Borrow Your Love: Episode 12

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Ping An finally came to the Bai resident to retrieve her mother’s belongings. Or at least whatever it was that she could take with her. Xi Le tossed the box toward her before giving her a scolding marathon about what Bai Ming Li had done to her, and over the fact that Bai Ming Li and Ping An didn’t consider her feelings–or asked for her permission. She even went to the extreme of snatching Ping An’s necklace up (breaking the chain, dang that girl was indeed strong) and picking on how she was only given some random necklace while Ping An received sentimental items. Ping An wanted to apologize but Xi Le didn’t give her a chance. Xi Le still stuck with Bai Ming Li being her mother and left the scene. (Honestly, it was Bai Ming Li’s doings, NOT Ping An. Why was she scolding? OKAY, I got it that she was really, really, really upset and it made sense, BUT she’d been attacking Ping An for a while now. It’s getting really, really repetitive and tiring. Not to mention how petty Xi Le appeared, considering how much she kept implying they were sisters in the past and how Ping An was willing to share her father with Xi Le. Yet now? She could burst out at Bai Ming Li all she wants, but Ping An? Like Ping An was in on the schemes too or something.) Anyway, the box that Xi Le tossed down to the ground, saying it was Ping An’s consisted of the wedding gown her mother left for her, the letter, and her family picture. So after Xi Le was done scolding Ping An and left, it was seen she was actually crying. Was that for herself or not really wanting to go into the whole conflict with Ping An?

Meanwhile, Ye Chen was out investigating the flower bouquet. He was still searching for the flower shop, trying to figure out who the sender of the flowers was. His trip wasn’t unfruitful. He not only found the shop but also found the real sender of the flowers. Definitely not Zi Wen. It was Bai Ming Li. Indeed, it was a big surprise. Since he had expected it to be Zi Wen. He even started out the question with if the person who had requested the orders of flowers to Wei Zhen’s grave was a young gentleman, etc. Yet the person at the front desk responded that it wasn’t. She soon looked at her log to verify how Bai Ming Li had requested the orders to be delivered at different intervals. When Bai Ming Li was asked if she was Wei Zhen’s family member, she responded that she was only representing Wei Zhen’s brother (who was at a very far away place hence not being able to do it himself) in buying the flowers and having it sent to Wei Zhen’s grave. Upon learning of Bai Ming Li being the person responsible for sending flowers all these years, Ye Chen left the store and pondered–as he walked along the street–why Bai Ming Li had done that. He wondered if it was her way of making up for her past wrong, and even pondered if Bai Ming Li had known all along of Ye Chen’s identity as Wei Zhen’s brother. He also wanted to know if that was why she wanted to buy him over since the beginning.

Ye Chen didn’t have a chance to ponder anymore because he soon spotted Ping An sitting at a bench when he crossed the street. He asked her why she was sitting there alone. She told him she went to fetch her mother’s belongings. She showed him of the wedding gowns, the letter, the diary, pen, etc. The item she wasn’t able to figure out was the old cassette player, which seemed to be broken already. Ye Chen promised to have it fixed for her. Ping An then admitted that aside from knowing that her mother was called “Bai Ming Li”, she didn’t know anything else about her, like what music she’d liked, what was her favorite color, or what she’d liked to eat, etc. Ye Chen said that he knew more about Bai Ming Li, stating that the person she loved the most was Xie Ping An, and then he went on to say how Bai Ming Li’s taste didn’t veer much from Ping An’s. The more she listened, Ping An was able to smile again. She told him that he was too nosy for an assistant. He went into his defensive mode, lol. Yet the atmosphere turned hectic again when Ye Chen learned that Xi Le didn’t let Ping An come to Bai Ming Li’s funeral. (She didn’t tattle-tell on Xi Le, but she only said she wanted to go back to the orphanage to visit in two days and Ye Chen realized it was the day of the funeral.) Ye Chen wanted to go confront Xi Le yet Ping An stopped him. He stated he didn’t want to see Xi Le bully Ping An anymore, that it was enough already, considering how much Bai Ming Li did for Xi Le–even if she’d tricked her about the real identity. Ping An came up with more reasons to not blame Xi Le, etc. Ping An finally said that she didn’t want to show up anyway since she didn’t know all those people that were coming. He told her that he could understand how Ping An wanted to make it up to Xi Le for what happened, but it was too overboard robbing the chance of Ping An sending her mother off for the last time. After all that was said and done, Ping An said that she was hungry so she wanted to go home and eat, telling him to go home and prepare the food. (LOL, what a way to dodge, cute even if it’s so NOT a good time for it.) As she carried the box and made her way home, he pondered what he should be doing. He really wanted to help Ping An and make things return to its stability for her, so that he could leave without having to worry anymore. Though he knew Bai Ming Li didn’t do it on purpose, it was because of her that Wei Zhen had died, so he can’t let his sister down.

At the company, Xi Le expressed to Zi Wen that she wanted to return to Ping An what was Ping An’s. Yet Zi Wen managed to persuade her not to. He stated that it was for the company’s own good since Xi Le was more capable, etc.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen continued on with his investigation of the accident. The recent accident with Bai Ming Li and Xi Le, not Wei Zhen’s. He was talking to the driver. The driver said what Ye Chen asked, the cops already asked him, and his responses wouldn’t change. He claimed he didn’t know what was going on. He usually checked the car each time before leaving the residence. He wasn’t supposed to work that day yet received a call from the lady boss hence going over to do the deed. He didn’t see anyone suspicious, etc. But the piece of information that was helpful to Ye Chen was how Bai Ming Li usually take her car in for inspection regularly. Ye Chen walked around, trying to think again. He realized that it was unlikely that it was Bai Ming Li’s carelessness (of not taking the car in for regular inspection) that had caused the accident. It was too strange. When he was lost in thoughts, Ji Li Sha suddenly came up to him to tell him of some good news. She said since Bai Ming Li’s passing, he was directed to a new department, under a new boss. The title was too long, he asked her to repeat it. Then he asked who. She stated it was her. He said since Bai Ming Li wasn’t around anymore, he didn’t have any reason to be around yet she gave him another reason to leave the place. (LOL!)

When Ye Chen went to submit his resignation letter to Zi Wen, he told Zi Wen he wanted to talk with Zi Wen. So they went to the roof. Ye Chen asked about Hei Zai’s whereabouts. Zi Wen replied with the typical “I don’t know” and then returned it with how Ye Chen had Hei Zai’s phone so he should know how to find him. Ye Chen knew Zi Wen would answer like that. He then asked Zi Wen if Zi Wen had hired Hei Zai after Bai Ming Li fired him. Zi Wen returned it with how Ye Chen already formed his own conclusions so it didn’t matter how he (Zi Wen) answered. Ye Chen’s last question was had Zi Wen ever went to visit Wei Zhen’s grave since her passing. That was when Zi Wen got stumped. Ye Chen disclosed that he initially thought the person sending the flowers was Zi Wen, but it wasn’t until recently that he learned that the person sending the flowers was Bai Ming Li. That had shocked Zi Wen. Ye Chen said if Zi Wen didn’t know about that, then he didn’t even go visit Wei Zhen at all after all these years. Zi Wen reasoned that it was because he couldn’t bear it, not being able to face his pain. Ye Chen didn’t think so, he asked was it because Zi Wen was feeling guilty hence not being able to face Wei Zhen. Zi Wen faked innocent, stating he didn’t understand what Ye Chen was saying. Ye Chen’s anger had cranked up a few notches, he wanted Zi Wen to come with him to Wei Zhen’s grave and swore that he had nothing to do with it. Zi Wen shoved Ye Chen out and told Ye Chen not to make up stuff anymore, saying Ye Chen was crazy. Ye Chen knew Zi Wen was lying–and told him that. Zi Wen once again had to shove Ye Chen aside. Yet Ye Chen wasn’t attacking anymore. He told Zi Wen that from now on, Zi Wen wasn’t his brother anymore. Then he left.

Later at home, Ye Chen was apologizing to Wei Zhen again. He stated that he was wrong all along. The person responsible for Wei Zhen’s death was actually Zi Wen. He vouched once again to seek justice for her. And still later, he met up with Ping An at the orphanage. She was helping with some tasks. Soon though, they took a walk around the place. She pointed out different locations to him, as well as the tree that they wanted to put a swing in. After some more walking, Ye Chen pulled out the cassette player he had fixed already and gave it to Ping An. She played it and they were able to hear Ping An’s father’s voice. It was the song he composed for Ping An. Not only that but her mother was also singing along with her father. She was so happy to have this clip of her parents singing her song.

Then at Zi Wen’s place, Zi Wen was seen breaking down completely and drinking. Yes, somehow, somewhere in his heart, Ye Chen was the world to him. Or the last of his true friends who left him. Xi Le came over to comfort him. She said she’d overheard the conversation between the two guys already, but she was still supporting him, etc. She said she didn’t have any friends either. He outright told her that he was a murderer–and that he was responsible for Wei Zhen’s death. So in flashbacks, a full story was given with how Zi Wen told Wei Zhen he wanted to take revenge on Bai Ming Li. She didn’t want him to waste his time on revenge and torture himself. Yet he didn’t listen and went to sabotage the brake on Bai Ming Li’s car. Wei Zhen followed. She saw it all and somehow ended up jumping out in front of the car. After the flashbacks, Zi Wen told Xi Le how he’d done wrong toward Wei Zhen and Ye Chen, and that he’d wished the person who had died was him. He also said that was the reason why he didn’t dare to visit Wei Zhen at her grave. (Yes, the guilt thing.) Xi Le said he didn’t mean it. He then said all because of Bai Ming Li, he even restored to using Xi Le, would she still accept him? She responded by saying how if she was Wei Zhen, she would forgive him. And her thoughts were that since she’d already fallen for him, she would follow him anywhere–even to the Hell realm.

The day of Bai Ming Li’s funeral, interestingly and dramatically as it was, it was raining. Ping An attended. But she didn’t break the promise of showing up. She stood across the street to watch and sang her song for her mother. However, Xi Le spotted her walking along the road when her car drove by later. But before that scene was the part Xi Le had the talk with Ji Li Sha. It seemed like they weren’t best friends anymore. Both were attacking each other like insane. One mocking, the other went on the insulting route without caring. Perhaps it was because of how Xi Le had acquired the power she needed so she no longer was afraid of Ji Li Sha.

As things progressed even more, Ji Shi Cheng was definitely losing his grounds within the company. He lost to Zi Wen’s schemes. Moreover, Ji Li Sha was finally beaten by Xi Le as Xi Le had spread the rumors of her actually not Ji Shi Cheng’s real daughter, and she’d come from the orphanage. So now Ji Li Sha had lost her ground among her friends. She ended up stumbling around and bumped into Ye Chen. She pondered why the world was against her, etc. In her drunken state, she threw up on Ye Chen. Whether taking pity on her or just plain curious, Ye Chen took her home and tended to cleaning his own shirt. (The reason why Ye Chen was around the area to bump into Ji Li Sha was because he’d was asking around for information on Hei Zai’s whereabouts.)

When Ping An finally arrived home, she saw Ji Li Sha on Ye Chen’s bed and how he didn’t have his shirt on so she quickly left. Yet Ji Li Sha told her to stay, explaining to her that Ye Chen was just being nice and bringing her back there since she was drunk. She told Ping An not to get jealous over it. Ping An came back in and told Ji Li Sha that she already sobered up, she could leave. Ping An stated that she wasn’t as ‘kindhearted’ as Ye Chen. Ji Li Sha got up from the bed and was about to leave. But she ended up blurting out that Ping An should listen to her words carefully since it was the most truthful since their meeting. She said she’d treated Ping An as an enemy since little. That was when Ping An got up from her seat and told Li Sha that Li Sha was drunk. Li Sha ignored her and said she’d promised herself to defeat Ping An, but seeing how weak Ping An was, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Ping An was finally able to see the scar on Li Sha’s hand and realized Li Sha was Sha Sha. Ye Chen was also shocked by the development yet he still stood in the back to listen. Li Sha went on to say she knew Ping An and Xi Le’s bond yet she had to tell Ping An that Xi Le had changed already–and that Xi Le wouldn’t return to her side to become her good sister anymore. Ping An still refused to believe that Xi Le was turning into another Bai Ming Li (aka her fierce attitude and how she treated her enemy, etc). Li Sha went on to say that the only person who could dethrone Xi Le was Ping An, so if Ping An needed her help, she and her brother could help Ping An. Ping An said there was no reason for Li Sha to help her since Li Sha really hated her. Yet Li Sha clarified that she hated Xi Le more as of recent, lol. She finally got up and told Ping An to think it over. Before leaving, she thanked Ye Chen for his help earlier.

After Li Sha left, Ping An consulted with Ye Chen. Ping An still didn’t want to do it and didn’t know if they could trust Li Sha. Yet Ye Chen said the only way to save Xi Le was to go forward with the plan. He also said this time Li Sha was serious in helping her. Ping An said she didn’t think that Li Sha was the Sha Sha they knew in the orphanage, pondering if Xi Le knew. All of a sudden, she went all ballistic, telling him not to bring any drunk girl home anymore, except for her. (LOL! CUTE!) He laughed. But she then resumed her serious manner and asked him what he’d told Li Sha that had caused her to become a good person. He said he wasn’t going to tell her. So she pinched his cheek, not letting him drink water.

The next day at work, Ye Chen showed up to help Ping An. He even chided her for not knowing how to rest, etc. She ended up calling him “Ye Da Ma” (葉大媽) since he was becoming more and more like the head of the orphanage, lol. They didn’t get to joke for long since some of the employees from the restaurant had come to tell them some bad news. The staff got cut off once again.

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