Night Rose

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I stumbled upon it by accident because I was looking for Wallace Chung’s songs. LOL! Nice or what? But it was a really cute movie overall! I’m really glad that I found it!

Oh, to those who are impatient and think that slow movies are senseless shouldn’t watch though. ‘Cause I saw some comments about people saying they wasted time and how if it wasn’t for Wallace and Ruby, would they make it through? And somehow, I actually thought of that when I saw the comment. I meant, in a serious manner, trying to plug in a random cast to see if I would feel the same, but for me, overall, I liked it regardless of cast. Sure, it might not be on top of my to-watch list if some cast I don’t like would be in it. But for the theme, I could relate to and felt that it was a nice one. Because seriously, for the rest of us who aren’t living such a colorful life, I could tell you it pretty much sticks close to it, except giving us an interesting theme to think about night roses.

Perhaps the sole reason why I liked it so much was it addressed the loneliness of people, especially those striking out in the world by themselves, etc. Also, because it totally didn’t go on the dramatic route. What pulled me in was the undertone at times yet it didn’t fail in capturing some of the essences about life. People who live much more exciting lives probably do not understand. But yeah. That was nice for me.

On the other hand, it could be kind of typical with seeing two roommates falling for one another, but I swear the main leads weren’t out of reach regarding characters. I meant how their characters were crafted made me feel like I could relate to them. He was clueless at times and didn’t know how to convey his feelings hence causing her to misunderstand (or it could just be her attitude, lol). Then it was her snappy attitude at times that made me feel like she wasn’t some typical main lead who was innocent and nice and always so bubbly and optimistic about life. Or she wasn’t the type to just went the b*tchy route either, like some writers like to think that was how ‘feisty’ characters were. But she was in between, which made it nice. Sure, she was somewhat socially awkward at times–it seemed to let on. Yet she was caring at other times. There was a back story relating to how she had withdrawn to herself. So it all made sense. He seemed to be the anti-social kind or just plain lonely type (during flashbacks) then later was pulled out of his shell by his senior. Over the years, he enjoyed the company of his roommate and then eventually realize he had to break out on his own, but still wanted to seek some kind of companionship. It eventually tied back to how he brought Mei Gui out of her shell. There was the whole life lesson tossed in about him helping her resolving her past conflicts with her father and somehow encouraged her to pursue her teaching career again. Yet it wasn’t overly dramatic to make him the “hero in shining armor.” It was just one of those things you do in life, especially when you don’t want to see the one you care for not smiling, etc. Because it was so passive at times (according to some people), it felt genuine to me.

Okay, I didn’t read the novel and was having a hard time hunting down for it. But for the movie version, I’ll say it was good enough for me. If I find the novel one day, I might go back and discuss it.

So what about Wallace and Ruby? OMG, I couldn’t imagine liking them so much but they were so cute! And so natural together too. I especially liked it that there weren’t too random scenes tossed in to make them overly cute for the selling point. Those were just based on their interactions at times, whether routine or just bizarre situations, lol.

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