Chinese Paladin III: Friendship

One of the most important themes of Chinese Paladin was of course friendship. At first, I liked how it was with Jing Tian and Chang Qing being friends and their change in attitudes toward one another throughout. More like Jing Tian trying to compete with Chang Qing at times while Chang Qing was trying hard … Continue reading Chinese Paladin III: Friendship

Chinese Paladin III: Most Touching Story

Of all the stories in here, the ones being discussed the most were the ones involving the main characters. Yet I thought the most touching one must be the one with Xi Feng. I finally figured it out when the old man was telling the story and then Xi Feng cried out for Chong Lou. … Continue reading Chinese Paladin III: Most Touching Story

Yang Mi: Xue Jian vs. Xi Yao

Some people prefer Xi Yao while others choose Xue Jian. Who is better then? Aside from both characters being portrayed by Yang Mi and the fact that Yang Mi portrayed the characters so well, convincing us that they were actually portrayed by two different people, what else is there? No one could shed off the … Continue reading Yang Mi: Xue Jian vs. Xi Yao

Hu Ge: Li Xiao Yao or Jing Tian?

(image credit: as marked) This question has been asked since Chinese Paladin III came out and I couldn't help with debating it also. Seriously, I must choose Jing Tian regardless of how much I liked Xiao Yao and Yue Ru as a pairing. Why? The transition that was written for Xiao Yao just did not … Continue reading Hu Ge: Li Xiao Yao or Jing Tian?

Chinese Paladin I

WARNING: NOT my usual positively cheerful post SO READ at your own risk. IF you disagree, it's okay. But I DO NOT hope to strike any arguments with anyone. Take it as differences in opinions and that was just my take on it. I DID NOT aim to be right OR had a purpose in … Continue reading Chinese Paladin I