The New World: The Mole

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I actually wanted to blog about this way before the question was posted on their Facebook page. But haven’t gotten around to it yet. The mystery was already posed in the trailers as to whom was the mole. Yet it hadn’t been asked on the page. So here I am answering it now. Who would the mole be? The one who called Zhang Guo Tang back?

Lin Zi Yan (林紫嫣). She had said in episode 3 that it seemed like Zhang Guo Tang was always one step ahead of them. Then in the previews for episode 4, she told Dong Han that she suspected that there was a mole among them. Dong Han told her not to jump to conclusions, considering how it was a serious matter. It was later seen that she confronted Chen Jie and received a slap from him after asking him what he was benefiting from Zhang Guo Tang. Dong Han lunged at Chen Jie for the attack (and in one of the earlier trailers, Zi Yan had stopped Dong Han in time before he could hit Chen Jie). Was that proving that she wasn’t the mole or was that a cover-up? It could also be that she was trying to stir things up among the group to get them fighting and tearing each other apart while she got to walk away with nothing more than a slap.

Zhao Ji Gang (趙紀綱) aka Ah Gang (阿綱). At first, he was seen as part of the group with ganging up on Zi Yan. However, later when they found out Zi Yan was right in her theory, he jokingly mocked Xiao He and even complimented Zi Yan on her instinct. He has a somewhat rogue appearance yet seemed harmless after they got to know him better. Yet that didn’t mean he was less suspicious at other times. At the supermarket where Zhang Guo Tang had a meetup with his former henchman, it seemed like he was trying hard not to get caught while spying on the other guy. That made sense with his cautious steps. But it seemed like a few snapshots here and there. It didn’t dismiss his suspicious behaviors seen at times.

Chen Jie (陳杰). The trailers and previews made him look very suspicious as the mole. Not to mention how he would be slapping Zi Yan later and getting all the repercussions for it. His fierce reactions and his defensiveness also made him hard to sympathize with. Yet did those things mark him for good and let the others off? He seemed to react even stronger with objecting to Dong Han’s idea of investigating the accident that took place twenty years ago. Was it because of his involvement and a possible link with Zhang Guo Tang? Or was that just another round of defensiveness sparking up because he felt threatened with his leadership role? In another trailer, Dong Han had said that he believed Chen Jie wasn’t the mole, but Chen Jie didn’t believe Dong Han. Because according to Dong Han, Chen Jie suspected him (Dong Han) as the mole.

Liu Dong Han (劉東瀚). Very cool and very righteous as seen various times throughout his appearance so far. Yet he was seen smiling at times also. It wasn’t that he was too cold or too hard to get along with. He just reacted to how others treated him or felt he needed to interfere because of a sense of injustice surrounding those matters. Still, an undeniable aura of mystery surrounded him even up to this point. He seemed to have a gripe with Jiang Jian Ming or the Jiang family in general. If he had a personal gripe with them, it could possibly explain why he was so hostile toward Jiang Ming Yue that one time when they came to the Luo resident to pick up Yong Mei. And it more than explained his reason for bringing Zhang Guo Tang back to confront Jiang Jian Ming.

He Zhen Fei (何振飛) aka Xiao He (小何). Various fans had commented on the page that it could not possibly be Xiao He. However, one shouldn’t forget that Ah Ben looked harmless and geeky for the role, not the character itself. Xiao He might seem awkward and at times defensive that Zi Yan had trudge over his territory, but he might not be that harmless as others seen because of Ah Ben portraying the role. He was a computer genius after all. He couldn’t be that simple. Maybe he might be creepy inside. Or hiding some secrets. Like usually the mole is the secretive, often easily looked past person because they didn’t look suspicious enough.

Zheng Hui Min (鄭惠民). His ability to use extreme measures during special situations was seen in episode 3. He wasn’t so weak like the Jiang seen to disregard at times. Well, if he wasn’t able to carry out his duties, he wouldn’t be a chief. He wasn’t all that fierce with them either but had told them to be extra careful and never let them lose face again after that one incident with getting a scolding marathon from Jiang Ming Yue. And oh yeah, he managed to track down all the top police officers and placed them together in a team for it to be called a special team. So he meant serious business.

But according to what Zhang Guo Tang said (正義歸你, 錢歸我), it seemed to eliminate some of the suspects. It wasn’t like the others were less righteous than the rest. But up to this point, some seemed to be leaning stronger on it. Chief Zheng had to be on top of the list on this, considering how he had some things to prove. Dong Han wanted to reopen the case of the accident of twenty years ago and exhaust their leads. He wasn’t backing down because Chen Jie said so. He was willing to fight Chen Jie for it–or so it seemed with the intensity of the situation at the end of episode 3. Zi Yan was indeed quite smart and underestimated by some of the guys earlier, but proved her capabilities soon after. However, if she was the mole, would she help them actively to track down Zhang Guo Tang like that? Or was that a clever way to throw suspicion off of her? Chen Jie and Ah Gang could be wanting something else, but not justice. They needed to prove something as well, but it didn’t seem to be justice at this point. Or it might as well be Chen Jie all along–because he knew where Zhang Guo Tang was hence not allowing Zi Yan to check that one area and then fiercely not allowing Dong Han to investigate anymore about the past case. So, who?

*The first image was from The New World’s Official Facebook Page, the rest were captured by DTLCT.

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