Rookies’ Diary: Episode 38

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Ooohhh…Shan Ren pulling the ultimatum? Not really. But it was true, if they didn’t want to go, they don’t have to go. Luo Gang and Hai Sheng encouraging others on. So Wu Yong and Bo Wen went? No surprise.

So they came. Funny that Da Tong was talking about showing others what they got. Shan Ren exposing him, LOL! Wow! So that was the previews showing the scene of them all drinking sodas (or other types of drinks). Xiao De Ji and Wu Tian Liang finally getting acknowledged for turning new leaves. Yay. That just means no more troubles regarding those childish rivalries from now on. OoOhhh…Shan Ren so cunning, telling them it was a gathering to train YET it was to let them chill, etc. Yup, this little test really showed their endurance. Neng Zhi exposing Shan Ren? Oh well, he’ll get over it. Aww…poor Shan Ren again, Ding Hao used his situation as an example to get the others to relax. LOL! And Sheng Nan came to his defense? Probably was just sparing the awkward state he was placed in. Yet Hai Sheng’s words! OMG, drinking to that was just like accepting him and Sheng Nan. Well, it was an open secret already so it wasn’t like they would care anymore. Notice that Luo Gang and Sheng Nan were exchanging secret signals while Shan Ren was pretending to scold Hai Sheng yet he was drinking to the toast as well.

Another worth mentioning scene between the officers. Seriously moving without being too cheesy. And Wang Wei was seriously always missing during these important parts. Oh well. Yet this seemed like their own goodbye before things take its course for the coming days.

Eh…so they were won over by the drinks? Just kidding but they finally admitted that Ding Hao is such a good leader. And while that was going, Xiao De Ji wanted to cause trouble again? I thought he learned? Though that was short-lived since Shan Ren walked in. The scene where Shan Ren told them to sleep early so they would have the energy for tomorrow, etc and then the song came on reminded me of the first time they came. It was like full circle. Almost done yet the feeling is different because they know Shan Ren more now. On the other hand, I miss Tang Feng’s hair when seeing the flashback scene. So that was how they met? NICE…LOL! Aww…more flashbacks. Wu Yong couldn’t sleep either? LOL! I thought he would be left to talk to himself yet Da Tong was still awake. Good memories! LOL! Da Tong was so reluctant to part with his hair. I totally forgot about Wu Yong’s situation. But it was equally hilarious as the others’ stories, LOL! So they no longer want to leave? The irony. Even Hai Sheng and Bo Wen were carrying on a conversation? Great… Geez whiz, it was moving back and forth around the room to different conversations. Is anyone even asleep at all? LOL! Shan Ren caught them! LOL! Too excited to sleep? Possible. Flashbacks of Shan Ren encountering them! LOL! What a way to make an impression, right? Shan Ren’s answer to their question, LOL! Exactly, he was so glad to get rid of them, LOL! And they expected him to be all sentimental? LOL! Suitable song in the background though. And then Shi Jun’s narration added to the already emotional atmosphere.

So the next day arrived and Tian Bin hadn’t slept all night and now he wanted to sleep? If Shan Ren was around, he would’ve said, “I told you so!” But moving on, they were seriously changing since they would fend for themselves mostly but now they were helping one another with the tasks of getting ready, retrieving items, etc. He wanted them to turn from ‘tian bin’ to ‘tian xiang’? GREAT…Shouldn’t disappoint him, right?

What in the world were they doing passing around the bottles? Wang Wei saw them but didn’t say anything. Well, can’t anyway since they were in the middle of the ceremony. Can’t let things go haywire on this important day. (And I was beginning to wonder if Wang Wei disappeared again.) And all the while that they were going through the trials, I was wondering why the bottles didn’t drop. They must have secured ’em really good.

Finally, the time to prove themselves. Jia you, everyone! Darn, An Bang got scold! That was WAY beyond uncool. But I guess that was the benefit of being a superior, you get to scold whoever you want. Then things proceeded again. Though we could see the others exchanging looks, showing disapproval or fear because of how their favorite ‘Mo Gui Pai Zhang’ got yelled at, LOL! Man, pissing the man in charge off was so their game. Yet they were proud of themselves. Sort of, look at Sheng Nan’s smile.

So things moved outdoor again. They were just regrouping before continuing onto the next round of trials. After that pep talk from Ding Hao, they were off again.

Let’s see the results of all that training to see if it pays off. Da Tong shielding one of his eyes by using a bandage? NICE… So funny that the big man allowed him to do that, LOL! Da Tong and Shan Ren’s secret exchange. Yup, Shan Ren was part of the whispering twins after all. Aww…Wang Wei giving Lai Hu last-minute tips. How nice. And the results are as follow regarding shots: Lai Hu – 3, Wu Yong – 5, Hai Sheng – 6, Luo Gang – 6, Shi Jun – 6, You Shun – 5, Hao Zhi – 4, Ah Hou – 4, Tian Bin – 3, Da Tong – 6. Notice how looks were exchanged between several parties. AND that was a shocker with Da Tong’s result! I so underestimated him.

Moving on to the bomb-throwing test. They were driving the man in charge nuts with their side talks, LOL! Tea time, eh? LOL! Okay, results for the toss are as follows: Bo Wen – 35, Lai Hu – failed after three tries, Wu Yong – 50, Hai Sheng – 40, Luo Gang – 34. PHEW! Lai Hu’s trials. I almost thought An Bang would get yelled at again. But glad he didn’t. OMG! Lai Hu actually said he was nervous because of the big man? DARN! Brave all right! Let’s see what he’s going to say. Xia Zheng Feng has always been strong in that area so of course, they kept the high score for Wu Yong. AND they were in trouble once again with their side conversation. The big man’s blood pressure was getting higher and higher. AND yes, he pulled the ultimatum on them. OY…more headaches for Ding Hao. I knew it was too good to be true. They needed some final obstacle before wrapping up the drama.

That sure ended up on a sour note. We’ll see how they come up with a solution to undo the damage in the following episodes or so.

Previews. More dramas with Su Qing and whatnot. Aww…Xiao Yan’s back YET she’s being scolded? More intensity. Yet I guess they would eventually resume with the test since things were resolved? So that was how they got rid of Luo Gang in the next part? OY! Kind of lame but not impossible since the road to success is quite rocky, not always a happy ending. And they totaled Hai Sheng’s leg too just for dramatic emphasis. Darn, what a way for the two strongest men to leave the race.

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