Legend of Star Apple: Episode 4

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Tao Si managed to take advantage of the situation and escaped from the scene by making up some excuses about taking care of the kids! Clever!

Tao Si sure had an effect on them all right! Only he was able to control the crowd! Great move!

And there was light again…(LOL)

Since when was Rui Rui the Mother Hen? Or was this some sort of revenge move? Still cute! Awww…they were wearing matching outfits!

They were a playful bunch all right. They fit right in with the little kids!

So Tao Si was still waiting…too bad they did not realize that they were both right there. (Her wish came true that he was not a crying kid anymore BUT he turned into such a bully!)

If only Tao Si knew that the fairies already answered to his wish, he would not look so cunning while approaching Rui Rui. (They were just so cute!)

And yes, Tao Si, that was what you get for being so mean while Rui Rui was sleeping.

Awww…that was even cuter. So he fell asleep by her side instead. (So much for revenge!)

Just as things were getting cuter, Rui Rui’s little pig appeared to cause some mishaps again. Or was it just trying to protect its owner from the pervert? (LOL)

And Tao Si, how could you pull that away from Rui Rui? Yes, it was your shirt but she’s a girl after all. Show some manners. (Yes, even in your sleep.)

And if you were thinking about getting Rui Rui up, she got up. Probably ready to strike at you too. (Bullying her piglet again!)

No, what? He slept with her? Rui Rui! Stop jumping to conclusions!

Umm…but must agree with Rui Rui though. What wild animal? Tao Si need to get his eyes checked! (LOL)

So Meng Xin saw them–and heard everything as well. But Tao Si was not even budging. Great, how will Rui Rui ever clear her name?

Maybe they were able to delay the explanation after all since Xiao Yi was missing!

Yes, Tao Si, why were you following Rui Rui? You know your way around…

Xiao Yi finally smiled! It was a miracle! But that was short lived as well since his encounter with Cao Ba Ba was just some random thing. He lost interest later. (Rui Rui finally got the drift of his course but was late again.)

Tao Si was still able to be playful when he was looking around for Xiao Yi? Great… Got to give him some credit though.

Rui Rui sought help from the fairies. However, she accidentally bumped into Tao Si–who was about to do the same! (The responses were so funny with how they both say like the other party would not understand.)

That was so tempting! How could Rui Rui? But it could not be helped! She was trying to look for Xiao Yi and did not pay attention to his words. (Another one of those close ones! LOL! Love Tao Si’s expression at that point though. He thought he found his fairy already!)

Rui Rui’s hand signals? Great…someone didn’t get it. Nice, Tao Si, real nice. All were stranded because of your smart moves.

As if things weren’t at their worst already, Tao Si just had to put in the comment. What? She was trying to seduce them with sending signals? Okay…

And they even had time to play ‘snatching’ but I guess they did have too much time anyway. Since they were just drifting away. Just feel so sad for Xiao Yi to be stuck in between those two.

Phew! So they managed to work together to get to land. At least for the time being since they were at it again once they were on land. They were not totally safe though since this was after all an isolated island with only boars occupying it!

Another entertaining and/or hilarious episode.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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  1. I really appreciate these synopses of each ep because I bought the box set when I was in TW and it does not have English subs.