Year 2014 in Recap

You know what? I’m beginning to feel like the year in review from WordPress doesn’t even justify my accomplishments, especially this past year. So I decided to go all out on the rebellion and make my own post. It might not look as glamorous as WordPress’s version but at least it doesn’t make me look that lazy, lol.

Starting off with some general stats.

Total Posts in 2014: 139 – Yes, posts ONLY. But the number would have gone up if I counted the pages since I usually use ‘pages’ for fanfic updates, except if it’s a one-shot.
January: 19
February: 16
March: 13
April: 14
May: 6
June: 12
July: 8
August: 10
September: 7
October: 9
November: 8
December: 17

Times Updated on People on the Poll: 63 – Looking at the breakdown, it goes to show that I update on whoever I feel like, not having to do with the who is leading the polls, etc. It’s nothing new, it’s like what I said before. It’s not that I placed in the poll just for kicks or just messing with people. But it’s more like I was curious (like I mentioned in the past already) and try not to put myself on pressure as to update according to votes. What I do feel bad about is not updating on Vic and Janine or Nic more like I should have.
Wallace Huo: 8
Ady An: 1
Hu Ge: 1
Vic Chou: 4
Joanne Tseng: 4
Janine Chang: 2
Angela Chang: 1
Xiu Jie Kai: 1
Nicholas Teo: 1
Yvonne Yao: 3
Zhao Jun Ya: 16
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: 5
Sophia Chou: 3
Van Fan: 1
Eric Suen: 3
Penny Lin: 3
Jacky Chu: 10
Bianca Bai: 1

Music Reviews: 13 – Not bad, right? I managed to empty the majority of the list I had up. So it’s something to celebrate here.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries: 22 episodes and 6 reviews – I could have done better here but still not too bad.

Fan Fiction: It has been a sad case here since I don’t know when. But I really do apologize for all those waiting for certain stories that have been lagging for the past few years now. It’s just that I didn’t find inspiration to do work with it and didn’t want to end up ruining it more than I already did.

  • Slanted Thoughts 2
  • The Dating Game 45 – Mad progress on this saga, right? Sadly, it could only be said for this one, lol.

Songs Translations: 12 – Hey, it’s a record here! I’m serious! Translations are hard! It’s harder for my case since I’m still learning in some areas.

Chinese: 9

Vietnamese: 3

Side Updates: 41 posts – YUP, these have been occupying my time as well. At times, I cheated and posted pictures only, but I swear, some of them were kind of too secretive to talk about. Or some were adaptations that I hadn’t read about yet.

  • Fu Rong Jin: 5 – It’s going to show like next year, right?
  • Favorite Scenes Saga: 1 post, but I did have a lot to work on so it wasn’t like I was slacking on purpose
  • Worth Watching Saga: Managed to publish all 3 I have in the background for the recommendation posts. Plan to launch another one this upcoming year.
  • Seasons in the Sun: 5
  • Love Knows No Distance: 2
  • Gold Pretty Girl/Dan Shen You Yue: 3 – Seriously, been waiting for this to air.
  • Dong Jiang Heroes: 6
  • Never Ending Love: 2
  • Royal Tramp/ The Deer and the Cauldron 2014: 4
  • Yuan Yue Wan Dao: 1 – Seriously, when is this airing?
  • Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013: 4
  • Throwback Thursday Saga: 3
  • Reasons to Stay Positive Saga: 2

What do I want to focus on for this next coming year? More on Couples posts and pages. Not to mention the “Special Profiles” pages that I had suddenly abandoned. There’s also the “All About” saga that I halted all of a sudden as well. So are these my New Year resolutions? No. I seriously don’t want to force myself into that, considering how this is just a blog to share all the randomness that I like. So putting pressure on that would lose the purpose of the blog itself even more. I’m just bringing it up because I want to say I’m not abandoning those completely yet. Although what I would want more is to finally finish some fanfics that I have been lagging since whenever. Wouldn’t that be something?

All right, have a great year next year, everyone! Happy blogging or stalking if you don’t blog! (LOL) See you next year for another random update of the wrap-up from me!

The Story of Billy

This album was inspired by The Minds of Billy Milligan, who supposedly have 24 personalities living inside him. (I haven’t read the book so don’t know much more than the few vague descriptions here and there.) Anyway? What about the album? Mixed feelings throughout.


1. The Story of Billy (24個比利). Let’s just say it does live up to the craziness/madness of the theme.

2. Live Broadcast (現場直播). I like this song ten times more than the last song. Yes, sad (and mean), but it’s just me.

3. What Can I Do. Surprised. But I really like this song. Sad, but because of the arrangement, it wasn’t as pitiful. Just sad and easy to sympathize with.

4. Forgotten Embrace (忘記擁抱). Another nice song. Sad and mellow.

5. Give Strength (給力). Upbeat and powerful. It’s actually quite catchy. It gets addicting after a while.

6. Release Oneself (釋放自己). Another upbeat and catchy song.

7. Glorious Advancement Song (華麗進行曲). This song is even more catchy than the last one. Maybe it was because I listened to him performed before getting the album so this song kind of grew on me faster than some others in here. What this song did was incorporating one of the old songs into it as well so it sort of merged and just plain hook us along.

8. Don’t Want To Wake Up (不想醒來). Another soft, nice song. I actually quite like the mix of the song.

9. That Day (那一天). Somewhat upbeat and catchy.

10. Exclusively Belonging To You (專屬於你). This song reminds me of one of his past songs. Perhaps it was continuing some story from it, like how it was for some other songs too.

11. Baby Tonight. All in English, unlike how it was mixed or some phrases only like the other songs. This is the English version of track 8.

12. The Story of Billy (24個比利) Remix. Usually, I don’t like remixes, but for some reason, I like it more than the original version. Strange. Very strange indeed.


OMG, I seriously underestimated the album after just listening to the songs only. Well, I did like the majority of the songs, but when watching the MV portion, it totally blew me away. It wasn’t just one MV to the next (but could also stand alone on their own), but was like one continuous story, connecting to one another in such a sequence. Well, it was true for the first MV merging its way into the second MV. The artistic approach was nicely done. The transitions were nicely done.

1. Don’t Want To Wake Up (不想醒來). The MV was fine on its own with the sad theme and story. It really tugged at the heart.

2. The Story of Billy (24個比利): Dramatic Version (劇情版). I honestly think that this song was meant to watch and not just listen on its own. Because it was perfectly executed with the artistic approach, especially the imagery used. Totally awesome. So maddening and confusing, just like the theme of the song.

3. The Story of Billy (24個比利): Dance Version  (舞蹈版). Just like its title, it’s the dance version. The whole MV focuses on the dance steps only, not the other parts of the story. Yet it wasn’t any less crazy, keeping true to the theme of the song.

4. Glorious Advancement Song (華麗進行曲). Truly playful and nicely done with the classic feeling of the era and the jazzy feeling. A very witty feeling to the overall atmosphere. Not to mention Blue J’s special appearance by the piano. That was cute. Brilliant indeed. And the ending was so cute and funny. Then the narrator clarified it for us that that was how Daddy Pan and Mommy Pan met! LOL! Then the bloopers. Nice touch to finish up the uplifting song and atmosphere.

5. Forgotten Embrace (忘記擁抱). Nice MV. Tragic theme, but still nice. It reminded me of those MVs made in the ’90s. (NOT a bad thing, lol.) It brought back a sense of the past in a way. Tiffany Hsu was the guest star for this MV.

6. Exclusively Belonging To You (專屬於你). Back to upbeat song. Dou Hua Mei appeared as the guest star here, portraying the girl at the cash register. I was surprised but nice to see her in the MV. It was soooo cute with their collaboration. Cute poses and then eventually meeting up at the movies. Got scolded by the people who were trying to watch, lol. Now I want to see a drama where they star in together! LOL! YUP, asking for too much. Oh well, one can dream. Anyway, back to this MV, truly uplifting and fun. Not to mention cute. But I think I used ‘cute’ too many times already, lol.

Overall feeling? I was surprised. I think the MVs sort of turned it around for me. I meant I like the majority of the songs in here (like said before). But then was a bit disappointed at the song responsible for the title of the album. However, the MVs totally saved it. Great album with its artistic approach.

*Images were scanned by DTLCT