Favorite Quotes: Part II – 21 Jump Street

What happened to part 1? Decided to not post it yet. But this one is dedicated to 21 Jump Street.

Season 1:

21 Jump Street

Hanson’s latest partner (to Hanson): With these things, you just have to take it as it is. If life throws me a lemon, I’ll just make a martini.

America, What A Town

Doug: They’re running?
Hanson nodding: They’re running!

Gotta Finish the Riff

Captain Fuller: Hoffs and Hanson!
Judy: We’re up.
Doug (to Hanson): There’s one thing I want you to remember, okay? That guy in there is a human being–your boss, a captain, a superior officer, a professional policeman like yourself–who can make our lives miserable, if he gets teed off.
Hanson: I’m getting behavioral advice from you?
Doug: Take it.
(After Hanson walks into Fuller’s office already)
Doug (sees a guy walking by with something in his hand): Hey, hey, hey, hey! Where’d you get that?
Guy: I found it!
Doug: Yeah, you found it! You found it in my desk is where you found it! You go in my stuff again, Ace, I’m gonna twist your head off.
Guy: Yeah?
Doug: Yeah. I’m serious.
Guy: I can tell.
Doug: What planet did you drop in from, man? This is my house! I live here!
Guy: Yeah? Well, we’re roommates now, Ace.

Hanson: Captain Fuller, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything.
Captain Fuller: Okay, I won’t. What?
Hanson: I usually work with Penhall on an assignment like this.
Captain Fuller: You guys dating?
Hanson (scoffs): Okay. Forget it. You’re the boss. You made that clear. I’m sorry I brought it up.
Captain Fuller: No, no, no. You can bring it up. Look, from what I know about Reggie Brooks, he’s got a thing for hot-looking ladies. And um, I don’t think he’s gonna go for Penhall in a wig.

Captain Fuller (to the others): Hey, how about letting them take those guys downtown and the rest of us go out for pizza?


Doug: You got to take it step-by-step, you know what I mean?
Hanson: The way you’re taking it, by the time midterm comes around, we’ll be busting the president of Columbia.
Doug: The school or the country?

Season 2:


Doug: There was once a cop here who wears that and one day he just disappeared…
Hanson: Maybe I should take it to dry-cleaning and put it back in the locker. Maybe he’ll come back one day.

Hanson (to Harry): How can you cash the check if you’re dead?

After School Special

Judy: What’s wrong?
Hanson: I have a lunch date with my mom and Bob.
Doug: Bob’s Ms. Hanson’s boyfriend.
Hanson: Bob sells cars.
Ioki: Really? Maybe he could get me a good deal.
Hanson: I’ll set him up with your mom.

Doug (to Hanson): Bowling? You two have something in common already. Imagine two men competing for the world’s most boring sport.

Higher Education

Judy: What about you? Do you think you can be a father? You think you can handle it?
Doug: Just give me a frying pan and a stick of butter.

Honor Bound

Harry: By the way, how’s Doug doing?
Hanson: The boy’s a natural soldier.

Hanson: How about a kiss first?
Doug: Hey, pucker up.

Doug (to Hanson): Next time, how about a little warning first?

You Ought to Be in Prison

Capt. Fuller: He has been receiving threatening letters.
Doug: Good, where do I send mine?

Doug: Now, I could go drink cocktails with him or I could go do my laundry.
Hanson: How many quarters do you have?
Doug: Exactly.

Doug: I was great!
(Hanson waves his hand in a so-so motion)
Doug: I got some applause!
Hanson: Yeah, that’s because they wanted to go home!

Lady: I like to thank you guys for all your help.
Harry: We were just doing our job, ma’am.
Doug: Thank you, Sergeant Friday.

Christmas in Saigon

Doug (to Ioki): Better pack your bags. It’s straight back to Tokyo!

Doug (to Ioki): You’re as good as back! How about giving me that 10 bucks you owe me?

Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins

Doug (reading): Love you always…Deb. (normal voice again) Isn’t that sweet?
Hanson: Well, “always” turned out to be 3 and a half weeks.
Doug: You missed something, man. You missed being a teenager.
Hanson: Maybe, yeah. But now, they pay me to do that.

Doug: Wait a minute! Since when did I become my partner’s keeper?
Capt. Fuller: Since you were sworn in.
Doug: I was 50 yards away. What did you want me to do? Throw my body in front of the car? I didn’t know the car was going to take off.

Doug (to Hanson): You choose a poor time to be irresponsible.

A Big Disease With a Little Name

Doug: We don’t have to use words to communicate.
Hanson: She deaf?
Capt. Fuller: And blind.
Doug: Thanks, Captain.

Penny: Before we go out, I have to ask you something.
Doug: Me?
Penny: No, the whale.

Chapel of Love

Capt. Fuller: You’re asking moi, Adam Fuller, if I have a date on Valentine’s Day?
Doug nods
Capt. Fuller: Of course not.

Sal: Hi Mr. D’Angelo.
Mr. D’Angelo: Just call me…Dad.

Hanson: So the waiter was the devil that was on your shoulder?
Doug: No.
Hanson: Are you sure?
Doug: Yes.
Hanson: Just a guess.
Doug: Would you mind? I’m trying to tell a story here.

Harry: Do you know that story they tell you… “Don’t look under the bed…”
Hanson and Sal joined in with Harry: Don’t go into the bar, Penhall!

Judy: Do you believe that?
The others: NO!

Orpheus 3.3

Hanson (to Amy): Let’s have this conversation at home. I don’t want the neighbors to miss anything.

Champagne High

Hanson: What’s wrong with you people? We’re friendly!
Doug checks his armpits to see if ‘odor’ had to do with people running away from them

Raising Marijuana

Teacher: You’re related?
Ioki & Doug nodding: Yeah, we’re twins.
Teacher: You’re not identical twins.
Doug: Then we look alike.
Ioki: We’re from a mixed marriage. We were born two minutes apart.
Doug: In two different countries.

School’s Out

Doug: Ioki’s smoking hot!
Hanson: How did you get so good with crossword puzzles?
Ioki: The answer’s on page 29.

Season 3:

The Dragon and the Angel

Hanson: What?
Doug: I feel bad, you know, with this mess and all.
Hanson: Don’t worry about it, okay?
Doug: See, I feel stupid. You don’t know how sorry I am.
Hanson: Doug, I know you’re sorry. You know how I know? You apologized 430 times already. You cleaned my desk. You washed my car. You brought a…whoopee cushion. You sharpened all my pencils.
Doug: Any of them need resharpening?
Hanson: No! No.
Doug: It’s just that you know, shooting your own partner is a very stupid thing to do. You gotta be a little mad at me.
Hanson: No, I’m not.
Doug: Oh, you gotta be.
Hanson: No, I don’t gotta be.
Doug: It’s unhealthy to keep this stuff pent up. You should let the steam off. Get it off your chest.
Hanson: All right, all right! I sharpen my own pencils, pal, understand? No one sharpens my pencils but me. No one.
Doug: Then you are a little mad.
Hanson: Of course I’m mad! You shot me in the ass. And I’ll never forgive you, okay?
Doug: Wonderful. Terrific. One little mistake and you’ll always hold a grudge against me for the rest of my life? Fabulous!
Captain Fuller: Excuse me. What the hell is going on here?
Hanson: Nothing.
Captain Fuller: Have you two been to the department psychiatrist yet?
Doug: Well, I called but he was on vacation.
Captain Fuller: Then make an appointment at county. It’s mandatory for officers involved in shootings to undergo psychiatric evaluations. The two of you get down there now or I will have both your butts. You understand me?

Psychiatrist: Was there any tension between you two right before the shooting?
Doug: No, none.
Psychiatrist: Because sometimes our subconscious has a…greater power than we realize. These accidents may be a release of built-up resentments.
Doug: So, you’re saying that I shot him deliberately?
Hanson: Oh, I know he didn’t shoot me on purpose, Doc. I know that.
Psychiatrist: I’m simply ascertaining your relationship prior to the incident.
Doug: Let me try to save you a little time here. Because you’re sniffing up the wrong tree. He’s my buddy and I would never shoot…ascertain, what does that mean?
Psychiatrist: Are there times when you feel unduly annoyed at your partner’s behavior, habits?
Doug: Never.
Hanson: Well… Sometimes, I wish he wasn’t so sloppy.
Doug: Oh, he’s Mr. Tidy. That gets on my nerves. But we’re friends.
Hanson: And sometimes, I wish he would try to be on time.
Doug: Oh, this is the punctual kid here. That gets annoying. But it’s cool.
Hanson: And sometimes, it seems like he doesn’t work as hard as he should.
Doug: You know, there are things about you I don’t like either.
Hanson: Wha…
Doug: And sometimes, I wish that I could… Oh my god. (turning to the psychiatrist) You’re right.
Hanson: What?
Doug: I did mean to shoot you.
Hanson: You did?
Doug: I did it on purpose. I have built-up resentments.
Psychiatrist: Classic case of aggressive transference.
Doug: Exactly.
Hanson: I should have never turned my back on you.
(A man walks into the room.)
Man: Vicki! How many times… Go back to your room.
Vicki aka the supposed psychiatrist (standing up from desk): I just had that urge, you know?
(They could all see aside from her doctor’s white coat, she has on her pajamas underneath–along with slippers.)
Real Psychiatrist: I’m sorry, gentlemen. I was running late. And Vicki, she lapses now and then. (reading from a file) A shooting, I see. (looking up at both guys now) Are you two familiar with aggressive transference?
Hanson: Yes. How do you feel?
Doug: Fine.
Hanson: Me too.
Doug: Thanks, Doc.
(The guys made a move to leave super fast.)

What About Love?

Dorothy: You are leaving!
Doug: But this is my house.

Hanson: Hey.
Doug: Dorothy threw me out.
Hanson: That’s terrible. Come on in. Want to talk about it or something?
Doug: I kind of need a place to crash.
Hanson: Need a place for the night? You got it. Come on in.
Doug: Actually…I need a place to live.
(Hanson looking all hesitant like he’s weighing the pros and cons)
Doug: You don’t think our friendship could survive living together?
Hanson: Do you?

Season 4:

How I Saved the Senator

Reporter: What does this have to do with the Senator?
Harry: Background story!
Doug: You’ve been reading too many Jap comics!

Season 5:

*This post will be updated from time to time as see fit.

21 Jump Street: Season 1

So I went back to watch the first season just for kicks and do a review of it as well. Anchor Bay Entertainment version so I could watch it at night without turning on the sound too loud (as not to disturb others). (Yeah, I’m still sore that the new version doesn’t allow for the caption to appear.)

“21 Jump Street” – The episode that started it all! Hanson was so ambitious and so tensed back then! Unlike how relaxed he was in the later seasons. Can’t blame him since he was trying to be a model cop–like his father. But his energetic behaviors caused too much trouble for others, not considering he was endangering their lives. (Hanson’s latest partner: With these things, you just have to take it as it is. If life throws me a lemon, I’ll just make a martini.) BUT luckily he got another chance. Doug and Ioki! LOL! And to make it even better, Capt. Jenko was so wacko. Hanson was totally overwhelmed. Judy got to do the make-over for Hanson. What fun! And Hanson was in big trouble, messing up so bad with his first job. BUT no harm, still some second chances. Hanson’s reporting technique was killing them though! So funny! Jenko and Doug were driven to insanity. It was definitely hard to predict that Hanson and Doug would become the best of best friends later. It seemed even harder to believe that Hanson would risk his life for Ioki and Doug in the later parts of Season 4. Though everyone else was cool in his or her own way, it was hard to see how much they have gotten along later on. But the ending scene sure showed some unification and Hanson finally got used to the whole deal of being an undercover cop in Capt. Jenko’s unit. Yay! Funny! And finally, he got accepted by everyone, including Doug. Final scene with Hanson playing with the band! Nice!

“America, What A Town” – Hanson so passionate about the insurance rates and Doug handing him a tissue after the speech to wipe his sweats from all those enthusiasms, lol. They were getting along well these days. Doug mumbling the # and walking away! LOL! Judy had to babysit and Harry annoyed the world out of her? Doug didn’t get to be back up but had to team up with Hanson to seek out those car deals. Harry’s car got fried! Poor Harry! That was scary, chasing Hanson and Doug down like that! But can’t blame him. He will be SO dead with his insurance company. “They’re running?” Hanson nod. “They’re running!” (LOL) The guys doing their signature pose at the ending scene!

“Don’t Pet The Teacher” – I didn’t care about the teacher since it was kind of weird in a sense. But the comedy continued with the Jump Street team. And then I kept pondering if Jeffery Stone was portrayed by Charlie Schlatter. I wasn’t really paying attention really since it was a re-watch BUT his voice sounded like Charlie when he appeared. Then I kept observing and that Stone guy really looked like Charlie also. So? A search around and still couldn’t find any information that proves it but I’m quite sure it’s him. Somehow toward the ending, I found the teacher somewhat cute so I guess re-watches to help. Funny with Harry scolding at the guy and then finding out that the old man was actually the one in charge of the exam! LOL! That was priceless!

“My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” – The intellect crowd aka the high class getting in trouble. So fake! But anyway, so funny that Doug knew the material and Hanson didn’t. Then Doug was more popular than Hanson among the crowd. Not a surprise since Doug’s such an easygoing person. Hanson’s learning the ropes but he’s not comfortable enough to ease into it like the rest of the team. Capt. Jenko is so cool! LOL! “Do I know you?” LOL!

“The Worst Night of Your Life” – More background information revealed of the main cast–aside from the pyromaniac case. Hanson got kicked out of bowling? Doug thought he got it all but he got robbed! He will never live this one down if the others find out! BUT then they had to find out anyway since he had to identify the girl. Then Hanson had to return the favor with the ‘amateur’ comment, LOL. Hanson’s obsessed with bowling! So funny! Doug finally caught the lady who robbed him! LOL! He got the satisfaction out of that. Almost forgot about Doug’s craziness for his motorcycle. So cool!

“Gotta Finish the Riff” – Sad, sad beginning. Capt. Jenko died. He was so cool. Capt. Fuller was so funny! “I don’t think he’s going for Penhall in a wig?” LOL! I guess it will take them a while to adjust but still…great loyalty to Capt. Jenko. Intense moments with the rescue scenes YET Harry ruined it by falling from one of the interior pipes! Darn! That was funny! “Hey, how about letting them take those guys downtown and the rest of us go out for pizza?” LOL!

“Bad Influence” – Can’t believe the parents of those kids. ALSO, what the heck was that saying that Hanson and Doug weren’t brought up well? I meant the old man’s response to their question about if the kids had contacted anyone else. (The mother was like saying, “Before contacting their parents?” And the father was like, “Maybe you guys have been brought up those ways, but not our kids.”) What the heck? Serves them right for getting nothing BUT that was too easy for the kids. EVEN if they were kids, the parents needed a lesson.

“Blindsided” – The introduction of the McQuaid brothers! So cool! LOL! Doug keep his key on the edge of his door instead of the mat? Clever!

*Doug: You got to take it step-by-step, you know what I mean?
*Hanson: The way you’re taking it, by the time midterm comes around, we’ll be busting the president of Columbia.
*Doug: The school or the country?

The case, a really tragic one and unbelievable even. The department had better pay big time for it since they let it happen to the girl for sooo long.

“Next Generation” – Hanson and sarcasm! LOL! Doug had to switch to babysitting? LOL! Hilarious! Well, he wanted to go after the mother so gotta work hard. (Doug: You need to be changed? Let’s go find Roger’s shirt.) Sad story YET I have to clap the father on since he was able to turn around and make his son pay for the price. What he said was really true and sad at the same time that if his father had made him do the sentence, then he wouldn’t have to go through that today (aka witnessing his son going on the same path). At least he wasn’t fake like other supposedly ‘respected people’ in here.

“Low and Away” – So funny! How can Doug be that bad? He did it on purpose? LOL! Hanson and Ioki! LOL! Nice, lucky Harry wasn’t busted this time like last time. How did Hanson bang his hand? Was that fake? If it was fake, they couldn’t fool the old lady, right? It must have hurt like crazy! And what a mess! Feds and locals…BUT Hanson and Doug got the last laugh. Exciting scene near the end.

“16 Blown To 35” – Everyone’s reaction regarding Capt. Fuller’s son–FUNNY. Yet their reaction when they realize Doug just arrested the captain’s son was even funnier. Some background info regarding the captain. Cool… The case–no comments but that was sad, the price of fame. Sometimes it was not a good idea to turn your back like that and throw your dignity away–EVEN if you want to be famous. It was like throwing your life away IF you thought it was a good idea at first.

“Main Streets and Pastel Houses” – Doug still singing the ‘natural’ tune! LOL! It was funny all right. Gang-related crime and vandalism. Kids would do anything to fit in, to find a place where they could belong. Others want to prey on it to control them. It really makes you think about this one. And sometimes, you have to try harder to turn them around, not just stereotype them for ‘being those types’ just like that. Great, meaningful episode.

First great season. Everyone was performing their best. I guess that was what started it all. Somehow, the plots were better and there were a variety of cases. But I guess they were trying to send a message and bring some issues to the top hence the recurring theme for the upcoming seasons.

21 Jump Street: Season 4

As promised, back to recap on season 4 because of the cliffhanger from the last season.

“Draw the Line” continued with Ioki still in a coma and Hanson still spending time in prison. They had to put in the scene where Doug was trying to hook up the TV but he ended up hooking it into the phone jack! LOL! I was not surprised that Booker was the first one who figured it out that Hanson wasn’t the one who shot the dirty cop. I had a gut feeling it wasn’t Hanson BUT I didn’t want it to become a bias. NOW it all made sense since Hanson was in for the rest of the season so IF he had committed the crime, how would he be around? Anyway, more funny scenes unfolded after Booker managed to get Hanson out for a short period of time and went to Doug’s place. Doug wasn’t home BUT he answered? That was funny! Then Hanson and Doug acting like twins? I was beginning to enjoy the whole Booker, Doug, and Hanson team. It seemed to be out of control at times but they were able to work together and then created some humorous scenes as well. It was sooo sad YET hilarious at the same time that Booker was sent to exile for all the unauthorized things he’d done! LOL! But the heartfelt hug aka the reuniting scene between Hanson and Doug outside the prison ground was really something.

“Say It Ain’t So, Pete” reunited Hanson and Doug as a team working to uncover some gambling ring going on. Doug posed as one of the bouncers who checked for IDs at the door while Hanson posed as a college student. Harry returned to Jump Street, trying hard to cope with his condition while Judy pestered him–on the edge of annoyance, but she was just concerned for him. The ending scene was priceless! LOL! Hanson was just standing on the side, waiting for Doug to take the other guy out AND counting money, lol.

“Come from the Shadows” was really sad since it covered many stories that involved the suffering that was going on in other countries, specifically El Salvador. However, the ending where they played baseball together showed some teamwork and bonding. The flashbacks of Doug and his wife was touching. No Hanson for this one. Strange…

“Old Haunts in a New Age” brought the Hanson and Doug team back together. They found out there was this strange, creepy girl. Apparently, she was able to predict things before they actually happened, specifically fires. It got even funnier with the whole job that Doug thought he got abducted and Hanson didn’t even believe him. Hard to! And Doug was making me hungry with the way he was attacking all the foods on his plate. Even more creepy things happened as the plot unfolded since they found a skeleton while cleaning up and Sal fainted straight away. Poor Sal! The funniest thing was they were playing Ouija since Judy made them. And Capt. Fuller was standing there watching them being silly. Then we discovered what Doug meant by ‘UFO’, lol! That was priceless! It was the ‘Good Year’ ad plane! Capt. Fuller had a good laugh over that all right. It was funny! I guess the team didn’t take ‘NO hocus pocus’ too well since they were at it again, trying to call up someone. And Hanson almost ruined their fun but luckily Harry stopped him in time, LOL. But Hanson managed to expose the man anyway. The Halloween costumes gathering was really fun! LOL! Doug’s entrance scene was the funniest (obviously) since he managed to fail every single ‘impressive’ stunt. Great one for a Halloween episode as an overall.

“Out of Control” drove it to the max–at least the intensity factor. It seemed like both Hanson and Harry were still affected by the incidents that happened since the last season and coming into this one aka the whole scene with Harry being shot and Hanson jailed. They really came to question their own existence in the force and much more. And Doug’s persistence paid off since Harry finally admitted he was having problems at the end of the episode. Nothing special about this case but I thought it went further with making Hanson and Harry looked back on what happened and questioned whether they had moved on or not.

“Stand by Your Man” was extremely shocking in a way that it brought into the scene one of the main characters being raped (aka Hoffs’ case). It showed a lot more support with the whole team toward Hoffs and how they helped her cope with it. Regardless of her reactions and what happened afterward, they did not give up on her, helping her overcome the emotions she experienced.

“Mike’s POV” seemed kind of obvious but intriguing to see Mike struggling inside after the crime and wanting more and more afterward. It was indeed scary that the way to get money was by killing someone and then using the money to buy things that you thought would impress others and/or leading to many other opportunities but life wasn’t like that. Hanson and Doug teamed up for this one with Doug being the cool dude (like he always was, lol) and Hanson being the nerdy looking dude–too much on the side of weird, but it was his advantage as to not draw attention to himself. It was really Hanson’s turn to fight with Mike and payback time for Doug since he had to fight alone in the other earlier episode.

“Wheels and Deals” welcomed Booker back. Relying on himself for the job, it wasn’t easy since he had no backups and Crane was so cunning. Running out of options, Booker found his way back to Jump Street and sought out the team’s help. Things lightened up several notches and it seemed somewhat hopeful with Jump Street’s help. It was funnier that Hanson got to be the boss while the others were away! (He was eating grapes and putting his feet on the desk like he was the ‘man’–which he was at the moment while the others were away.) Then Judy found out and gave Doug a piece of her mind. (More like a slap.) Hanson finally got some action in at the end though. At least it wasn’t all for nothing but it was funny how he had to leave the ‘boss’ spot. But he still got the important role at the end with arresting Crane and all. Two great episodes of Booker coming back and then the full force of the Jump Street team working together.

“Parental Guidance Suggested” had them spying on this one family suspected of burglary. Doug and Harry were sooo dead with Judy–IF she wasn’t so focused on spying on the neighbors. So funny Sal was hauled away! Poor Sal, they had to focus on work and did not want to be exposed. Too bad.

“Research and Destroy” focused on a chemistry lab suspicious of manufacturing drugs. Hanson, Harry, and Judy were sent in as students. Hanson looked so cute in the nerdy outfit! And Judy got a pursuer! LOL! Hanson and Harry were sooo dead for abandoning her! My favorite part aside from Judy’s attempts to drive the ‘pest’ away was the part where Hanson and this other guy were going on this trail to find clues. Hanson got the chance to show off his skills on the rope! Danger!

“Hi Mom” was another Hanson and Doug case. Even Capt. Fuller was playing an active role to help them. They also brought Capt. Fuller’s son back in this episode. Doug eating episodes again! Geez, that guy makes me sooo hungry with those foods he managed to find. That scene with Hanson and Doug walking and talking was kind of funny–since Hanson was seen with a banana in his shirt pocket.

“Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom” opened up with the Jump Street team freezing themselves ’cause the heater broke. Sal just had to take a vacation at that time. Great way to keep warm–by arguing, lol. Poor Hanson and Doug had to cut up their cards and tossed away their magazines. They weren’t giving up anytime soon though since they returned to find the hypocrite kid getting their magazines and money from the donations box to flee. Poor them! They were starved to death and had to resort to other desperate measures in order to survive. Then after Judy learned that the guys were in Florida, she teamed up with Harry to go on strike! Poor Capt. Fuller was left to cope with the situation. And Capt. Fuller was indeed their leader after all since he managed to convince Judy and Harry otherwise by setting up a Hawaiian theme-like atmosphere so they would stick around. He was really straying from his own principles he had with him the day he came to Jump Street, LOL! Doug handcuffing Hanson? Priceless! The ending turned into a touching scene since Doug was considering of going to find his wife while Hanson said he would accompany Doug.

“La Bizca” continued with Doug and Hanson on their way to El Salvador. Hanson was suffering through the heat while Doug slept away comfortably. And when Hanson was finally able to catch some sleep, Doug had to rouse him up. On the other hand, sad, sad condition. Tragic. It really paved the suffering and chaos the country was going through. They got lost listening to the old man? Aww…shucks… Not really but they were in much more trouble after being discovered and eventually tortured. Hanson definitely lived up to his friendship with Doug on this one. They seriously did go through thick and thin together. After being rescued, they finally made it back to camp and found out the sad news of Doug’s wife passing away already.

“Last Chance High” brought back the McQuaid brothers. And they thought they were fierce! They got hanged high for a while! And awwww, Doug being a parent figure. So funny with the interviews. Hanson and Doug doing dishes together! LOL! A first for Doug doing something that was related to the ‘cleanliness’ episodes. Victory for the McQuaid brothers! Funny ending scene!

“Unfinished Business” brought into light the hatred people could inflict upon others and this time, it was about the attack on handicapped people. Indeed, one of the worst kind of hatreds. On a comedic side, Doug had to be Capt. Fuller’s secretary at the beginning of the episode since Capt. Fuller was hiding from Rebecca (who wanted to be placed on the case). Hurray for Rebecca! She totally stole the show on this one with her ability to catch the dude and some more. Great, intelligent woman… This says it all with how people shouldn’t look down upon others who are different from them.

“How I Saved the Senator” was squeezed almost to the back. One of the best episodes and comedic scenes unfolded because of the recounts of what happened. Aside from wanting to slap the heck out of the annoying reporter, the recounts were really amusing. Harry started the story off with some nice Asian background music and some philosophy lessons, LOL! It would take about two centuries before he would be done since he just started with his childhood stories. LOL! But have to give him credit for such a creative style of storytelling. (Reporter: What does this have to do with the Senator? Harry: Background story!) Bruce Lee fighting the bad guys? So funny! And Hanson was the one knocking the other guy out! That was funny! Intense all right, the chase and then the battle with the big boss. It was his master! No wonder he needed the background info! Judy had to sabotage Harry. (Doug: You’ve been reading too many Jap comics!) LOL Then Hanson had to jump in with his ‘Charlie Chaplin’ version of the story. That was priceless! Little Tommy’s little effort was not appreciated after all. Poor Little Tommy! But finally spotted Judy and Harry in the plot since I wasn’t really paying attention before, except for Little Tommy’s story. And then there was also Capt. Fuller around the time they had the chase scene. Extremely hilarious yet still reserve the classic moments of those old silent films! That was awesome! Johnny was really awesome as Charlie Chaplin! AND then it was finally Judy’s turn to tell her tale. Then we get to witness her singing (aside from the main theme). She might be like right after Harry with her speed of telling the story, LOL. Honestly, when was the essential part coming along? HAHA! There was also this one old man having his head in the soup bowl like how it was in Hanson’s version of the story. Capt. Fuller wanted to run away from the bomb? That did not top it either since Sal and the others were falling asleep with her story, LOL. Sal even jumped in with his own version. The Rabbi and the priest joke was also incorporated into this one, lol. Sal’s version was whacked all right! WAY off! Ah…it was finally Doug’s turn. James Bond? LOL! Too funny and shouldn’t be watched at night since you would be disturbing the neighbors. Double Zero? LOL! (And that dude part of the band in Judy’s case was also in this one. Not to mention all the joke with ‘the Rabbi and the priest’ told by the Senator himself–once again.) Sal was the bad guy in Doug’s story? LOL! Never knew James Bond was that incapable! He needed help with every single task! Was this mocking James Bond? His story actually connected with Judy’s! LOL! So Judy threw the instrument in so the other guy got knocked out AND not because of Doug’s skills. Capt. Fuller was in a Western! LOL! He exaggerated about that part but he did catch the prankster. So there was no bomb! Geez! Still an awesome one!

“Every Day Is Christmas” brought out the dark side of being a cop and using that power to get different privileges. This episode also introduced a new character, Officer Dean Garrett (David Barry Gray). He sort of reminded me of Hanson with his ambitious talk about being a cop and all. It was a shame that he did not get to stick around as much for the upcoming season.

Darn, I feel so robbed. There was supposed to be another episode but they left it off for this season. Since I got the Season 3 and 4 from Mill Creek Entertainment, I wonder if they would release it on the 5th Season OR NOT. At least Anchor Bay Entertainment released some extra stuff. It doesn’t really matter with the cover–honestly. Moreover, I went and checked back with the 1st and 2nd Season from Anchor Bay and found that when I played it on my DVD player, the captions popped up SO that when I have to turn it down at night, I could still read the captions OR it could be for my mother who needs it to understand better when people are talking so fast.

21 Jump Street: Season 3 – Part II

So, back again to discuss more of the wonderful season 3.

“Fathers and Sons” reminded me of an earlier episode “Coach of the Year” since it somewhat followed the line of letting the criminal go because of connections and/or power status. Moving past all of that frustration, this one finally let Ioki give Doug the boot since Doug was pushing past his limits even more. So it actually took a girl to end it all since Ioki was quite frustrated that he was not able to bring his girlfriend home and spend some time together. YET Doug had to jump in and spoil all the moods for both of them. What was funnier with this episode was seeing how Doug and Hanson reacted to Harry’s girlfriend. Even Capt. Fuller jumped in to agree with both guys. Jumping back to the investigation with the drug, I think karma was really at work since the mayor did not want them to investigate when it involved his son BUT his decision took the kid’s life away. IF they had the chance to investigate and stop him in time, then he would end up in rehabilitation, NOT in a morgue. I think this taught a cold hard lesson for those who wanted to conceal things from surfacing, whether to protect their kids (as they claimed) or their own reputation. Unfortunately for Hanson, he broke up with his girlfriend in this one. I understand that she did what she did to protect Hanson, but I must agree with Hanson on this one. He never meddled with her work, why did she do it to him? If it was just him getting in trouble, he wouldn’t be as pissed off, but it involved Capt. Fuller. Considering the outcome, Capt. Fuller was brought back but what IF he wasn’t? Hanson wouldn’t forgive himself for it–ever. I was glad he choose to end it like that, releasing them both, rather than continue on. Since what if they had arguments later on (which would be inevitable since every relationship have those) and they would somehow bring up the past? But the most powerful scene was seeing Capt. Fuller being welcomed back by every one of the team.

“High High” was another episode about drugs. It was really sad that they used a variety of drugs, NOT just a particular one. Booker mentioned about how it was the only way they knew to deal with it all. Sad indeed. Aside from that, it was a tad too funny that they were each assigned to a class and/or club. AND they had to cope with it. Harry was really having trouble with dancing class but luckily he was given a chance to be their cameraman. Then Doug was feeling so weird in acting class though Holy was enjoying it more (at first). Hanson had to join this band and was forced to play the drum (at first). Booker was still Booker, always being the cool guy. I thought the presentation at the ending was quite powerful with the scenes being played back on the screen and Booker’s narrative. Pressures were faced with every day yet those people had to seek a way out (aka relieving those stress) by doing drugs–among other things. A powerful message indeed. A nice lesson for those kids also. Seeing that some were able to start anew with the proper guidance while others were still drifting down the wrong path. It was not always a happy ending but they could only try.

“Next Victim” was touching in a way because Booker ended up realizing how words hurt more than anything at times, causing people to go to the extreme of taking actions on others. Words were more powerful than anything and it hurt more than anyone could imagine. It was indeed Booker’s episode since he convinced others how it was more important to talk it out and reach an understanding than just using hatred against each other like that. Just because one cannot control one’s life and was not able to change it did not mean it gave him/her the right to trash others and spread hatred around.

“Loc’d Out” was quite intense, considering it had two parts and also involved some inside job going on. The scene where I found that was actually funny was where Doug was training Hanson for the undercover job. Doug picked on everything about Hanson’s gestures to his pronunciations that it got on Hanson’s nerves. YET he couldn’t do anything (except yell) since Doug was helping him get into character. The real reason was Hanson did not want to be involved in the case. However, when Ioki got shot, it showed that Hanson was determined to find out who was the shooter behind it. (Then the whole thing made me remember somewhat of Hanson and Ioki’s bond at times too.) Anyway, despite the hectic situation, the part where they were waiting for words of Ioki’s well being was kind of funny since they got impatient and snapped at one another. Even Booker was sort of scared of Judy (since he was apologizing, lol). The scariest part about this was it almost tear the team apart, considering how Hanson was framed for murder and was forced to flee. For the first time (or at least for this season) that they encountered a dirty cop. Doug went all out on this one since he even went as far as arguing with Capt. Fuller. It showed Doug and Hanson’s bond aside from all the bits and pieces of humor that we’ve witnessed in the past. What was even more shocking was that the verdict became evident that Hanson actually shot the dirty cop AND there wasn’t some trap like one would expect. (Or so we were led to believe.) The season ended with Hanson behind the cell, reflecting. AND Ioki did not recover yet. Nice try, leaving us hanging like that.

So, that was season 3, a cliffhanger, lol. Of course, I’ll be back to update on season 4.

21 Jump Street: Season 3

I recently caught up on collecting this again and ended up being drawn into it once again. Surprisingly, it was one of my favorite shows BUT not because of any one character and/or actor. They were all what made the show happened. It was also one of those crime/police dramas during the ’80s that had its own flavoring to it. (Talking about that, I think Stephen J. Cannell is a genius since he created and/or co-created quite a few shows back then with its own elements–though some subject of the cases did overlap, the angle was totally different because of the main characters’ occupations and/or specialties.) I felt that it was also one of those shows that you did not feel guilty watching for youthful faces since it was focused around the idea of having young faces go on undercover jobs in high school and/or universities (or other locations at times) where it was relevant to the cases.

I am currently watching Season 3 on DVD and it was also the introduction of Officer Dennis Booker (Richard Grieco). At first, I was not used to him since I was more used to the usual five and not to mention the Hanson (Johnny Depp) and Doug (Peter DeLuise) team that was going on for the past two seasons. However, I finally understand why his character became popular and even got a spin-off later on. He was different from the others and possibly had this unpredictable aspect to him that made it even more intriguing to watch and make others want to find out more about him.

Anyway, so far, my favorite cases are: “The Dragon and the Angel”, “What About Love?”, “Woolly Bullies”, and “A.W.O.L.”. I did not like the element of the whole gang rivalry and the confrontation with Ioki’s story too much. However, I found it extremely funny with the story between Hanson and Doug. Though Hanson got shot and it was a close one, the after events were quite funny, considering how fierce Doug was, declaring to avenge Hanson’s injury (aka hunt down the supposed shooter as the one they chased and bring him in for justice) YET it was Doug who shot Hanson in the first place. Upon hearing Captain Fuller (Steven Williams)’s words when he (Capt. Fuller) read the report out loud, Doug (who was supposedly trying to feed Hanson milk) immediately looked up and squeezed the milk carton so hard that it got Hanson in the face–not to mention the straw went flying across the room. Yes, it was hilarious yet sad at the same time that Doug was responsible. Luckily, it was only a minor injury and Doug was forgiven because of the complicated situation at the time of the chase. However, Doug–who was guilt-stricken–was not able to drop it. He attempted to patch things up by practically becoming a maid (it seemed that way) and helped Hanson with every single possible task he was able to think of–getting Hanson food, drinks, gifts, and even went to the extreme of sharpening every one of Hanson’s pencils. It got to the point where Hanson was not able to stand it anymore, so he ended up confronting Doug, stating, “Enough already, Doug. I know you’re sorry, everyone knows you’re sorry. Do you know how I know? You said it 430 times already.” All the words unleashed and somewhat got of control because Hanson was feeling annoyed and was not able to concentrate because of Doug’s presence hovering over him constantly (making it hard to write his reports). Hanson even mentioned something about, “You don’t have to sharpen my pencils for me, okay? I like to sharpen my own pencils!” Doug (being his impatient self) was not able to take Hanson’s yelling either (though he claimed earlier that it was all right how Hanson treated since he was trying to make up for his error), so he yelled back, asking why Hanson was yelling at him. Hanson retorted by saying, “Of course, I’m yelling. I’m entitled to yell! I just got shot in the butt!” (Of course, it had to end because they were so loud that  Capt. Fuller had to come over and tell them to go to therapy before he got on their cases.) That was not all because they ended up confessing up and telling their problems to find out that the ‘doctor’ was actually a patient herself and just happened to sneak into the doctor’s office to have some fun with the two guys. When it was the real doctor sitting down behind his desk and asking both guys what was the problem, both guys exchanged a glance and blurted out, “Nothing, everything’s fine, Doctor”, and immediately left the office.

Again, I did not like the pest inspector that tricked Judy Hoffs in “What About Love?” but I found it funnier watching Doug being kicked out of his own house and had to seek shelter elsewhere. His first stop? Who else but Hanson? The funniest part was that he just had to ask, “Oh, come on, you don’t think that our friendship could withstand moving in and living together?” Hanson looked like he was mulling things over for like a second and we see Doug back on the search for the next person on the list. When he arrived at Booker’s apartment building and pressed the doorbell, he realized it was not a good idea since Booker was ‘occupied at the moment’ and it was back on the road again. Sal (Sal Jenco) was more than happy to take Doug in YET Doug chose to evacuate out of there before Sal’s kids kill him with their guns (toy guns, not real guns of course). The choices were running low and somehow he managed to convince Ioki to take him in. I guess Harry didn’t really know Doug well since he agreed too easily. (Though Harry soon found out and it was too late to do anything about it–at least for the moment.) To top it off with all the comedy effect, they had to make Doug walk in the night of snow falling ever so dramatically while trying to seek proper shelter that one could not help but sympathize him. And though I said I did not like the whole thing with Judy’s story (aka how she had met with such a jerk), I liked the part where Judy was leaning into Capt. Fuller and crying. It was giving us some more development between the characters. Capt. Fuller was not just the boss, but a supportive figure when they needed him. Though he was strict, he really cared for them. In a way, he was like a brother (or even a father figure) to Judy.

“Woolly Bullies” was about them recounting back to the old days when they were still in school and had their fair share of encountering bullies. It first began with Doug being disturbed with his current assignment and was ditching class (though he was supposed to be observing the other kids report back to Capt. Fuller of suspicious signs) and somehow they ended up sitting around and sharing bully stories. Each had their cruel and/or painful experience. YET everyone was surprised when Booker confessed that he also encountered a bully in the past. The others were beyond surprised also (and I don’t blame them), BUT when Booker actually told the story, it was beyond hilarious. He took that guy down in two shakes! And the others were like gasping since they could not believe it ended so fast. Doug’s story was saved for last since he never had proper closure after all. It was interesting to see his real-life father (Dom DeLuise) and brother (Michael DeLuise) in here also. It was a very satisfying ending for Doug since he found out the big bully he used to fear was now in worse shape than him and was married to a very mean person. That little new information led him to become even more confident and confronted the current bully who was making it hard for him to investigate matters.

“A.W.O.L.” was Hanson and Doug’s case because they needed to escort one of the runaway soldiers back to camp. It showed Hanson and Doug’s bond even more since they were stuck in the snow and had to cope with the weather, etc. Not to mention how they managed to convince the other kid that it was for his best. They shared a special bond with that made-up song they sang along the way and even at the end of the show. Meanwhile, back on the homefront (aka Jump Street), Judy was being pestered by some annoying calls. Somehow, Booker managed to convince the other person to stop bothering Judy at last and Judy wanted to know how he’d done it. Booker’s reply was hilarious and so him. He got a date with the other person SO that was why he needed until Monday to tell Judy (LOL).

I’m not finished yet but will try to update more if I find other episodes worth mentioning. (And I’m sure there will be.) Season 3 is full of interesting episodes so yes, I’ll probably be back to discuss some more.