Rookies’ Diary: Episode 15

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

They were practicing again and going through the usual routines.

They were finally moving on to something new. It was time they learned to react to their surroundings if they were really in a war, etc.

Yet Hai Sheng and Luo Gang still found time to compete? (NO surprise. Lucky it wasn’t about intensity anymore but more like some challenge.) Shan Ren found that time to pick on Luo Gang while Sheng Nan was agreeing with Shan Ren. Don’t be too surprised since she was just setting Shan Ren up for the worst, wanting him to demonstrate for Luo Gang–so he could learn better, LOL. Wang Wei’s words! Man, I love that guy more and more. He was setting Shan Ren up even more. (Show her what you got, eh?) Was he really trying to encourage Shan Ren on OR was he waiting to see the worst? Too funny. Shan Ren just had to mess with Luo Gang during training like that. (Sure, he could say it if Luo Gang was really in the wrong BUT it looked too suspicious like he was trying to get back at Luo Gang regarding past matters.) It was such a shame that he messed up halfway through. It was another opportunity for the others to laugh at him while he had to find a hole to hide in. (NO WAIT, he was already in one, LOL!) Well, he was fast and thought of a way to cover his tracks like it was part of the plan. Got to give him some credit.

It was so funny that Luo Gang dived right out of that one. Then Shan Ren was feeling all good inside, but pretended to scold at Luo Gang. Sheng Nan was the only one out on this one, LOL. So much for her attempt at confronting Luo Gang. (Luo Gang: “Good man are hard to come by. Please treasure him!” – Priceless!) But who was Shan Ren kidding? Sheng Nan wasn’t going to take it like that. (Like usual, she took it out on Shan Ren. Though he kind of asked for it BUT I still feel sorry for him.)

They were spying on You Shun and Xiao Yan. Well, at least Wu Yong and Lai Hu were. But then Hao Zhi came over so they had to silence him. Actually, Wu Yong almost choked him to death, lucky Lai Hu pushed Wu Yong’s hand away in time.

Ohhh…so Xiao Yan was asking You Shun about the ‘itch solution’ incident. Umm…somehow, I’m not as convinced regarding You Shun’s words since he did look quite suspicious when it was going on and how he was sneaking away as well. It added more fuel. But he definitely knew how to take advantage of the situation all right. (He was grabbing onto her hands while trying to explain.)

So after Hao Zhi recovered from the choking incident, he was really active in the spying task. What happened if they were discovered? Honestly, bunch of nosy guys. (It was really funny though so guess can’t blame them too much.) And that was so random. They thought of a song out of the whole thing right there and then.

Eek…oh shoot! More trouble. (If only Hai Sheng didn’t pick up that magazine. But then they would eventually find out, right?) And Yu Ting just had to arrive at that exact moment. (Had to scold at Hai Sheng for being a pervert BUT it wasn’t all about that. If only Yu Ting knew that he was purchasing all to hide it from Bo Wen.) That was just too ironic (AND funny at the same time). The girls scolded at Hai Sheng for being a pervert YET they were looking at the magazine too? OKAY…

More You Shun and Xiao Yan scenes, lol. She was playing ’21 Questions’? (LOL) You Shun was so bragging! Honestly. That did not top it (like always) since Hao Zhi, Wu Yong, and Lai Hu were still following them. They were so silly, piling on top of each other like that. What kind of tactic was that? (LOL) YUP, according to Hao Zhi, You Shun was lying. The only way to sabotage them was calling Da Tong, right? (If only they tried that hard doing the trainings since they were quite skillful with their moves, sneaking around like that.) That was so cute! Hao Zhi dropped the tip on You Shun but ended up teasing Xiao Yan about the whole conversation! She was so embarrassed! SO funny. Hao Zhi almost stumped me too since I thought he wanted to personally ask her out BUT he was just repeating You Shun’s words.

The inevitable. Aside from competing with Luo Gang, I think this was the other time that he exerted so much energy. Yup, friends and enemies, right? Intense all right. Things were clicking in for Bo Wen, considering Tian Bin’s comment about seeing the girl on TV already. So Hai Sheng’s weak spot was he was ticklish? (I shouldn’t be too surprised.) Yup, more dramas. (Poor Hai Sheng, got beat up real good–though he was quite strong BUT still, that must have hurt with all those blows.) I guess these things happened for a reason and it really showed how Hai Sheng cared deeply for his friends, even risking Yu Ting getting mad at him, etc.

I rather watch these scenes though with the guys training and making mistakes, etc. More random but less intense. Wu Yong was so funny! I was so waiting for Shan Ren to yell at him! It was like a routine that Shan Ren yelled at the F4 group. What in the world was Wu Yong trying to find up there? (LOL)  Man, did I say I like Wang Wei? Crank it up another notch! So cool with his speech, sounding so experienced yet not authoritative at all. Beyond cool!

What? You Shun wanted to replace Tian Bin in F4? LOL! He was so out of it! He blocked everyone’s voice out! Probably trying to get closer to Da Tong and score points, LOL. That was sad and somehow funny at the same time. They were ignoring You Shun completely. (I knew it. And the truth came out. You Shun was the one who sold it to Di Qiu BUT he didn’t know. Still, he was responsible.) F4 had a nickname for You Shun? Well, more like Da Tong and Lai Hu’s nickname for him. Wu Yong soon caught on though.

The goodbye party for Tian Bin. However, from several scenes already, it was obvious that Tian Bin was missing them and he felt so left out with not being able to join in with them–even if it was hard work. It was obvious that he had developed a bond with them. It was kind of ironic though since that was what he wanted the most aka leaving the military base. Yet now, he seemed reluctant. You Shun got kicked out by Hai Sheng. Understandable since he was seen with Di Qiu earlier AND it was possible that he was acting on Di Qiu’s interest to sabotage the guys. Lucky Hao Zhi came to the rescue and hauled You Shun out of there.

Wow! They were giving Tian Bin a major surprise all right. So funny, Hai Sheng and Luo Gang’s secret signals again. I knew it, there was always something else happening. I guess Wang Wei was right–as always–with wanting Shan Ren to check on the guys. They ended up spraying Shan Ren instead? LOL! It was an accident, but still! Da Tong’s soda can wouldn’t cooperate with him! LOL! He had to throw it away to avoid spraying Shan Ren any further. Yet for once, Shan Ren wasn’t mad at them. Not really. Kind of touching though since they all formed a bond and was familiar with one another after all. And Shan Ren was right, they weren’t bad, just obnoxious at times. Perhaps that was the best speech Shan Ren said so far. (I was almost moved to tears with their words. Honestly…I’m a sucker for friendships like that.) You Shun was seen looking in at them. I guess he had to learn somehow. If only he would curve his ways a bit more, so he could join them. He needed to prove himself that he wasn’t just for money, even forgetting friends. Another touching scene with An Bang and Tian Bin since Tian Bin admitted he knew so many good friends and now he had to leave.

Eh…Bi Ying was right on, LOL. Of course Sheng Nan cared about what Luo Gang was saying, lol. But then Sheng Nan got Bi Ying right back. I guess it was 1-1. Sheng Nan had no idea that she wasn’t supposed to tell Jing Wen! (Shoot!) Oohhh…Bi Ying wanted to divert the attention to Sheng Nan but Sheng Nan got her again. 2-2. Oops, Sheng Nan said it already and Jing Wen’s smile was turned off! (Double shoot!) Awkward! Major time! Jing Wen looked so sad YET Bi Ying wasn’t any better.

Another accident occurred. If it was before, I would’ve said Di Qiu without a doubt. But this time, I’m not so sure. What if it was Tian Bin doing it to himself so he could stay behind a bit longer? It looked painful but he wasn’t suffering that bad. Ekk! Now I see where Tian Bin got his attitude from. At least the attitude he had earlier when he arrived. He seemed to be influenced by the others now. His mother was fierce all right. (I understand that she was worried BUT that was like so exaggerated.) Ohh…so Tian Bin did it himself so he wouldn’t sleep-walk, and totally forgot about it in the morning. My gosh! The first time in Shan Ren’s life that he acknowledged An Bang’s rank so graciously, LOL! He was so freaked out with Tian Bin’s mother that he had to divert attention from himself. (Hey, he already got a major scolding.) The first time An Bang couldn’t out-shout someone. AND I must give major points to Shan Ren for sacrificing himself like that, earning another round of scolding from Tian Bin’s mother. There was definitely another reason why Tian Bin did not want to leave anymore. (LOL) Cliff-hanger!

Previews…too many intense scenes. I hope that Tian Bin’s mother wouldn’t appear that much anymore OR at least this thing wouldn’t drag out since it gets too annoying with her unreasonable yelling. Why was Bi Ying acting like that? Was she mixing personal and professional? Come on now. Hope she doesn’t act like that anymore. At least not with that blinders over her eyes. AND near the end of the song, Jacky’s going to appear in the next one! Finally! (Hope so!)

BTS. Yup, always looking forward to these. Yao Yuan Hao’s NGs. (I hope they were prepared with their sleeping bags. They were going to be there long time, LOL.) Even the others took it into their hands to remind him, LOL! They probably remembered just based upon how many times he said it already. Ah Pang and Zhao Jun Ya! LOL! (They actually did it in one take? Wow! Awesome!) The soda spraying scene! Can’t believe it! They had to repeat it because Ah Pang messed up and then Tang Feng. (Tang Feng did it on purpose, right? Or was he having too much fun that he forgot?) Ah Pang laughed the 3rd time.

Ratings was 9.10 for this episode.

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  1. When I saw Jacky Chu in a drama in the first time since forever, I nearly screamed like a crazy person. He looks so adorable!

  2. @nocturnal dream – I haven’t watched the next episode yet but it’s like finally after 15 episodes. I love watching it but I was just curious when he would appear, that’s all.

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