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Several artists are trying to make their comeback this year. As debates are taking place at various sites in cyberspace, the questions are somewhat similar. When will they release an album? Will it affect their sales after so long? Will their style change? What songs will they choose this time? Will they compose their own music? What about dramas? Are they planning to participate in any?

To get to the point, who are those making their way back into the public eye?

Angela Chang was out of the radar for much of last year after filming Romantic Princess and releasing her 5th album, Ang 5.0, to take care of her health problems. Now she is back to give us more great music (although anti-fans might disagree). Those who are anticipating another drama will have to wait even longer since she is focused on her singing career for the time being. (Though she hasn’t given up acting yet. Sorry, anti-fans.)

Cyndi Wang turned down Invincible Shan Bao Mei to pursue her education further in New York. She has been back for quite a while and has been actively attending functions and doing ADs. She has also been working on her next album while looking into another talent agency and finally settling on DayStar Music. Just as she was ready for the upcoming release of her new album, reporters are crowding her and asking questions all over again, stirring up more troubles. While many anti-fans scolded her straightforward answers, calling her various sort of names. It was only while I was discussing this with V that she brought something to my attention. She said, “What if it is not Cyndi who wants to talk about her relationship and it is those reporters who are asking those questions?” (Thank you, V!) But we all know anti-fans would ask the next question to discredit others again, like “Why can’t she just not answer those questions?” (I got an answer ready for that one too. If she would not cooperate with the press, she would end up being called snobby or arrogant, like she was accused of on past occurrences.)

So to dive away from the negativity, more good news for fans since she will be starring alongside Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit in the upcoming GTV drama, Momo Love.

*All images were captured and/or scanned by DTLCT

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  1. vgag says:

    I like Angela’s singing. She has those really high, ethereal top notes. Cyndi is really appealing, too. I loved her in Heaven’s Wedding Gown and as a slightly more grown up character in Smile Pasta. Glad she’s going to be in a new drama.


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