21 Jump Street: Season 3 – Part II

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So, back again to discuss more of the wonderful season 3.

“Fathers and Sons” reminded me of an earlier episode “Coach of the Year” since it somewhat followed the line of letting the criminal go because of connections and/or power status. Moving past all of that frustration, this one finally let Ioki give Doug the boot since Doug was pushing past his limits even more. So it actually took a girl to end it all since Ioki was quite frustrated that he was not able to bring his girlfriend home and spend some time together. YET Doug had to jump in and spoil all the moods for both of them. What was funnier with this episode was seeing how Doug and Hanson reacted to Harry’s girlfriend. Even Capt. Fuller jumped in to agree with both guys. Jumping back to the investigation with the drug, I think karma was really at work since the mayor did not want them to investigate when it involved his son BUT his decision took the kid’s life away. IF they had the chance to investigate and stop him in time, then he would end up in rehabilitation, NOT in a morgue. I think this taught a cold hard lesson for those who wanted to conceal things from surfacing, whether to protect their kids (as they claimed) or their own reputation. Unfortunately for Hanson, he broke up with his girlfriend in this one. I understand that she did what she did to protect Hanson, but I must agree with Hanson on this one. He never meddled with her work, why did she do it to him? If it was just him getting in trouble, he wouldn’t be as pissed off, but it involved Capt. Fuller. Considering the outcome, Capt. Fuller was brought back but what IF he wasn’t? Hanson wouldn’t forgive himself for it–ever. I was glad he choose to end it like that, releasing them both, rather than continue on. Since what if they had arguments later on (which would be inevitable since every relationship have those) and they would somehow bring up the past? But the most powerful scene was seeing Capt. Fuller being welcomed back by every one of the team.

“High High” was another episode about drugs. It was really sad that they used a variety of drugs, NOT just a particular one. Booker mentioned about how it was the only way they knew to deal with it all. Sad indeed. Aside from that, it was a tad too funny that they were each assigned to a class and/or club. AND they had to cope with it. Harry was really having trouble with dancing class but luckily he was given a chance to be their cameraman. Then Doug was feeling so weird in acting class though Holy was enjoying it more (at first). Hanson had to join this band and was forced to play the drum (at first). Booker was still Booker, always being the cool guy. I thought the presentation at the ending was quite powerful with the scenes being played back on the screen and Booker’s narrative. Pressures were faced with every day yet those people had to seek a way out (aka relieving those stress) by doing drugs–among other things. A powerful message indeed. A nice lesson for those kids also. Seeing that some were able to start anew with the proper guidance while others were still drifting down the wrong path. It was not always a happy ending but they could only try.

“Next Victim” was touching in a way because Booker ended up realizing how words hurt more than anything at times, causing people to go to the extreme of taking actions on others. Words were more powerful than anything and it hurt more than anyone could imagine. It was indeed Booker’s episode since he convinced others how it was more important to talk it out and reach an understanding than just using hatred against each other like that. Just because one cannot control one’s life and was not able to change it did not mean it gave him/her the right to trash others and spread hatred around.

“Loc’d Out” was quite intense, considering it had two parts and also involved some inside job going on. The scene where I found that was actually funny was where Doug was training Hanson for the undercover job. Doug picked on everything about Hanson’s gestures to his pronunciations that it got on Hanson’s nerves. YET he couldn’t do anything (except yell) since Doug was helping him get into character. The real reason was Hanson did not want to be involved in the case. However, when Ioki got shot, it showed that Hanson was determined to find out who was the shooter behind it. (Then the whole thing made me remember somewhat of Hanson and Ioki’s bond at times too.) Anyway, despite the hectic situation, the part where they were waiting for words of Ioki’s well being was kind of funny since they got impatient and snapped at one another. Even Booker was sort of scared of Judy (since he was apologizing, lol). The scariest part about this was it almost tear the team apart, considering how Hanson was framed for murder and was forced to flee. For the first time (or at least for this season) that they encountered a dirty cop. Doug went all out on this one since he even went as far as arguing with Capt. Fuller. It showed Doug and Hanson’s bond aside from all the bits and pieces of humor that we’ve witnessed in the past. What was even more shocking was that the verdict became evident that Hanson actually shot the dirty cop AND there wasn’t some trap like one would expect. (Or so we were led to believe.) The season ended with Hanson behind the cell, reflecting. AND Ioki did not recover yet. Nice try, leaving us hanging like that.

So, that was season 3, a cliffhanger, lol. Of course, I’ll be back to update on season 4.

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