Call Me Jampel

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Just when I thought I’m running out of things to talk about for Tang Feng at this moment or at least haven’t been that into him because of his lack of activities around the e-circle. Yet I just read something on his Facebook Page and just have to update. On his latest entry, he said that his teacher has given him a new English name, telling us the reason for it. So now he’s going to start using it slowly. Slowly also mean I could drag my feet, lol. Since I’m so used to him as Denny by now. But I must say he’s seriously a name guy (aka good at confusing us with all the name change). The last time he changed his name to ‘Feng’, it was like he disappeared off the radar for fans who have known him as ‘Jia Hao’. But this time it might not be as confusing because some fans are more used to his Chinese name than English? We’ll see!

Anyway, I was checking his Weibo to see if he changed his name there yet (since he hadn’t for his Facebook Page), I found something else. (And the answer is yeah, he changed it on his Weibo already). He has a new project, which I’m not sure what because I haven’t been really stalking him, lol. But this entry showed that they were shooting something. It looks like the ’70s themed movie. (I’m guessing from the girl’s dress.) So after some more searching around (or more like scrolling down on his page), here goes the answer, it’s a DaAi production, go here for more pictures. By the rate of it, they might be done already because the entry with the picture was marked October 24.

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