Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

I was browsing on Facebook and found Joanne’s post. After reading the article, I realized it was a drama. It was totally unexpected but I will continue to tune in. Many of the QiaoLun fans would be soooo happy. Because I think many have thought that the ship already sank, even before it came to fruition, considering what happened after the Love Buffet incident. But yay, finally some hope, right? (And last time when he guest-starred in Dear Mom didn’t count since it was just a mini appearance.)

Aside from the main leads, there are also many familiar faces in the drama. (Go here to follow their official page for updates.)

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As Fate Would Have It

Just when us QiaoRu fans are getting kind of restless with the non-existence of interaction (aside from the fact that they both added each other on Weibo already and that she had commented on one of his posts), things hyped up once again–courtesy of the media. (Yeah, that was sarcasm.)

So one fine day when Calvin was promoting his new book, The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen, the media considerately cough cough (Yeah, sarcasm again…) asked him about his relationship with Qiao Qiao instead. How nice of them to care really. Since we’re on the topic anyway, here’s the regular version and here’s the deluxe version. (What’s the difference between the two versions? Don’t ask me, I didn’t get it. Still stuck in Brokesville…)

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After scrambling to explain… No, wait, what in the world am I saying? Calvin was more composed than that, sorry. I’m not supposed to write my fanfic here. LOL! Sorry about that. The media’s already doing their weaving of the stories, right? I don’t need to do it too. Anyway, back on track, Calvin had to answer some questions but still remained cool while explaining that they were just friends, just like any of his other female friends. YET he dug a hole for himself when he said that some friends you carry an ambiguous relationship with (or something like that). NICE…just when I was giving him points for being the cool dude.

Moving on, the media was already let loose, so why should they stop, right? It’s okay. Time for more explanation from Calvin. The media also managed to ask Qiao Qiao about the two of them when she was talking about her latest drama (I think) because she’s still in Mainland China filming (or something like that). Not only did Calvin feed the media some fuel, but Qiao Qiao also did some herself, complimenting Calvin on his sunshine look, and also mentioned wanting to collaborate with him in the future. (Check here.) Where are those producers when we need them? Here are some people wanting to work together! (LOL!)

What does that mean for us QiaoRu fans? More feeding on our obsession and a hopeful glint that they would collaborate in the future. If only their schedules would clear up. Possible? 2011 is far from over. If they’re packed until next year, we still have next year to hope for, right?

Meanwhile, Calvin and Qiao Qiao are doing damage control. Or at least in between those media attacks. From what was said and done, Calvin did mention that he had contacted Qiao Qiao (via text message?) and apologized for having involved her in those rumors. (Aww…so considerate…) But she replied saying that she was also in the e-circle so she knew how things were. His words mostly, but it still showed that their friendship is pretty good thus far. I have to give them both a round of applause since they had handled the situation so well, answering questions in a positive manner, not losing their cool at all.

Until next time, my fellow QiaoRu fans…

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Love Buffet: What happened?

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With the drama’s unavoidable delay due to the weather at first and numerous other reasons coming up–either weaved by the pen of the paparazzi or assumptions from others, it was still an excruciating wait for everyone involved–directly or indirectly. In the most recent post, I mentioned that filming had resumed yet it was delayed again due to other factors. The paparazzi took it into their hands to draw up more stories, such as “Qiao Qiao looks too old for the role” or she looked older than her two male leads. (She is actually 21 years old if anyone wants to know. But they said “looks” and not the actual age, right? Although her appearance has matured since the early days of her debut, she still looks quite compatible with the two male leads.) Another reason listed and was actually found out to be true later was schedule conflicts. It sounds more reasonable, doesn’t it?

After much debates–both heated and/or excitement of finally learning some actual news of a possible replacement, it was later confirmed by GTV. The new female lead of the drama is actually Reen Yu (who was last seen in the much-hyped police drama Black & White). Many fans agreed on her resemblance to Qiao Qiao. GTV probably made a good choice since after all, they were aiming for the image of Xiao Feng. A press conference was pulled together to introduce the new female lead and she seemed to blend right in with her two male leads as they posed for pictures together.

The last bit of reality finally sank in and probably a closure for fans who have been waiting was when Qiao Qiao finally blogged about what really happened in regard to the changes. She named the entry “Goodbye Ai Si Bai Hui”, which she expressed her feelings for what had happened. Although she was both sad and disappointed but she did not forget to show her encouragement and support for the new team and the production team to continue the journey and finish it at long last.

What are my actual thoughts about this? Very disappointed at first and a sense of bitterness but after actually reading Qiao Qiao’s explanation, I think that I could finally let go. I also noticed how much Qiao Qiao has matured over the years. She was known to some people as immature or whiny or whatever that they wanted to call her but she showed a great sense of consideration toward the cast, crew, and production team in general. She admitted that she was disappointed but she did not forget to encourage others on, having been through the hardships of the filming process thus far. She has always been seen as too straightforward at times, showing both good or bad reactions (depending on one’s point of view) yet she has shown great changes in her attitude in how she has handled this situation. One of the reasons I like Qiao Qiao is because she’s not perfect. But I like it even more because she’s not molded into acting a certain way or behave in a certain way on shows or other appearances in public. She has made mistakes in the past and we could witness her growth and maturity over the years consistently. It is known that she’s not perfect so people wouldn’t be saying “Where did that come from?” in the future, considering it often happens with the so-called “perfect celebs” in the past. I’m not implying anything or pointing fingers at anyone in particular (but just in general of seeing how hard celebs have to maintain their image at times) but I just feel happy to see this.

A little off-topic, but anyway, like Qiao Qiao, I wish the production team of Love Buffet the best also. They seem to be doing so well thus far from various news clips so hopefully, their efforts will finally pay off.

On the other hand, there have been words with Qiao Qiao’s upcoming project since last month. The drama is supposedly called Water Maze (水迷宮), another GTV drama, and it is supposedly a reunion with Ming Dao since their last collaboration, The Magicians of Love. However, that little excitement soon faded since any traces of the drama has been deleted from the original post. Qiao Qiao fans should not be too discouraged though since the latest is that she’s collaborating with Baron Chen in a joint production between Mainland China and Taiwan.

A New Start

The year’s just starting but it seems like some major decisions have been made by several artists–both popular ones and not-so-well-known ones. All the same, we will have to wait and see what those decisions will lead those artists to. Of course, there are other changes that could not be avoided but those involved will have to make the best of it nonetheless.

First off, Sweety fans will be happy to know that the band has reunited and even appeared on The Million Singers together on the December 26th’s show. (That is if you haven’t watched or noticed it yet.) Moreover, Esther  Liu seems to be back in Taiwan and is more actively involved having appeared on various variety shows to promote her book called Pari, Le temps qui compte to which the book only shows a sophisticated picture of her with a nice backdrop–not slapping on the impression of releasing a book just for the sake of showing off beautiful pictures. Whether a coincidence or not, Esther’s Mainland drama, Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2–her second collaboration with Eddie Peng, has been released on DVD recently though it was several years ago that she filmed that. Meanwhile, Joanne’s Love Buffet should resume filming soon since it has been delayed due to the weather conditions last year. It has also caused the delay of the airing date, which was supposedly the end of last year.

Secondly, the talks of several J-Stars artists leaving the agency finally came through since Ehlo Huang was said to have not renewed his contract with the agency while Ming Dao finally made his decision recently to leave as well. Ming Dao has been establishing himself in many dramas already, so he won’t have any trouble pursuing his career. On the other hand, Ehlo has been well-received (though not enough recognition or opportunities), hopefully, he will have more opportunities in the future. All of these also means that it is now undeniable that 183 Club is officially over. (Though it still might not be for some avid fans who have followed them since the very first days.) What will Sam Wang do? He still has 5566 so that’s not a loss for him at all, considering how he’s also concentrating on his business. He’s too hardworking at times anyway. It might be less of a burden on him.

Thirdly, Jacky Chu announced on his blog in mid-December of last year in regard to his appearance on Golden Melodies’ Super Stars (金曲超級星), which fans excitedly waited for the event to unfold and even showed their support when the segments finally aired. A close call in the first round almost cost him a loss because of a brief freeze (possibly due to nerves), causing him to forget his lyrics just for a few seconds. He immediately recovered and sang on, earning some points from the judges thus they resurrected him. Last weekend’s performance, he appeared alongside his brother, James Chu, once again and sang “You’ve Always Been Here” (你一直都在) together. It was indeed another touching performance by the Chu siblings. Indeed, he had pulled himself together once again and had not disappointed the judges thus receiving a 91% overall score.

Another surprising turn–to those who have not paid attention or heard of it before–is his fellow Tangerine colleague, Justine Ji Wen Hui, also appeared on the show and has been well received by the audience and judges alike, allowing her to pass numerous times. Justine earned a 91% overall score like Jacky. In fact, they were the only two who scored the highest last weekend for their performances. Some of their friends are also on it and are quite impressive as well.

While all these are going on, let’s hope the best for all with their careers moving forward for the better. (Best wishes to the other artists as well, not just those who were listed above.)

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Chivalry at its Extinction

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Since Love Buffet started filming, there have been more rumors circulating around Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit and Joanne Tseng of Sweety than the supposed leading guy, Calvin Chen–the other member of Fahrenheit that is involved in this production. However, fans who wish to read more about rumors of Calvin and Joanne will be in for a good one this time around because recent reports (which could have pushed forth for the gossip columns instead) has it that Calvin and Joanne have been dating recently with the supposed pictures captured with them in the rain while Calvin was playing the knight in shining armor, protecting Joanne from getting wet. Another piece of evidence brought in for support of the statement also mentioned their spending time together during Chinese Valentine’s Day. What was the response from the parties involved? Calvin recently posted up an entry, clarifying the matter. Calvin’s manager also pointed out that they were living in the same area so, of course, they would meet up for meals. (Which was also the same response held true for Aaron Yan–who was spotted with Joanne several months back.) Interestingly, Joanne’s manager was surprised by the news yet expressed support toward the couple–IF it was true.

Which version should we believe in? Honestly, for what it’s worth, people need to leave them alone. Yes, everyone’s getting excited about the upcoming drama, Love Buffet, but no need to slap around accusations just because two people are seen together for meals. (Seems suspicious because the media is good at paving the picture for all of us.) Even if it’s true and they’re trying to keep a secret or whatever, I do not think it’s any of our business.

For those who think that it is part of some show to promote Love Buffet, it could be possible but not probable in Calvin’s case. Though I’m not that familiar with Fahrenheit, more avid fans have claimed of Calvin’s sincerity and great attitude toward those around him. I would rather take his word for it that he’s doing what he has been taught and taking good care of a female friend is just normal. Or is the media suggesting everyone should act cold towards one another? And not show manners? After that, the media is probably reporting about disagreements among the cast, etc. Is doing some chivalry act a crime now?

Calvin has been busy with running back and forth between the Love Buffet and Momo Love sets so he has not been around as much for the media to attack. Now that he’s back and spending time with a cast member (and making new friends), he’s being attacked?

Last of all, I’m so looking forward to Love Buffet even more now since the cast seems to be getting along really well so the chemistry should be great also between all parties.