21 Jump Street: Season 2

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So, back to talk about the second season and enjoy more of the comedy, along with other serious stories as per the case.

“In the Custody of a Clown” – HILARIOUS! One messed up family all right. YES, that was really sad for the kid to be stuck in the middle of his parents, BUT that was kind of funny seeing how the Jump Street team had to go around asking questions like that and received strange answers, especially Doug. Poor Doug. The kidnapping scheme: That was really sad and touching with the Grandpa and the kid. The things that they do, not caring for the kid at all. It was a divorce. How could they be like that? Not showing an ounce of care at all, just fighting over properties among other things. The pursue and the whole Grandpa and grandson team was awesome though. Hanson had to dress as a woman! LOL! They don’t pay him enough? Hanson and Doug anxious for them! Awww….they pulled that one good! Lucky the judge was changed and the comedic part wasn’t overboard. The first time I want to be on the other side of the bench when the police/lawyer was at work. It was really funny and touching in a sense that the judge was lenient and understanding of them. Quite considerate also. Great deal. Hanson and Doug were smiling? LOL! Really great case to open the season with, not too intense, but not too cheesy either.

“Besieged” – Ioki doesn’t exist? OKAY….(This is the part where they explain his identity since I watched it the first time already but still intriguing.) Doug had to experience ‘summer in uniforms?’ POOR HIM. OOOOHHHH, summer uniform was supposed to be in short sleeves! LOL! Oh well…can’t do anything since that was the only one he had. Poor Ioki, still sorting out the mess and Hanson have to take his clothes and wear ’em as props. (Doug: There was once a cop here who wears that and one day he just disappeared… Hanson: Maybe I should take it to dry-cleaning and put it back in the locker. Maybe he’ll come back one day.) They took another angle toward the drug thing since it was scary how that one girl was so addicted and sold everything she had to have it, even risking her daughter’s life. What was even scarier was it’d driven the cop to do anything that he was able to–even going past the line of breaking the law–in order to hunt down and end those drug dealing activities. Harry cashing the check that was sent out because of his death? (Hanson: How can you cash the check if you’re dead?) OKAY… Never seen Doug that pissed off. But that was understandable since how could a guy that respectable done something like that? (Or appears to be respectable–that is.) Doug and Judy? Hanson mocking Doug? That was priceless! Nothing happened and Judy reacted that strong? SO funny. Hanson seemed to be strangely calm by this time since he used to be quite hot-headed too. Might be a good idea too since he wouldn’t want to lose his head over such important matters. Sad ending. But luckily the other girl managed to turn her life around through Judy’s persistence in helping her.

“Two For the Road” – THAT was messed up if the other guy really pushed his brother down. On the other hand, Hanson and Doug’s exchange, LOL! They dared to be nosy about Capt. Fuller’s phone call. (Hanson: I told him to put her on hold.) Chug-A-Doug? LOL! Weirdos, spending their times at the grave. Capt. Fuller got caught drunk driving? LOL! NOT really funny but that was strange that he was caught up in a mess. The minute the captain stepped into the room, the room went completely silent. Classic! Tragic story regarding the brothers. His guilt was more than anything YET it was so sad for Johnny who lost his life like that. Capt. Fuller finally solved his case, but it would’ve been over sooner if he wasn’t making a big deal out of it, LOL.

“After School Special” – WHOA! Creepy to the hardcore. I thought it was just a normal case about students misbehaving and/or causing trouble. (Forgot about the kid shooting the teacher right in front of everyone. That was some crazy stuff.) Capt. Fuller teaching? Not a first time but still… (Judy: What’s wrong? Hanson: I have a lunch date with my mom and Bob. Doug: Bob’s Ms. Hanson’s boyfriend. Hanson: Bob sells cars. Ioki: Really? Maybe he could get me a good deal. Hanson: I’ll set him up with your mom.) Hanson got issues all right! What? Doug and Ioki have to help Hanson with the move? Sad… (Doug: Bowling? You two have something in common already. Imagine two men competing for the world’s most boring sport.) I knew that kid wasn’t all bad. Ms. Hanson moved out? LOL! Funny how Hanson was the one being stumped.

“Higher Education” – Ioki getting caught in the middle of the drama? GREAT! Hanson and Ioki jogging together? Cool…BUT too bad it wasn’t the best of time since Ioki was at his worst. Harry’s paranoid all right! (Judy: What about you? Do you think you can be a father? You think you can handle it? Doug: Just give me a frying pan and a stick of butter.) LOL! Go Capt. Fuller, hates those annoying types of people, always twisting things and causing more problems. (Annoying Witch: Maybe this is your chance to clear things up. Capt. Fuller: With the audience or your conscience?) The father just apologized like that? I think he needed to kneel down and beg Ioki for forgiveness OR something. Seriously. Ioki got back at the teacher big time! Way to go! Doug really ate the egg! LOL!

“Don’t Stretch the Rainbow” – Was I the only one not laughing at that lame dude’s jokes at the beginning? Comedy is an interesting thing, some people laugh, some don’t. BUT I honestly thought that Doug’s was slightly better than the lame ones before him. NOT because I’m on Doug’s side BUT those jokes at the beginning weren’t funny at all. (To me.) And I got fooled by the jogging scene again. I forgot and thought she was being attacked for real, but they were just joking. Sad, racial issues. The most ironic thing is the school is called Lincoln. Darn! I thought Sal was supposed to be fixing things! He scared the world out of Doug. Hanson and Ioki as a team and oooohh…more misunderstandings. Tragic but touching between Mark and Nicky. But Hanson and Judy were sooo cute! Touching ending scenes indeed. More lame comedy. Gosh, someone, drown that dude already. (NOT for real since I’m not encouraging violence BUT just saying he sucks but keeps going on and those people keep laughing.) Sal stole Doug’s jokes and they laughed? Poor Doug!

“Honor Bound” – Darn…touchy issue. But that was sad. Like they were hurting anyone. Poor Ioki, had to pose as a decoy. AND Doug in the military? Hanson wasn’t far behind but I guess he could cope better than Doug. Oh no, Doug had to cut his hair! Intensity between Hanson and Doug, lol. That was convincing all right. Watching this episode sort of reminds me of Rookies’ Diary with the whole cutting the hair and many other routines. (But of course, it was military routine.) Harry’s scenes were funny but too bad he got beat up. Painful. They honestly don’t pay him enough. (Harry: By the way, how’s Doug doing? Hanson: The boy’s a natural soldier.) Poor Doug! Have to cut his hair…but he edged out of it tactically. Hanson vs. Doug, LOL! (Hanson: How about a kiss first? Doug: Hey, pucker up.) And the warning signs. (Doug: Next time, how about a little warning first?) Powerful routine and the honor code was really something.

“You Ought to Be in Prison” – Interesting! They’re participating in a production? Not really, but more like being guards. (Capt. Fuller: He has been receiving threatening letters. Doug: Good, when do I get to send mine?) Hanson and Doug filling in the blanks for one another? How funny! (Doug: I could go drink cocktails with him or I could go do my laundry. Hanson: How many quarters do you have? Doug: Exactly.) Doug demonstrating his lines to Judy and Harry? (Doug: I was great! Hanson waves his hand in a so-so motion Doug: There were applause! Hanson: Yeah, that’s because they wanted to go home!) Hanson and Doug tearing each other up? SO funny how they were arguing about overpaid people (i.e. actors) and mocking the entertainment industry. Now I know why they were flashing back and forth between the filming and the whole prison fights. Hanson busted that dude? NO wonder and now he was out, so… (Lady: I like to thank you guys for all your help. Harry: We were just doing our job, ma’am. Doug: Thank you, Agent Friday.) Hanson thought she was giving the card to him! LOL!

“How Much is That Body in the Window?” – Olympics related episode. Doug still has ‘baby fat’? LOL! Poor him! Sad, the price of success. Hanson and Doug at odds? (Nah, just a little friendly discussion, LOL.) Hanson and Doug having a staring contest at the station? Hanson always managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Oh well… And I honestly think those two kids deserve it. YES, sounds cruel BUT they did not care to let others care for them and didn’t listen. NOT to mention the mother of that one guy said some stuff like ‘my son isn’t dead yet, is he’ SO ‘no, but he lost a kidney’–so I hope she’s satisfied now. Not letting others worry for them. Rather live in oblivious and let the damage be done. Hanson and Doug at odds? LOL! Funny!

“Christmas in Saigon” – Hanson, Ioki, and Doug imitating Brando? LOL! That was funny! Sal crying out for help while Hanson put a grape into his mouth? AND what a surprise. (Doug: Better pack your bags. It’s straight back to Tokyo!) Oh…Ioki’s story. The truth and the past all coming into hand at once. What a X-mas. I swear, I couldn’t listen to every single word that was said in supposedly ‘Vietnamese’ since they seemed to be not fluent and was just learning for the sake of the script. Why didn’t they bring in Dustin’s father? He’s a great actor too. Back to the X-mas theme, so funny that Sal didn’t get to interact with the in-laws yet. Aww…Hanson and Doug dragged Ioki to spend X-mas with them. More flashbacks and Ioki’s recounts of his past. I still have no idea with what they’re saying and have to rely on English subs provided, LOL! This is too funny! I could only catch some stuff at times. Anyway, Doug’s comment after learning Ioki’s chance was good. (Doug: You’re as good as back! How about giving me that 10 bucks you owe me?) And only Hanson was able to spot that Capt. Fuller helped file the paper. Nice one! X-mas dinner! Poor Hanson, getting attacked by the kids. Aww…nice ending with everyone making a toast.

“Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins” – Witty humor, lol. One of the things I enjoy about this series in general. Poor Hanson, his vehicle has to make the sacrifice. (Doug reading: Love you always…Deb. Isn’t that sweet? Hanson: Well, ‘always’ turned out to be 3 and a half weeks.) Great, Doug not letting Hanson off at all. (Doug: You missed something, man. You missed being a teenager. Hanson: Maybe, yeah. But now, they pay me to do that.) Leave it up to Hanson to be sarcastic. He still has some sense of attitude in a way, but less rash like before, lol. Still, lucky there’s still a part of that around because it wouldn’t be the same without that ‘sarcasm’ element. The racing scene we see in the intro theme at times. Cool! Hanson is nuts! Well, this reminds me of the scenes where they were ‘pursuing’ criminals at the beginning and Hanson almost gave his partner a heart attack (or two). (Doug: Wait a minute! Since when did I become my partner’s keeper? Capt. Fuller: Since you were sworn in. Doug: I was 50 yards away. What did you want me to do? Throw my body in front of the car? I didn’t know the car was going to take off.) Poor Doug! (Doug: You choose a poor time  to be irresponsible.) I must agree on this one! How could Hanson leave Doug behind like this? Even IF he was frustrated. I guess Russell Buckins brings out the worst in Hanson. BUT oh well, Hanson still has a choice to choose. Double poor Doug, getting picked on like that. AND I honestly hate that trainer officer. I know he’s being harsh on others on purpose to make them remember NOT to make mistakes. BUT that’s WAY over. Okay, I wouldn’t have forgiven Hanson IF he didn’t come back. Responsibilities aside, he owes it to Doug. Making up for lost time? I must agree with Capt. Fuller though. Come on now. It’s really getting to him though. And I thought he’s a lot calmer now. But all of those welled up feelings are coming out. Yelling aside, I really think that Capt. Fuller really cares that’s why he even yelled in the first place. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t even care to exert his voice and yell. AND why does Hanson always fall for those types of girls? Grr…whatever. But nice call with leaving Russell there. But I feel like he owes Doug an apology. EVEN IF they’re best of friends and partners (as officers) but they haven’t gone as far as say somewhere along of Season 4 yet.

” Big Disease With a Little Name” – Aww…poor Doug, getting picked on by both Hanson and Capt. Fuller. (Doug: We don’t have to use words to communicate. Hanson: She deaf? Capt. Fuller: And blind. Doug: Thanks, Captain.) I love these guys! LOL! And AIDS, touchy subject. But honestly, good to get educated more on that OR others would discriminate against those kids OR even harm ’em. (Girl: Before we go out, I have to ask you something. Doug: Me? Girl: No, the whale.) Dorothy? OKAY…great, coming back at a time like that. That was MEAN! How could Dorothy slam the door on Penny like that? Poor Penny BUT she got Doug back. I think it somewhat serves Doug right for not getting things straight. Dorothy is seriously too nuts and a tad thick-skinned BUT I think Doug sort of deserves it–AGAIN because he couldn’t get it straightened out. And I could feel for the little kid, getting beat up–he wasn’t afraid, but seeing his precious possession being destroyed, he would shed a tear. It’s not about the bike, but more like something he could hold onto and rely on. I actually like the idea of ‘hope’ being fear. Because it is only when you fear things would you wish for a miracle to happen and to avoid the inevitable from happening. I actually like the idea of Hanson’s friendship with the kid. Kind of on the side of being touching. Don’t know. I’m just a sucker for any friendship or bonding. I honestly cried at the part at the waterfall. Life sucks when you have no choice but to die BUT if you know things earlier, you wouldn’t do it, right? Life’s like that. You never know. Sad ending though inevitable. They try to make it funny with the whole ‘Dorothy’ comedy thing BUT for the first time, I wasn’t enjoying it–perhaps because of the sad story thus far. (But Harry and the others were still witty as always. Just that Doug brought it onto himself big time.)

“Chapel of Love” – Valentine’s Day episode, LOL! Poker on Valentine’s Day! LOL! (Capt. Fuller: You’re asking moi, Adam Fuller, if I have a date on Valentine’s Day? Doug nodding Capt. Fuller: Of course not.) That was funny that only Judy got a date and the guys had to soak in their misery. Well, at least Sal took it like he didn’t want to go home though he did buy his wife flowers and candy, lol. This is too funny. Everyone was arguing and then Harry jumped in, Hanson and Doug yelled, “Throw in the chip, Harry!” (LOL) Sal’s story, LOL! He’s always exaggerating! (Sal: Hi Mr. D’Angelo. Mr. D’Angelo: Just call me…Dad.) Doug’s story. These guys honestly know how to exaggerate. (Hanson: So the waiter was the devil that was on your shoulder? Doug: No. Hanson: Are you sure? Doug: Yes. Hanson: Just a guess. Doug: Would you mind? I’m trying to tell a story here.) Harry’s attempt, lol. (Harry: Do you know that story they tell you…’Don’t look under the bed…” Hanson and Sal joined in with Harry: Don’t go into the bar, Penhall!) Capt. Fuller’s turn! Darn, was he exaggerating in front of the guys? That was hard to believe. Judy came back! Her story, LOL! I believe Judy that the guy’s crazy! LOL! Poor Judy. (Judy: Do you believe that? The others: NO!) Awww…Hanson’s story. Sad… WAY too sad. What? Doug fell asleep? How mean! BUT he didn’t know–at least not yet. Forgivable. That was definitely touching. And the last scene definitely wrapped up with more witty comedy! LOL! Judy wants to buy them drinks? Lucky them.

“I’m OK- You Need Work” – Okay, back to Kenny and the after-effects. I don’t think Hanson’s responsible for what happened though. I seriously believe that if they had raised their kids right OR even think about looking after their kids well enough, they wouldn’t go through such problems in the first place. Why blame others for what happened? His wife left him because she’s just hiding as well, not admitting that their so-called ‘perfect’ family isn’t perfect. AND yes, it’s their family so Hanson shouldn’t meddle, but blaming Hanson is just wrong. It was funny or extremely ironic that I was rooting for Kenny more than ever in here. He was the only one telling the truth or at least was honest about his priorities. The others had problems so can’t blame them BUT those people at the clinic were so messed up. Leeching on kids with problems for money? Despicable. And he seriously paid a heavy price for it, losing his son. YET I feel really bad for Kenny.

“Orpheus 3.3” – Childish much? Honestly, Hanson’s crazy! (Hanson: Let’s have this conversation at home. I don’t want the neighbors to miss anything.) Ooohhh, totally forgot about this one. I was wondering what happened to Amy since she’s really cute too. Darn! That sucks! Like big time! I actually like Amy. And Johnny took it to the max on this one. Seriously, he’s creepy to the hardcore. Can’t blame Hanson for what happened. But Johnny really brought out the emotions his character went through in this one, the shock he went through and then the guilt. What could you possibly do in 3.3 seconds? And how many things could you do? Aside from all those hectic scenes, I found it extremely funny that Doug was all paranoid with the psychiatrist. The scene at the grave: I totally felt that one though nothing was said. The music was right with the sense of closure and all.

“Champagne High” – The McQuaid brothers are back! That’s messed up but it plays the part of blending in with the rest of them. (And Cancer Man from The X-Files is back in another episode.) They’re really killing me with their charade, LOL! (Hanson: What’s wrong with you people? We’re friendly! Doug checking his armpits to see if ‘odor’ had to do with people running away from them) Doug and his eating habits. I really love Hanson and Doug’s chemistry! Their friendship to their collaboration. It’s just too addicting to watch. On the other hand, that kid was really pushed. Sad, tragic family story. Sometimes the pressures could become too much. Being strict is one thing, but being WAY over the line? Wally and Sawyer, lol. Poor Wally, thinking that he could finally gain the ultimatum over Sawyer but he was wrong major time.

“Brother Hanson & the Miracle of Renner’s Pond” – Hanson and his messy hair! I don’t know, I just find it so cute! Hanson and Capt. Fuller arguing like father and son, LOL. Reminds me of the case where he claimed that Capt. Fuller is his father and Ioki was his brother. Man, the arguments between different interpretations and how things should be taught. Doug, LOL! His story! (That guy that was waving was himself! LOL!) There’s a difference of believing and obsession.

“Raising Marijuana” – Doug and Ioki! LOL! Are they twins? Seriously? LOL! (Teacher: You’re related? Ioki & Doug nodding: Yeah, we’re twins. Teacher: You’re not identical twins. Doug: Then we look alike. Ioki: We’re from a mixed marriage. We were born two minutes apart. Doug: In two different countries.) LOL! They sure got the routine down to the dot. Well, they were like twins when Hanson first met them anyway so it wasn’t hard to believe they were so in sync with one another. Man, that was sadddd…I never sympathize with the villains so much. In a way it was messed up, but one guy was loyal to the other but was shot and betrayed by his friend because his friend just happened to love the cop who was going to catch him. Sad? Though they did wrong, the friendship was real and the feelings were real. Somehow, I agreed with Judy when she said they were manipulating others’ emotions and/or feelings. It was like going over the line, regardless of their intention.

“Best Years Of Your Life” – Brad Pitts’ in this one. Strangely enough, though Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels were after this, it reminds me of it because of Brad and his eating, etc. Suicide theme. One of the tough incidents one might encounter (whether knowing someone who did–like in this case, or other causes). Doug and Hanson kept commenting about Walker and how much they liked him. (And that he was in Doug’s Bio class.) Aside from the hectic theme, I actually like Brad in here more than his recent ones for some reason. Maybe ’cause he’s somehow still cute and dorky BUT not too over the top. Or perhaps when he gets all the attention, it gets too annoying with others talking about him all the time (or half of the time–whatever). Doug was seriously moody. This was affecting him more than one would have thought. The confrontation was really climatic. It brought the focus back on Hanson and Doug and their bond. Peter seriously brought out all the emotions in this one. Hanson willing to ride Doug’s motorcycle? That was really something. Worth a bunch of tears with Doug’s recounts of the past and how it had affected him until this point.

“Cory and Dean Got Married” – Doug and Dorothy? OKAY! (Doug: Stop the bus! Judy: What are you doing? Sit down! Doug: I’m supposed to call Dorothy every two hours. I forgot to call her at the bus station.) That’s just messed up. Just because Cory and Dean are in love, they could kill her father? OKAY…messed up world all right. AND do they know what the heck is love? They’re just behaving rashly and thinking they’re right and saying that others do not understand. Regardless of what happened, it’s messed up to be with some guy that killed her father. I still don’t buy it (regarding Cory’s version of the story with how everything happened). I don’t know. Maybe it’s ’cause the father is already dead SO it’s hard to sympathize with them.

“School’s Out” – What? Is this a community center? LOL! (Doug: Ioki’s smoking hot! Hanson: How did you get so good with crossword puzzles? Ioki: The answer’s on page 29.) Hanson shooting the captain down? LOL! Literally, that is. Aww…(But we all know the answer that it didn’t get closed since there are 3 more seasons!) Still, exciting to see what else they got. It was kind of sad and I could sympathize with the kid so passionate about finishing high school. YES, he’d done wrong but he only wanted to finish high school and accomplish something. So funny how Capt. Fuller was teaching Hanson all the tricks for calling in. LOL! Their little goodbye! Capt. Fuller even joined in with their shooting the bird scene. (Poor birdie!) And then Sal was the only one to triumph over them all since his job was still secure! (Thanks to Capt. Fuller, of course.)

Another good season with a variety of cases and the continuance of the bonding between the team. Capt. Fuller was really loosening up to them. The funniest scene was playing poker with them during Valentine’s Day and some more.

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