iHero: Episode 1

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

CSIC stands for Crime Scene Investigation Center. They consist of six key members within the lab, plus three other characters.

Lin Shi Yao portrayed by Jason Wang (王識賢). Known as Lin Sir, the boss. Not much about him except he had been in an accident of some sort hence limping on one leg and needed to use a cane to get around. Yet the others really respect him for his talents.

Yang Qian (楊茜) portrayed by Janel Tsai (蔡淑臻). Known as Xiao Qian (小茜), a crime investigator. Could be professional or fierce whenever the time calls for it. She’s very feisty and hilarious. This role really suits Janel because it contains a sense of maturity and at times playful without going overboard. She’s a natural so far.

Lei Yi Ming (雷一鳴) portrayed by Kurt Chou (周孝安). Known as Lei Gong (雷公), the team leader, DNA expert. Could be both serious and funny. He controls his emotions better whenever working since he had to pull Yang Qian away from one of the confrontations. Off work, he could be so childish along with Yang Qian. Kurt is finally back on the list of top four characters.

Wang Zhen Ni (王珍妮) portrayed by Cai Huang Ru (蔡黃汝). Known as Jing Ling (精靈), specialized in Behavioral Analysis. Her character is just like her nickname, so mischievous and lively. Her ability to analyze others and fast reaction made her character very vibrant. She is often seen chomping on a red apple. Here, Dou Hua Mei showed another side of her, aside from the currently airing drama The New World, in which she portrayed a very talented police officer.

Umin-Dadau (悟明‧達道) portrayed by Soda Voyu (蘇達). Known as Tou Mu (頭目), Vestige Specialist. A hilarious character but could keep focus when needed during work hours. Although that doesn’t mean he isn’t pulling some sort of tricks on them.

Xin Fan Fang (辛品芳) portrayed by Teresa Daley (紀培慧). Known as Xiao Xin (小辛), Data Analysis Expert. Give her just a strand of fabric or piece of a random object, she is able to analyze it. Like the others, she is a mixture of seriousness and humor.

Gao Tian Rui (高天睿) portrayed by Cai Li Yun (蔡力允). Known as Xiao Gao (小高), Computer Expert. Doesn’t say much and could be mistaken as uptight but it’s just the way he works.

Yang Dong Shun (楊東順) portrayed by Tao Chuan Zheng (陶傳正). Known as Professor Yang, Forensic Pathologist, also Yang Qian’s father. One of the veterans brought in for consultations at times. He is briefly mentioned and hasn’t appeared as much but probably will, considering how he’s Yang Qian’s father after all.

Jiang Wei Xiang (蔣為象) portrayed by Money Qian (錢俞安). Known as Xiao Xiang (小象), a new investigator, Yang Qian’s helpful assistant. The newbie and got conned and/or tricked by the others at various times. It gets quite hilarious how he kept making mistakes, not really major ones, but small ones that could cause others to shake their heads. Or perhaps, they’re having too much fun messing with him. But he could be quite reliable when called upon.

The first case seemed like a warm-up, but it showed the team’s capabilities and their individual talents. It was about a re-investigation of an accident. Supposedly it was a drunk driving case, which caused the deaths of two people. However, because of the plea and denial of the mother of one of the victims insisting on how her son couldn’t be drinking, the case was handed over to the team. Because of the amount of time since the accident and how the rain had washed away all evidence already, they had to recreate the scene from past evidence collected to compare between the two to come up with the answer. Each team member was able to showcase their talents at each step, and then some more. Aside from investigating the case, some of their personalities had come forth and how they interacted with one another as a team. Proving that Young Master Li (one of the parties involved in the accident) had been drunk and intended to sabotage the guy on the motorcycle was easy for their part. However, trying to find evidence of whether the guy on the motorcycle was drinking or not was hard. The hardest part was how his body was already cremated hence they could not have another go at the autopsy. In the end, it was because of Xiao Xiang’s absentminded question regarding another case that helped them solve the case. They were able to run a test with the victim’s eye’s fluids to check for alcohol level or lack of one and found the negative result. (The fluids were collected previously but was never tested so they still have that in the data bank.) So after they were done with the case and arrested Young Master Li, they went back to play their games in the woods like how they were at the beginning.

Thoughts? Quite interesting and hi-tech. Although it seemed like a simple case, but I thought it was a promising start. All characters involved were unique in their own way and contributed to the plot.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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