The Greatness of a Hero (盛世仁傑)

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Another TVB mistake in warehousing a series. But I think I could understand this time because of the possibility of the complex language used in ancient series versus the modernized language we’re all used to. This was surprisingly good from the beginning to the end–even when there were hints of frustrations from several characters.

Like Factor(s):

  • The cast. I was doubtful if it was going to work and was one of the reasons why I did not watch this when it first came out. But I was glad I did since the cast worked together really well. There were roles that you thought not possible but it was nice to see the collaboration.
  • Kent Cheng and Sonija Kwok as Dik Yan Kit and Cho Yuet. It was very strange that they were actually my favorite couple in here. Maybe because their relationship was on a more mature level than the rest of the couples in here. It was also possibly because of his age and her responsibilities for the family. However, they complemented each other really well despite the age difference. Their story was touching and memorable. At first, I thought it was the pity thing that he took her in and somehow married her later. But it was not that. There was an actual indication that when his wife passed away, she matched-made them, saying that they shouldn’t hold back and lose the opportunity. It showed they must have grown to admire each other for their personalities instead of just the whole ‘pity for her’ factor or ‘repaying his gratitude’ element.
  • The Dik’s family. I liked how they got along with one another with support and care for the majority of the series. And it was a bit unrealistic that everyone treated Cho Yuet so well but they probably wanted to portray the loyal family with the well-behaved children, plus an understanding mother-in-law who could sympathize with the daughter-in-law’s past and would not pick on Cho Yuet in unreasonable manners–although she admitted that she was hesitant of their marriage at first.
  • Sunny Chan and Bernice Liu as Sung Ting Yuk and Dik Ching Lyun. This was the second time I saw their collaboration and it was not bad at all. Liked their scenes for the most part.
  • Wayne as the villain. Okay, I usually do not like seeing my favorite actors as villains, but Wayne is an exception since it’s a good reminder that he isn’t just portraying all these silly guy roles. He was so convincing as the evil guy.

Dislike Factor(s):

  • The costumes/ hairstyles. I know they probably tried their best with the colorful outfits and the sophisticated hairstyles and trying to make everything worked, but it looked so bulky with the hairstyles that it was a bit disturbing. It made me feel sorry for those people wearing such thick hair pieces, especially the female cast in here.

Anyway, it was a good series overall. It was not the best but because it wasn’t trying to be cheesy that made it more likable on different levels.

*The funniest thing was I was watching it about the same time as The Threshold of a Persona so I was thinking ‘same cast’ and it added to the craziness of watching both of that and A Great Way to Care at the same time.

Posted: August 8, 2009

Re-posted: Sunday, March 28th, 2010

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3 thoughts on “The Greatness of a Hero (盛世仁傑)

  1. llwy12 says:

    OMG…You totally read my mind on this one! Those were the EXACT same thoughts I had about the series! I loved Kent and Sonjia as a couple in the series and like you, I was totally surprised that this would be the case — but they had such great chemistry and were so convincing that you actual feel for them. I’ve never been a fan of Sonjia’s, but I actually got teary-eyed when she died in the series.
    And my award for best family chemistry definitely goes to the Dik Family. It’s amazing that the whole family treats Sonjia so well (considering she is the “step” mother) — and it’s done in a way where it’s not cheesy and you truly sense that they are a loving family.
    I agree with the Sunny / Bernice pairing. I actually saw them first in “Slicing of the Demon” and liked them as a couple in that series, so when I saw them in this one, I was already comfortable with it.
    And Wayne — what can I say? One of the best actors of this generation…his evil character was done so well and so convincing that there were several parts where I just wanted to kill him myself!
    Lastly, had to mention the themesong — I really took to the themesong because it fit the series so perfectly and the tune is very catchy — it has that “grandness” to it that is fitting of the series. I got so obsessed with the song that I started searching all over to find out after I finished the series. :0)

  2. DTLCT says:

    I didn’t realize I could read minds, but okay! LOL! Like I said before, I was really surprised that I like this series too. But it was like ‘wow’ after such a long time seeing some of the ancient TVB ones, so yea. And yea, I know what you mean. I managed to watch some of those old Sonija series and it was a really, really sad to watch her (aka her performance was terrible) but now, I think she had gone a long way and do better in recent ones. (Though of course still need more work here and there. I just want to give her proper credit for actually improving thus far.)

    I first saw Sunny and Bernice in Slicing of the Demons too. Loved them in there as well.

    You wanted to kill Wayne yourself? LOL! I guess he’s that good. But I agreed. He was really convincing with looking all cunning. The scenes where he was all smiling to his wife (but actually trying to poison her at the same time with her servant’s help) sent chills down my back! He was that creepy and I must love Wayne for doing so well in this role. (But then again, have he ever failed to deliver, right?)

    The themesong – My lack in Canto is a sad case, which you already know. But since you love it, I’m sure it must be really moving and suitable for the series as an overall.


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