The New World: Choreography

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So as I was wondering where in the world Tender Huang was since I obviously saw him in some of the pictures released by the production team. After scorching around to see who else they had for the cast list, not even the official site have his information. It wasn’t until I finally read the article posted on their Facebook page that I finally understand.

Tender Huang’s actually the choreographer for the drama. He has a Wushu background, so Director Huang Zhi Xiang sought him out for help. Since they did collaborate in Xiao Hai Da Ren, I didn’t think it was too hard to work together again, considering how successful that drama was.

Indeed, it was another successful collaboration, even if Tender was only part of the behind the scenes team.

On another note, I was checking around for more trailers, lol. Yes, I greedily do that although they did release like many trailers already. Anyway, I didn’t find much except for some repeat scenes. But finally got to watch the segment of their blessing ceremony that they held before filming that someone posted.

It was really fun to watch and get to know the cast more–if you didn’t know about them already. Well, bits and pieces here and there, but you notice stuff. Chen Wen Shan was the host.

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