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Liao Zhai 2: Lian Xiang

This is the first story for this saga (or so according to the version I’m watching). I thought this story was a bit raw for an opening story. Sure, the story was intriguing with the opening and building up for the final battle. Yet I felt the middle parts were sort of lacking, especially the parts where Sang Xiao was struggling between the misunderstandings with his xiao shi mei, Fang Lin, and the fox demon, Lian Xiang. I like the build up of the story between Sang Xiao and Lian Xiang much more after she saved him and they lived at the small house in the wood together. It was still hectic yet it focused on the whole human-demon relationship from there on. What I even liked more was the struggle with Lian Xiang after realizing what she was taught wasn’t so and her consulting in the enlightened monk throughout the story. The link between her, the monk, and Sang Xiao was really nice to watch. Many philosophical/religious stuffs worth thinking about.
Hugo Ng didn’t get robbed at all, considering he became the main villain later on. The ending, like most endings of Liao Zhao stories was really sad yet it made sense. Lian Xiang needed to lose her evil shell before beginning a new journey to reach enlightenment. Sang Xiao finally realized there was a love that could surpass those between a man and a woman, allowing him to become a monk, going on the same path to reach enlightenment.
Acting? Hugo Ng didn’t disappoint. I’m not familiar with some others but I thought Yang Xue and Jia Qing both did pretty good for their roles. Chen Da Wei was all right I guess since I actually like the chemistry between him and both girls, considering the circumstances.


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