A Chance of Sunshine

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It was an average series overall. That was to say the lightest about the whole thing. It seemed a bit draggy because of some repetitive scenes and its many flashbacks. The soundtrack was awesome so no complaints there but the plot could improve more. I think putting in the “third wheel” character in here defeated the whole purpose of the series. They had the whole thing about the parents’ past and their current conflict already. No need for such a nuisance and more ruptures toward the whole situation to make things worse for Le Ping and Shi Tao.

I thought the most dragged out part was how ridiculous it was to make them not meeting each other for like the majority of the series. I mean we, as the audience, got the concept that because of their different habits and lifestyles that they failed to meet up but it got so dragged out later on that it defeated the whole purpose of it, making it ridiculous. For example, there was a scene where they were practically bumping into each other aka walking like right next to each other or racing past each other but failed to notice. I was talking about after they met and exchanged numbers at the park–not the beginning because the parts before their real meeting scene were just setting the story up and letting us know the characters more. That part was relevant, but after they knew each other, it was ridiculous not to notice that they were nearby. If you find people, wouldn’t you look in all directions? It was a common sense even if your typical habit wasn’t like that.

The “third wheel” scheming girl was WAY too annoying and it seemed quite lenient to let her off so easily at the end of the series. But lucky she didn’t end up with anyone or it would be WAY too forced. Still, it was a shame that she wasn’t exposed later on either. Even after they both knew she was behind some stuff but after that? She was still at it.

Aside from those two things that made it WAY annoying at times, there were lots of other like factors about this series in general, such as:

  • Their ongoing bickering at the beginning when they were beyond annoyed with each other’s loudness. It was way too funny since when they met for real, they got along so well. Then the horn became their little inside joke later to communicate with each other. Also, the cat became their little messenger.
  • The chemistry and collaboration between Lu Yi and Alyssa Chia: I must admit that I really liked them together–sometimes even more than Vincent and Alyssa. They really hit it off in here with their interactions. It really made me believe they were really together.
  • The family of both sides. Although there were moments where it seemed annoying or might be frustrating with the parents but later on, they seemed to realize the importance of happiness over money and let the kids be that way–and not repeat their past mistakes.
  • The soundtrack. As mentioned many times before, the soundtrack was really nice. Like every song–except for maybe one. It really made the series flow better than just seeing repeated flashbacks. It made it less painful since flashbacks were all right once in a while but every ten minutes was sort of annoying. So the songs really made it happen for the majority of the drama.
  • Ambrose Hsu as a guest star. It was really fun to see him try to court Le Ping and he was a real gentleman about it too. Not to mention it burst the other girl’s bubble because she thought she was all that, always up to something. Great to see Ambrose play such a clever character and a talented guy as well. Great performance near the end with him and Lu Yi.

I think I actually feel somewhat disappointed that Qiao Zhen Yu’s character shall leave just like that–with people still misunderstanding him and the others never know that he was the one who helped Shi Tao’s sister when she came back to the hospital that one time. I really like Qiao Zhen Yu in here but too bad that he only appeared somewhat at the beginning of the drama. It would have been fun to see him still around and maybe find his own happiness later. Things can’t be too gift-wrapped, right? But still a shame.

Overall, if it wasn’t for some really annoying flaws–somewhat unforgivable–it would have been perfect. I think comparing with Jimmy Liao’s other story turned TV series, Sound of Colors with Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin did better, considering how Sound of Colors was shorter in length and even though it was really tragic, we know why it should be that way and the flow was much more fast pace. I rather deal with Yun Xiang’s step-mother than this annoying, scheming girl in here. But maybe ’cause of Lu Yi, Alyssa, Qiao Zhen Yu, and Ambrose–AND the soundtrack–that made this all worthwhile throughout.

Posted (on Xanga): December 22nd, 2008

Re-posted: Tuesday, April 9th, 2010

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