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I actually saw this sometime back, but haven’t gotten time to blog about it yet. But this could be my following after The New World ends. Or possibly following at the same time since the airing might coincide. But anyway, another crime-solving, exciting drama to follow.

Kurt Chou made it back up to the main cast list as being the team leader of the CSI team.

Janel Tsai’s the main lead but this could possibly be more suitable for her than some previous silly roles they tried to stick her into at times.

This is another crime-solving, intense, action-related drama for Dou Hua Mei. But this time, she’s going to be on the CSI team like some of the characters in here.

The last main cast is Jason Wang, portraying one of the bosses.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out since the trailers do make it exciting and intense at the same time. Well, most trailers are in their misleading ways, lol. But it’s one of the dramas I have hope for.

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