admire her for that.)
  • Patrick Tam as Zi Yi Hou/ Hou Feng. Although he’s not the most perfect character in here, he is a very interesting character. It is actually the mixture of good and bad that makes his character more real than any heroic figures in the other stories. He knows he’d done wrong in the past and knows that he will have to face it one day. He doesn’t hide from his past. There are delays of it, but because of other more crucial matters that they need to take care of before that. Do I still question Patrick’s acting? No. He’s good as always. He’s very convincing with how he portrayed his character.
  • Zhou Li as Bai Yan Zhu. Although I have mixed feelings for her throughout the series but I must admit that I like the complexity of her character also as an overall. She’s stubborn and persistent in what she does the majority of the time but she does have compassion for the people around her. She could be rash or ruthless at times, but she still knows her limits. She’s not a perfect mother but she does whatever she could to protect her sons. No complaints about Zhou Li’s acting either.
  • Qiao Zhen Yu as Fang Bao Yu. I might not like Bao Yu at various points of the story, but I do like his character as an overall. It’s great to know that he does eventually learn the skills to protect himself and matures along with the experiences he acquired from there on out. I think that Qiao Zhen Yu’s acting is really good since he managed to make me hate him at various points of the story for being so annoying and also to pity him because of all the burdens landing on his shoulders near the end.
  • The other characters. Interestingly, the majority of the bad guys in here somehow realizes their wrong near the end and tries to make up for past failures. It somewhat highlights the idea of forgiveness. Moreover, it reminds us that a person won’t just continue down a path forever. They could turn back like in the casees of Bai San Kong and Wang Dian. Whether they deserve to be forgiven or not is debatable but it isn’t clear cut like that with “black” and “white”, but there are gray areas as well.
  • The friendship/ brotherhood between Da Zang & Bao Yu. Yes, they’ve been enemies for the majority of the series ’cause of revenge and conflicts of interest. (And possibly love rivals at one point as well.) But I like it that they have this unsaid appreciation for each other as friends during the last few episodes of the series. It shows their great companionship while investigating and attempting to save Ben Yue. It sheds some light and paves the way for them to become friends first before dropping the big news on them – aka they’re brothers. The last scene where they finally fight side-by-side as brothers and Bao Yu actually says that he knows that Da Zang won’t abandon him in the final battle is nicely done since they’ve reached an understanding of one another – both as friends and brothers. (I actually enjoy the scenes where they’re competing to see who carries more water, etc. It was quite hilarious to watch.)


  • The ongoing struggle between Mu Lang Shen Jun and Princess Tuo Chen. I know that there are great conflicts going on between the two after Princess Tuo Chen finds out about Mu Lang’s truth self, but dragging it on for the rest of the series makes it so lame and unnecessary. Yes, there’s a deep love between them that is hard for either one to let go but emphasizing it the first several times is fine. After that once too many times is just unbearable.
  • The misunderstandings between Bao Yu and Ben Yue. I know it’s really important and I get why Ben Yue couldn’t forgive Bao Yu for it but the dragginess of it made the story so slow.
  • Hairdos & Customes. It’s strange with how they did the hairstyle for Zhu Er/ Gillian near the end of the series. It’s just too weird. And I think the only person who could pull off the one earring piece is Ady An in Chinese Paladin. (They should’ve at least made the earring smaller for Annie ’cause it looks really disturbing more than create a stylish effect.) Another complaint is the hat piece that they did for Gillian at the beginning of the story is too modernized–not to mention the outfit. Lucky she’s not wearing that anymore later on. However, the hat got transferred to Annie’s character or something. It’s not as strange but I thought it’s still too modernized.

The first two factors above are actually the major reasons why Da Zang and Zhu Er has less shared screen time. It’s like they were so robbed as a couple because of other side stories. I actually enjoy watching Zi Yi Hou and Bai Yan Zhu more than those other two couples.


  • Da Zang & Zhu Er (Nic & Gillian). They’re my favorite couple in this series (of course) because of how they were brought together and how they learned to appreciate each other’s company. It could be said as the typical hero with the weakling – as I like to put it. But it wasn’t typical at all in how they met and wasn’t as fond of each other at first because of how weird Da Zang seemed to Zhu Er. However, she’s a smart and considerate person, not to mention observant too so she came to understand him more. He also learned to loosen up with her around. They were randomly tossed together because of a misunderstanding but clanged onto each other later for support throughout the series. They actually complement each other really well.
  • Hou Feng & Bai Yan Zhu (Patrick & Zhou Li). If it’s being broken down and analyze more closely, it’s very messed up with them. However, I think that it would be safe to say that she actually loves him–even if it’s 20 years late. She’s touched by what he’d done for her–always helping her and waiting for her, etc. (After all, she was forced to marry Bao Yu’s father in the first place and never really loved him since she was still thinking of Da Zang’s father the whole time.) It’s really complex with them to clearly say who’s really right or wrong. It’s really subtle at the very end whether they end up or not–probably did. But it’s acceptable in a sense that they still maintain their companionship.
  • Bao Yu & Ben Yue (Qiao Zhen Yu & Yang Rui). They’re not my favorite couple at all but I actually like how they grow and mature–eventually as they went through obstacles. However, I have to say that it gets annoying at times, more Bao Yu’s fault near the end of the series with how he can’t make up his mind who to be with, etc. Yes, it’s trying to show his responsibility for Zhu Er as a friend but it gets annoying ’cause he apparently said that he cares for Zhu Er more than that during that one time that Ben Yue walked in on them. So how in the world should Ben Yue react? Anyway, they’re all right together since I don’t think I could find my favorite pairing for QZY yet.
  • Mu Lang & Tuo Chen (ZHF & Annie). It’s funny that I actually like how their friendship was developed at the beginning of the series. Their companionship eventually turning into love, etc with their understanding of one another. Maybe it was because of their deep feelings for each other that actually lead to such tragic ending. As I mentioned before, they’re the other reason why Da Zang and Zhu Er get less screen time near the end. It got really repetitive and annoying. But maybe it was how they keep stressing how much they love each other and can’t live without each other that pave the way for the outcome, which was totally unexpected. He never seen it coming. Character-wise, not bad at all as a couple. Off-screen, freaky. Maybe it’s because he looks older than his actual age so it makes her look younger than him (plus the amount of make-up used on her).

It’s a decent series overall. (The ‘good’ comment at the beginning is my personal opinion but to compare with other serials, it’s considered decent.) It’s not one of the best serials ever made, but comparing to TVB ancient serials, I say this is one of the better ones nowadays. (Somehow I can’t feel the mood for the ones by TVB anymore. It’s just too cheesy and forced.) This one was more daring yet didn’t seem fake with making it tragic but that was just how things turned out to be. (TVB tries too hard to teach us lessons that it tends to get cheesy with their ancient serials nowadays. ATV makes better ones but they rarely make ’em anymore.)

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