Who Do You Want Me To Be by Dicky Cheung

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Song Title: Who Do You Want Me To Be? (你愛我像誰)

Music by: Chen De Jian (陳德建)

Lyrics by: Lin Xi (林夕)

Bold = Chinese
Navy Blue = Pin Yin
Light Purple = English

我甚麼都沒有 只是有一點吵
wo shen me dou mei you   zhi shi you yi dian chao
I don’t have much, just a little bit of disruptiveness
如果你感到寂寞 我帶給你熱鬧
ru guo ni gan dao ji mo   wo dai gei ni re nao
If you feel lonely, I could present you with some liveliness
為你繞一繞 沒有甚麼大不了 卻可以讓你微笑
wei ni rao yi rao   mei you shen me da bu liao   que ke yi rang ni wei xiao
Going around and about because of you, it’s no big deal, as long as it could make you smile

其實我很煩惱 只是你看不到
qi shi wo hen fan nao    zhi shi ni kan bu dao
Actually, I’m very troubled, it’s just that you can’t see it
如果我也不開心 怕你轉身就逃
ru guo wo ye bu kai xin    pa ni zhuan shen jiu tao
If I’m also unhappy, I fear that it would affect you thus causing you to flee
愛上一個人 一定要讓他相信 這世界多麼美好
ai shang yi ge ren   yi ding yao rang ta xiang xin    zhe shi jie duo me mei hao
Loving someone, one must let her believe that there are lots of beautiful things in this world
對每個人 都說還好 我的心我的青你不需要明瞭
dui mei ge ren    dou shuo hai hao   wo de xin wo de qing ni bu xu yao ming liao
Toward each person, always say fortunate things. My frame of mind, you wouldn’t understand.
只要我對你好 這樣的溫柔你要不要
zhi yao wo dui ni hao    zhe yang de wen rou ni yao bu yao
Just want to treat you well, that kind of gentleness, do you want it?

其實你愛我像誰 扮演甚麼角色我都會
qi shi ni ai wo xiang shui    ban yan shen me jue se wo dou hui
Actually, who do you want me to be? I’m capable of performing all sort of roles
快不快樂我無所謂 為了你開心 我忘記了累不累
kuai bu kuai le wo wu suo wei    wei le ni kai xin    wo wang ji le lei bu lei
Happiness or sadness, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you’re happy, I would forget all the fatigue
其實你愛我像誰 任何的表情我都能給
qi shi ni ai wo xiang shui    ren he de biao qing wo dou neng gei
Actually, who do you want me to be? I’m capable of giving any type of expressions
Woo~  在你身上學會流眼淚
Woo~ zai ni shen shang xue hui liu yan lei
Woo~ Being by your side, I’ve learned to shed tears

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

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