True Love 365: Episode 6

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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As Yu Xiang left Shu Xin’s place celebrating inside that Shu Xin like him just based upon her rejection in going to dinner with Jun Jie, Jun Jie finally got the call back from Xue Ming (his supposedly best buddy). Xue Ming, like some of us might have predicted already, had run off with the money. It was hard not to when Jun Jie entrusted that much to him. And while those things were going on, Bi Ting was still home fretting over the stolen kiss. And on even more tangent matters, Uncle Bo Wen was sabotaged by Tian Cheng once again when he was planning his romantic night with his ‘beauty’.

Yet whatever other conflicts have to step aside for Bi Ting’s face-off with Shen Xin Ru the next day. Apparently, Yu Xiang had told Shen Xin Ru it didn’t matter if she was good or bad at her job, he would put in a good word for her anyway because he had known Bi Ting in the past already. Contrary to Shen Xin Ru’s previous nervousness, she went all out on showing arrogance in front of Bi Ting as Bi Ting just got back from a meeting with one of their clients. It was also around then that Xiao Q rushed to apologize to Bi Ting about her assumptions that Jun Jie was the secret client. SO it was more than confusing to Bi Ting that Xiao Q was so apologetic and her choice of words. It wasn’t until Yu Xiang stepped out and clarified the situation that Bi Ting realized her fate was doom–as regarding the potential promotion. Not only that, but he also vouched for revenge when they were in the conference together. (Seriously, I wonder how in the world they’re going to get together in the future if this persists. I’m so sick and tired of waiting for the last minute to see them together like some other dramas. AND then they would end up not getting much screen time together as a couple.)

On Jun Jie’s front, Jun Jie finally confided in Shu Xin that his “good friend” had already run away with the money. His next move was frozen until further notice. He was still holding out hope that Xue Ming would come back and explain things to him thus resolving the matters. Though Shu Xin sympathized with him yet also chided him for being so soft-hearted, only thinking about others and that he didn’t have much time anymore. She was indeed on the point about him not having time, considering how he wanted to break out and establish his own empire and prove to his father he was capable. Yet now? All of that was as good as gone. His downfall was actually being too trusting. It made him too naive to just trust someone after just one meet up. Times change, people change. How could he expect them to stay the same since the school days?

Meanwhile, on more hilarious front, Xiao Die was back from her trip and was cutely trying to wake her father up from his slumber. It was indeed more enjoyable at this point with the family of three–yet not really a family on a technical term. While his ex-wife was chiding him, he turned to his daughter and told her to go change YET he didn’t realize it was him who had to go change. Priceless indeed.

Back on the Yu Xiang front, Wu Meng Xuan was seen on the radar again. This time, arguing with Yu Xiang over his manners. But of course, she wouldn’t get mad at him over a little mischievous gesture. (I actually quite like her because he so dug a hole for himself when he tried to flirt with her. If circumstances were different, I wished the plot would have steered toward her being his girlfriend or something like that than seeing him having some hopeless fantasies toward Shu Xin. Or is it because Meng Xuan already liked him so he didn’t think of it as worthwhile versus having to chase after and conquer someone himself? But it was such a shame, because they do make a cute couple.)

As Jun Jie and Shu Xin came to their usual restaurant for lunch–Sam Brunch, they spotted Xiao Die and engaged in a brief conversation with her before Yu Xiang and Meng Xuan entered. Hostility was thrown out as Yu Xaing rushed to explain to Shu Xin about his involvement with Meng Xuan. Yet Shu Xin seemed indifference to the situation, considering how she was interested in his brother, not him. The only person reacting strongly was Meng Xuan. That wasn’t all of this encounter because Tian Cheng soon stepped out and called them to go eat. The shocking and/or surprising moment wasn’t the fact that they suddenly gathered there for lunch. The most traumatizing part of the encounter was learning how Yi Ru had become the new boss of the place. How did that happen? It was all because of the ‘tip’ that they supposedly got from a certain ‘special person’ that had caused Sam–the boss–to gamble it all. Now he needed a way out hence Yi Ru stepping in. In an attempt to stop Meng Xuan from exposing him, Yu Xiang had stuffed food into her mouth. But Yu Xiang was unable to stop his uncle from exposing him when the uncle came with a new friend and told Sam he couldn’t help regarding the other matter. A moment in which the others learned of Yu Xiang’s misdeeds and he couldn’t do anything about it at that point. (It served him right as well for liking to brag to others all the time.) But karma was in place for the uncle as well because it was bouncing back to him when Tian Cheng was apologizing to him for disturbing him and his Japanese ‘beauty’ the previous night. Luckily, he dodged out of that one quickly and Tian Cheng had caught his glare to not do anymore damage toward the situation. And as fate would have it, Jun Jie finally run into Xue Ming again after he switched restaurant to have a better atmosphere to chat with Shu Xin and apologized for her having to be in the middle of his family drama.

While the other three guys have to deal with their family dramas and other side obstacles, Bi Ting found out from her mother that the mother was getting married sooner than expected. As Xiao Q was trying to comfort her, she continued to ponder over matters. Indeed, it was already a stretch that she accepted the fact that her mother was getting married, but so fast? Xiao Q had reminded her about her words to her mother of wanting the mother to be happy. Yet what Bi Ting was worried about now was about how she would be alone from now on. Finally understanding the core of the situation, Xiao Q vouched to be by Bi Ting’s side from now on.

As interesting as the day got, Bi Ting encountered Yu Xiang once again as she was waiting for Xiao Q while Yu Xiang was waiting for Meng Xuan. But that wasn’t all because the thugs from last time Yu Xiang offended was just walking around the corner. And he so didn’t have Shu Xin around like last time to protect him. Once again, he had to improvise and used Bi Ting as a shield. This time, an improvement from last time, he attempted to explain to her how scary those guys were. Yet she didn’t sympathize with him and even shrugged him off, stating that they were just minor problems and he could just deal with them. It was easy for her to say when she knew self-defense. It was hard to blame her for making him look like a fool though because he had vouched to make her life miserable, especially trying to twist everything and sabotage her promotion, so why should she take him seriously? The most priceless part of this encounter wasn’t the thugs finding them out but Meng Xuan coming back and spotting him flirting with Bi Ting–or what it seemed like from where she was standing. He was in for a deep one this time. So while he was able to catch Bi Ting’s hand and prevented the slap from her, he received the slap from Meng Xuan in full. That also caused the other thugs to overhear them and witnessed the whole event unfolding. The whole mess didn’t end there since Yu Xiang was forced to flee from the thugs again before he could explain to Meng Xuan the real version of it all, even dragging Bi Ting along with him. She had no reason to run but because she was caught with him, it was no longer optional. But the most amusing part wasn’t them arguing while running. It was when the thugs hit the wrong person and had to apologize to Yang Bo Wen because he was apparently wearing a similar jacket as Yu Xiang. Yes, Bo Wen had stepped outside to spend some ‘alone time’ with his latest girlfriend before he was interrupted by the thugs. It was hilarious to see the thugs attempting to apologize and even seemed scared of Bo Wen. They didn’t know who they were messing with, thinking Bo Wen was just like Yu Xiang, easy to attack.

On the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, they were running again as Yu Xiang realized his uncle could handle the three thugs on his own just fine. At this point, should I compliment Yu Xiang for not forgetting to drag Bi Ting along or should I call him non-righteous for leaving his uncle behind? What? This was getting even more confusing. Yu Xiang apologized to Bi Ting after she scolded him for encountering such an unlucky situation again? He usually would yell right back and continue to tease her. Or was he saving all these for the future? So Bi Ting wasn’t the only person surprised when he apologized, I’m sure a lot of people would too. AND I knew it, I paused for a bit to write my thoughts and he went right back to being his annoying self in the next minute. So I don’t blame her for using her shoe to hit him. And he seriously was childish with tossing her shoe into the fountain like that. Indeed, they were so nuts right now. They so belong together yet didn’t realize it.

Instead of taking Xue Ming to the police station like he intended previously, Jun Jie once again gave the fellow another chance. Jun Jie dragged Xue Ming back to their company and forced Xue Ming to explain to him what was really going on. After a while, Xue Ming finally broke. Possibly because of Jun Jie’s sincerity?

After a day full of dramas, Yu Xiang finally got his wish with his luck turning. He managed to score a ride with his ‘beauty’ as Bi Ting finally caught a break encountering her ‘prince in shining armor’. Jun Jie was actually out walking and spotted Bi Ting trying to hail a Taxi. He finally was able to hail one and helped her. The mystery as to what Jun Jie was trying to tell Bi Ting several times and was interrupted by Shu Xin was finally resolved after Jun Jie made tea and sat down with Bi Ting to have a proper conversation. Jun Jie was actually adopted. It explained a lot as to why he needed to work so hard and prove himself all along. And it also explained how he was able to relate to Bi Ting’s situation, growing up in a single-parent family. Though Yu Xiang was lucky that he had encountered his beauty the previous night and also managed to get a ride home. Yet he wasn’t as lucky as Bi Ting since she got to spend the whole night with her prince and even forgot that he was there when she woke up the next morning, causing an amusing moment to rouse up the atmosphere. One mustn’t misunderstand about their night together because they were mostly talking about his recent unemployment, among other things they had to catch up on after so many past interruptions from previous encounters. Their morning goodbye with her watching him depart while wearing a sweet smile on her face was also the end of the episode.

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