Ni Hao Jiu Hao by Wallace Huo

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The other day I was watching the MV again so I decided to blog about it. Considering how I haven’t written a Wallace post for ages, it’s reasonable to be random, eh?

Anyway, why am I even talking about this song? Not that it’s about this song, NOT really. It has to do with his voice in this song. We all know that Wallace’s voice gets dubbed over most often, right? So it’s like super rare to hear his voice in something (excluding interviews because it’s ridiculous to have it dubbed). AND I’m so not talking about the singing voice either since that could sound different from the actual talking voice. I think I mentioned in the past already that I hate it when there’s talking during singing (regardless of who), but there are rare instances where I don’t mind. AND this one is indeed one of those times when I don’t mind. Listening to Wallace’s voice is so addicting, how could people dub over it? Honestly? But what do I know, right? (For the record, I think the reason his voice gets dubbed over is because of his heavy Taiwanese accent–or so it was mentioned in some articles before. YET I don’t know or can’t seem to tell so oh well…)

Getting back on the subject–regarding the song, I guess because of my negligence of him lately, this song could be compensation for it? NOT the details of the song, but the title.

What is new in Wallace’s world lately? I’m not quite sure either but I know he’s mad busy still since projects keep coming his way. But the super good news is seeing Dylan Kuo posting several pictures of himself and Wallace on Weibo. Good news for me because they’re two of my favorites and are working together on some project. Can’t wait! But I hope the story isn’t super tragic or the ending super lame OR I’m so walking. Yes, the plot keeps preventing me from watching Wallace’s series. (But here’s some info if anyone’s interested. Click.)

The other day, I saw Hong Fu Nu airing on the local channel and the fact that he didn’t end up with Yvonne made me even more irked. Well, it would be ridiculous if they did because of the nature of the story. But I’m just saying what if Yvonne had portrayed Hong Fu Nu? She would have been convincing. Then it reminded me of their other project, Emerald on the Roof. They did end up together YET Wallace’s character didn’t love her? Gratitude was too much of a slap in the face. Not to mention how she was already burned so badly. Did she need pity too? I wish Wallace had fought harder for the ending. Okay, so he won the battle with not crying when the script indicated that there should be some tears rolling down his face when he was walking along the beach with his iPod. YET if he had fought harder, maybe he could be with the main girl instead of making us think this world is about pity. So hopeless. Okay, maybe he didn’t want to offend the production crew too much but still. Or maybe the reason why I’m so stubborn with having the ending different–or like he fell for Yvonne’s character instead–is because of what Wallace said in the interviews. He said he would prefer Yvonne’s character if he got to choose. (Hey, he did beg–or ask, lol–for some additional scenes with Yvonne in there.) SO why not? He also said that he would never marry someone because of pity. OR the other reason–the more obvious one–why he didn’t fight for the ending that strongly was because he didn’t want to change the nature of the character too much? After all, it was all fictional. Yet it made it so frustrating.


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