21 Jump Street: Season 1

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So I went back to watch the first season just for kicks and do a review of it as well. Anchor Bay Entertainment version so I could watch it at night without turning on the sound too loud (as not to disturb others). (Yeah, I’m still sore that the new version doesn’t allow for the caption to appear.)

“21 Jump Street” – The episode that started it all! Hanson was so ambitious and so tensed back then! Unlike how relaxed he was in the later seasons. Can’t blame him since he was trying to be a model cop–like his father. But his energetic behaviors caused too much trouble for others, not considering he was endangering their lives. (Hanson’s latest partner: With these things, you just have to take it as it is. If life throws me a lemon, I’ll just make a martini.) BUT luckily he got another chance. Doug and Ioki! LOL! And to make it even better, Capt. Jenko was so wacko. Hanson was totally overwhelmed. Judy got to do the make-over for Hanson. What fun! And Hanson was in big trouble, messing up so bad with his first job. BUT no harm, still some second chances. Hanson’s reporting technique was killing them though! So funny! Jenko and Doug were driven to insanity. It was definitely hard to predict that Hanson and Doug would become the best of best friends later. It seemed even harder to believe that Hanson would risk his life for Ioki and Doug in the later parts of Season 4. Though everyone else was cool in his or her own way, it was hard to see how much they have gotten along later on. But the ending scene sure showed some unification and Hanson finally got used to the whole deal of being an undercover cop in Capt. Jenko’s unit. Yay! Funny! And finally, he got accepted by everyone, including Doug. Final scene with Hanson playing with the band! Nice!

“America, What A Town” – Hanson so passionate about the insurance rates and Doug handing him a tissue after the speech to wipe his sweats from all those enthusiasms, lol. They were getting along well these days. Doug mumbling the # and walking away! LOL! Judy had to babysit and Harry annoyed the world out of her? Doug didn’t get to be back up but had to team up with Hanson to seek out those car deals. Harry’s car got fried! Poor Harry! That was scary, chasing Hanson and Doug down like that! But can’t blame him. He will be SO dead with his insurance company. “They’re running?” Hanson nod. “They’re running!” (LOL) The guys doing their signature pose at the ending scene!

“Don’t Pet The Teacher” – I didn’t care about the teacher since it was kind of weird in a sense. But the comedy continued with the Jump Street team. And then I kept pondering if Jeffery Stone was portrayed by Charlie Schlatter. I wasn’t really paying attention really since it was a re-watch BUT his voice sounded like Charlie when he appeared. Then I kept observing and that Stone guy really looked like Charlie also. So? A search around and still couldn’t find any information that proves it but I’m quite sure it’s him. Somehow toward the ending, I found the teacher somewhat cute so I guess re-watches to help. Funny with Harry scolding at the guy and then finding out that the old man was actually the one in charge of the exam! LOL! That was priceless!

“My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” – The intellect crowd aka the high class getting in trouble. So fake! But anyway, so funny that Doug knew the material and Hanson didn’t. Then Doug was more popular than Hanson among the crowd. Not a surprise since Doug’s such an easygoing person. Hanson’s learning the ropes but he’s not comfortable enough to ease into it like the rest of the team. Capt. Jenko is so cool! LOL! “Do I know you?” LOL!

“The Worst Night of Your Life” – More background information revealed of the main cast–aside from the pyromaniac case. Hanson got kicked out of bowling? Doug thought he got it all but he got robbed! He will never live this one down if the others find out! BUT then they had to find out anyway since he had to identify the girl. Then Hanson had to return the favor with the ‘amateur’ comment, LOL. Hanson’s obsessed with bowling! So funny! Doug finally caught the lady who robbed him! LOL! He got the satisfaction out of that. Almost forgot about Doug’s craziness for his motorcycle. So cool!

“Gotta Finish the Riff” – Sad, sad beginning. Capt. Jenko died. He was so cool. Capt. Fuller was so funny! “I don’t think he’s going for Penhall in a wig?” LOL! I guess it will take them a while to adjust but still…great loyalty to Capt. Jenko. Intense moments with the rescue scenes YET Harry ruined it by falling from one of the interior pipes! Darn! That was funny! “Hey, how about letting them take those guys downtown and the rest of us go out for pizza?” LOL!

“Bad Influence” – Can’t believe the parents of those kids. ALSO, what the heck was that saying that Hanson and Doug weren’t brought up well? I meant the old man’s response to their question about if the kids had contacted anyone else. (The mother was like saying, “Before contacting their parents?” And the father was like, “Maybe you guys have been brought up those ways, but not our kids.”) What the heck? Serves them right for getting nothing BUT that was too easy for the kids. EVEN if they were kids, the parents needed a lesson.

“Blindsided” – The introduction of the McQuaid brothers! So cool! LOL! Doug keep his key on the edge of his door instead of the mat? Clever!

*Doug: You got to take it step-by-step, you know what I mean?
*Hanson: The way you’re taking it, by the time midterm comes around, we’ll be busting the president of Columbia.
*Doug: The school or the country?

The case, a really tragic one and unbelievable even. The department had better pay big time for it since they let it happen to the girl for sooo long.

“Next Generation” – Hanson and sarcasm! LOL! Doug had to switch to babysitting? LOL! Hilarious! Well, he wanted to go after the mother so gotta work hard. (Doug: You need to be changed? Let’s go find Roger’s shirt.) Sad story YET I have to clap the father on since he was able to turn around and make his son pay for the price. What he said was really true and sad at the same time that if his father had made him do the sentence, then he wouldn’t have to go through that today (aka witnessing his son going on the same path). At least he wasn’t fake like other supposedly ‘respected people’ in here.

“Low and Away” – So funny! How can Doug be that bad? He did it on purpose? LOL! Hanson and Ioki! LOL! Nice, lucky Harry wasn’t busted this time like last time. How did Hanson bang his hand? Was that fake? If it was fake, they couldn’t fool the old lady, right? It must have hurt like crazy! And what a mess! Feds and locals…BUT Hanson and Doug got the last laugh. Exciting scene near the end.

“16 Blown To 35” – Everyone’s reaction regarding Capt. Fuller’s son–FUNNY. Yet their reaction when they realize Doug just arrested the captain’s son was even funnier. Some background info regarding the captain. Cool… The case–no comments but that was sad, the price of fame. Sometimes it was not a good idea to turn your back like that and throw your dignity away–EVEN if you want to be famous. It was like throwing your life away IF you thought it was a good idea at first.

“Main Streets and Pastel Houses” – Doug still singing the ‘natural’ tune! LOL! It was funny all right. Gang-related crime and vandalism. Kids would do anything to fit in, to find a place where they could belong. Others want to prey on it to control them. It really makes you think about this one. And sometimes, you have to try harder to turn them around, not just stereotype them for ‘being those types’ just like that. Great, meaningful episode.

First great season. Everyone was performing their best. I guess that was what started it all. Somehow, the plots were better and there were a variety of cases. But I guess they were trying to send a message and bring some issues to the top hence the recurring theme for the upcoming seasons.

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