True Love 365: Episode 2

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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This episode continued at “Happiness Began”. Bi Ting was presenting some of the wedding arrangement ideas to two clients while Xiao Q mopped nearby. Unsure of what was going on, Bi Ting wanted to steer the clients away from Xiao Q’s bizarre behavior. Yet it was all in vain because Xiao Q ended up chasing the clients away with her strange talk. Bi Ting’s career was already hanging on a thread. So how could she dive out of this situation without hurting Xiao Q’s feelings? But it was hard to blame Xiao Q for being so overly emotional. A loved one just died. How was she supposed to just put a plug on her emotion like that?

So at Mao Ba’s memorial ceremony, Bi Ting once again bumped into Yu Xiang. (If one hasn’t noticed yet, Mao Ba was actually Xiao Q’s cat, NOT a real person. But he still deserved a good send away.) Yu Xiang was really so full of himself, thinking that Bi Ting was in love with him. Yet it seemed like he was the one in love with her since he couldn’t stop smiling even after she left.

Meanwhile, on the Tian Cheng front, we sort of got why Xiao Die didn’t like her father as much. Or seemed to exude indifference in front of him. Honestly, he kept making excuses to go places–whether regarding business or not, abandoning her for others to look after. Lucky it was grandma and grandpa this time. What about previous times?

Back at the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting encounters, they just have to meet like that. She almost got run over by him upon rushing out of her apartment and attempting to chase after her mother. Instead of irrationally running like that, she had an alternative. She ordered Yu Xiang to give her a ride to the bus station, interfering with her mother’s bus. What was even more hilarious was after exiting, she even told him to wait there for her. A car chase ensued as Bi Ting found out she was too late to stop her mother at the gate. Yu Xiang had no choice but to follow her instructions, which was strange because, given his past records, he wouldn’t cave in so easily. Or was it because he didn’t want to question her sanity anymore after hearing the word ‘mom’? Despite all the craziness Yu Xiang got himself into during the chase, was he reconsidering Bi Ting’s character in general after witnessing such a touching scene between mother and daughter? (And no, he wasn’t a bit touched by the whole incident because he managed to charge all the fees for the night’s trip.)

The random talk between the men versus women’s side, it seemed like both Jun Jie and Shu Xin were quoting Meng Zi at one point or another. They might be a match instead of how the initial details had projected with Yu Xiang and Shu Xin getting along because they had some similar interests. Though Shu Xin did enjoy the talk with Yu Xiang but it was already established from the previous episode that she was interested in Jun Jie. But that was so sad with how the guys lose so badly to the other side.

And while the two sides were talking about randomly and enjoying their leisure time, Bi Ting was out and about doing errands, mostly laundry at first and then griping over Yu Xiang’s matter for the other parts of the day. She was indeed unlucky after having met him. How was she supposed to survive for the rest of the month now? Noodles were becoming her best friend now. At least there was still Xiao Q coming over to cheer her up, temporarily. Xiao Q was actually making a trip over to play Cupid, trying to introduce her cousin to Bi Ting. Bi Ting, of course, rejected the offer yet agreed later on after learning of the guy’s occupation. No, she wasn’t trying to latch onto him because of his wealth, more like his connections.

on Jun Jie’s front, he managed to run into Shu Xin while he was at Subway, trying to get some food before heading back to work. The other thing was, he was troubled by the new architectural structure and how he had built the model. Because one of the ladies at work had mentioned something about its layout that had caused him to realize something was definitely missing. The funniest thing was, he managed to solve the problem from a leaf that was caught in Shu Xin’s hair. His discovery with the leaf with holes and its projection of sunlight through the leaf had gotten him so excited that he had kissed Shu Xin on the forehead to thank her. Running back to work, not able to wait, he was unaware of what he just did. Shu Xin was more than shocked by his sudden gesture. Yet she was happy, right? That was also the end of the episode.

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