Sophia Chou, Taiwanese Entertainment

Easy In Love by Sophia Chou

This album is strangely one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Old songs but refreshing to listen to. I think it was a test drive but good choices since it contained a variety of songs.

Call me morbid but I actually like the first two songs more than the third, lighthearted one. Though I must say that the MVs were quite awesome, containing a different sense of creativity–and much more.

The first two of course had to contain some flavor of sorrow; and the last one was really cute and nice to watch. I like the idea how she was pinning the blue ribbon on everyone, turning them more lively and happy.

The packaging was really well thought since the theme was Valentine and also contained the blue ribbon that was in the third MV. It tied together the whole album. Creative all right.

Great EP overall.
*All images were captured and/or scanned by DTLCT



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