Endless Love: Line 4

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Good sign or not, things were proceeding like normal again with Jing Hao and Rui En. While Rui En was looking over at her work, Jing Hao was seen walking toward her and praising himself as he finally saw what she was looking at. She mentioned that it was just a matter of the photographer and not someone’s image. (That was just too funny and too cute with them bickering like that. Don’t know, I’m getting addicted on their chemistry.) What was funnier was they continued the argument until they arrived in class–to which Rui En was scolding him for stalking her (or something along that line) yet he said that he was in his class. She did not believe him yet soon realized it was the truth. She was trying to ignore him BUT turned abruptly to try and catch him off guard YET he turned as quick, diverting right out of it. (Man, slick.)

After class, Jing Hao received a call from NoQ to meet him at the mall. However, Rui En wanted to meet his so-called friend, so of course, Jing Hao had to oblige to her requests. The funniest part was seeing NoQ’s reaction when Rui En appeared with Jing Hao. To make it even worse for NoQ, Rui En was holding onto Jing Hao the whole time they were on the shopping trip. She was definitely getting back at him all right, BUT poor Jing Hao. He had no idea. What would happen if he found out that he wasn’t the reason for her closeness?

AND Rui En had to go against NoQ’s taste when Jing Hao stepped out of the changing room. OHHH…so funny. She was acting all sweet toward Jing Hao, which cranked up NoQ’s rage even more. This was sooo wrong! But I have to agree with Rui En on the outfit though. The second one matched with him more. It was getting out of hand all right, lol. NoQ wasn’t able to restrain himself anymore. Wouldn’t blame him since that was extreme all right.

They straightened out things at last when Rui En was not able to hold her laughter anymore since she was so into playing her role as the ‘money digger’ and ended up getting NoQ even more rattled. So after Jing Hao made fun of NoQ, Rui En interfered and praised NoQ for being such a good friend. (Aww…so funny that NoQ got to brag about himself. But Rui En’s right. Having such a friend like NoQ was a blessing for Jing Hao. He cared enough to make a fool of himself just like that.) After that little mishap, they browsed the mall and interacted happily like old friends, not having any awkwardness in the air like before–at least not between Rui En and NoQ.

While Rui En was moving on and enjoying her life, Min Shuo was seen reflecting about matters, thinking whether he was regretting what had happened. (Too late! If only he knew when she was around. Now, he was regretting? Too bad.) While he was mourning (or so it seemed), his mother was seen in high spirits. Can’t blame her since she now had more chances than ever–if that was the case. Min Shuo was soon summoned by Rui En’s father and was asked some questions regarding her so-called boyfriend. (Okay, I don’t like this sticky situation. The typical protective father. More like trying to protect his ‘high and mighty’ reputation.)

Moving on… Rui En appeared at the stalls where the guys were selling their ‘goods’ and jumped in to help them. (More like Jing Hao but no one was counting, right? So cute and funny!) Jing Hao and NoQ were wrestling with each other to get the foods/drinks that Rui En brought for them. Things did not end there since Rui En helped Jing Hao sold quite a number that night.  (Made sense since she was able to persuade others with her great fashion sense.) So after that little excitement, Rui En was called home and Jing Hao wanted to drive her home (on his motorcycle). Jing Hao used the advantage of the loud engine and traffic to confess to Rui En and she was only able to hang on for her life yet she was sure happy, enjoying the ride. (More cuteness!)

It was a different story for Rui En when she arrived home though. She was confronted by her father and met with some questions, requests, etc–the whole run. (And I thought he was a cool father with giving her some advice before regarding past matters. But I guess it’s unavoidable, considering how he would treat it totally different when he’s in the situation. The more they seem easy on the surface, the more old fashioned they are on the inside.)

Rui En was seemed still troubled the next day, trying to think things out. It was at that time that her classmate wanted her to do some match-making.  Jing Hao, on the other hand, was seen at the mall purchasing the headband for Rui En–the one she wanted the day before but did not get it. He thought Rui En wanted to meet him so he was definitely on Cloud 9 when he received the call. He was so ready to give her the gift (and probably see her happy reaction). But when he arrived and saw the other girl, it was too much of a slap in the face to swallow. (I knew it! The match-making thing would piss Jing Hao off. Though she didn’t want to, it was too much for him to take.) Jing Hao left after some hostile, awkward moments and Rui En chased after him, following him onto the bus. Jing Hao chose to ignore her, but her persistence made it hard to. He finally got up from his seat, wanting to argue back but the bus stopped abruptly at that time, causing him to crash into her. Rui En, beyond nervous–among other things, tried to put some distance between them. Yet Jing Hao took it for a negative signal and wanted to sever their ties forever. (At least it seemed that way.)

That night, Rui En came to the guy’s stalls again, trying to bring food to cool Jing Hao down. But only NoQ was interested, even wanting to take all–if Jing Hao wasn’t going to. (How greedy! But it was too funny. He had no idea.) The heated argument carried on and on, causing more unwanted words to spill out, triggering them both even more. Perhaps, Jing Hao and Rui En were just too hot-headed for one another. (But in a way, it’s different than making the girl a complete weakling. I do get where Jing Hao was coming from though. Just that at times, it was too intense. Their backgrounds were too different so it was easy to clash.)

After that unpleasant encounter with Rui En, Jing Hao came home to find out that his father was drunk again, ranting about hating him, wanting him to die, etc. (Ekk…when he’s down, life has to kick some more. No wonder he tried to be as happy as he could at times since he would never know when things were going to turn even worse for him.) Jing Hao, not wanting to deal with it and fearing his father’s cruel words, went to sleep. He did not check on his old man until the next day, realizing that the old man had crashed in the kitchen. He immediately carried his father to the hospital, not wanting to go forth with the interview (or was it the first day?). It wasn’t until NoQ finally called Rui En that made some progress. At first, she was triggering him yet it was the final words that had some effect. (I guess this is one of those times I’m glad Rui En’s strong-willed since she has her way of convincing Jing Hao–while others would fail–though they tried.)

After that brief acknowledgment of Rui En’s persuasion skill, Jing Hao made a decision–at last–to stay away from Rui En regardless of what happened. He found out after returning to the hospital that his father had to be transferred, etc. When Rui En arrived at the hospital, she found out they were gone and no amount of calls would make them pick it up. (Oohh…that’s was so cheating! They were trying to advertise ‘Hai Pai Tian Xin’ at the same time. Yup, the part where Rui En thought her phone ring but it was just in the drama she was watching. She was seriously going crazy with not knowing all right. AND she was taking NoQ down with her. Honestly. Exaggerating much? BUT I would understand the feeling of not knowing.)

Even more, intensity passed between them as Rui En waited outside for Jing Hao after basketball practice. She, of course, confronted him and poured out her heart (sort of), mentioning how she had not slept and kept calling him. He was not moved, saying that she was naive, etc. It was more of a ploy to get her out of his hair. (I guess he won this round since he made her cry. Yes, he was hurting too but…honestly… That was worth lots of tears.)

Not giving up after what happened during the day’s encounter, Rui En waited for Jing Hao at the place where he usually set up his stall. But she received a call from Min Shuo. (Honestly, this guy is too late!) At first, she wanted to turn him down, stating that she was busy, but soon changed her mind since she was up to something again.  And things were revealed when she arrived at the hospital. She was trying to test if she would feel the same when she was around him, hugging him. (It was just a test but it would cause even more misunderstanding and complications in the future. The script-writers will make sure of it. I have to give her credit for stopping him in time though. It would be too much on her part if she didn’t. AND not to mention she knew what her heart was telling her.) Yes, at last, Rui En found her answer and immediately apologized and excused herself to go find the man that she actually cared for.

While Rui En was on her way to the KTV longue–after the tip from NoQ of course, Jing Hao wanted to get out of there since he was more than worried about the gym owner, knowing there was definitely something going on. (And he was right.) NoQ had no choice but rushed after him. When they were outside, they saw Rui En arriving just in time. (I was going to throw something at the screen since I thought it was one of those teasing things with making us wait since they wouldn’t meet until later, etc.) Jing Hao was about to deliver another round of attacks to drive her away, but she pulled him into a kiss–and that said it all. (It was a bit funny that she had to make the call on this one. But couldn’t blame him too much since she did have a lot more choices than him.)

AND cliff-hanger! Eekk! (We all know they won’t die BUT scary still.)

I got too happy too early since ratings took a plunge again to 0.81. OH WELL. Still an enjoyable show.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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