New Year 2015: Scavenger Hunt

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(Image Credit: James Chu’s Facebook)

So I was sitting around waiting for the countdown moment. Okay, okay, NOT really. That would be exaggerating because I wasn’t really doing that. I was keeping tabs on the time but wasn’t actively celebrating. Aside from putting a bottle of apple cider into the fridge to let it chill, I wasn’t really involved in any of the hype. So then the counting went and came, had a mini celebration before heading onward to check out what the others were doing on Facebook, lol. After liking a dozen posts (because you can’t not like a “Happy New Year” post, lol), not wanting to offend any friends, I finally saw that James had posted up a New Year post as well. Oh, what the world, “like” I went. But what I noticed was his post was forwarded from Instagram. The fact that I had asked him if he has an account like a month back didn’t bother him. (Or possibly he wanted me to find out on my own anyway. Challenge accepted! LOL!) What next? I told one of my fellow bloggers about it and we went on a New Year Scavenger Hunt. Yes, just like that. But not just any typical scavenger hunt, but an online one. After a dozen of search terms and possible code names that could be used for his Instagram presence, I was about to give up. That wasn’t for lack of trying either since aside from the search terms, code names, and constant debate between the two of us, we managed to scorch through possibly hundreds of names and mutual friends of his. If Jacky didn’t follow him, it was getting discouraging, lol. Or maybe Jacky was in on the “game” too. But I managed to find Ehlo and a bunch of others. Even finding Derek Chen and his buddy, Jun Ya. YES, I found Jun Ya! Oh, the point! LOL! Um, just when I was about to give up, my conspirator did something I should have thought of ages back! She clicked on the picture of James and wala! I couldn’t believe it but we went through the madness for nothing. (Okay, it wasn’t for nothing since I did find Jun Ya!) Was that the apple cider blocking my brain functionality? Or was that just plain fatigue from lack of sleep? I’m not sure. But the point is, we finally found James! What a nice scavenger hunt activity to start off 2015, right?

Links, you say? Oh, seriously? I went through the scavenger hunt with my conspirator. You will have to too! So have fun and good luck!

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