Year 2015 in Recap


Oh joy, I’m bringing this back since it’s another year of madness. How did it go? Let’s check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn’t worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for making some of the impossibles happen. Because if it wasn’t for the dramas, I wouldn’t have updated so much or kept it so consistent for the better half of the year. Also, anyone wanting to check out the stat report from WordPress, click here.

Total Posts in 2015:

365 (35% of all time). Yes, I took the challenge of trying to keep up posts for 365 days SO had to brag here. It wasn’t easy and some posts were less impressive than others. However, I think it was already tough that I managed it all year long. For this year, will I be continuing on this pattern? I want to but I would say no. Since quality trumps quantity so I’ll still be updating, still be my random self at times, but I won’t force it as an everyday thing. If it happens, it happens. Now, moving on to the breakdown of different categories.


Times Updated on People on the Poll:

284 (78% of overall). I took out Ady and Hu Ge early on so I didn’t feel like I needed to include them in this section. Anyway, because I did the 365-day challenge, everyone benefited–one way or another. However, Achel had a surge, leaving Jun Ya behind with only 22 posts, because Wallace, Joanne, Bianca, and Jacky ended up having more posts than him for the year. That knocked him off top 5 for the year yet didn’t damage his overall record too much. Talking about that, he was the reason why I held off so long of not publishing this post since I needed to calculate some of the posts again. Yet I decided to gamble and take out some and possibly double back next year to correct it all. Oh yeah, I didn’t count general updates for some people, especially those with higher numbers already.
Wallace Huo: 26 (9% of the year)
Janine Chang: 16 (6%)
Vic Chou: 12 (4%)
Joanne Tseng: 25 (9%)
Nicholas Teo: 18 (6%)
Xiu Jie Kai: 12 (4%)
Angela Chang: 12 (4%)
Zhao Jun Ya: 22 (8%)
Yvonne Yao: 7 (2%)
Penny Lin: 16 (6%)
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: 34 (12%)
Sophia Chou: 6 (2%)
Ruby Lin: 16 (6%)
Van Fan: 9 (3%)
Eric Suen: 5 (2%)
Bianca Bai: 25 (9%)
Jacky Chu: 23 (8%)

Books Reviews:

Music Reviews:

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

I will say that I was both proud and also a bit ashamed because I was cheating for several dramas by inserting placeholders. I was trying to motivate myself to watch faster and/or fill the spaces yet things got in the way and I fell behind once again.

Fan Fiction:

Songs Translations:

I think that it was too obvious that it was a Phil Chang year for me. Yes, I love that guy. Okay, mostly his songs, lol. But he is funny. Getting back to this, totally outdone myself on some levels. Overall, I translated 51 songs. OMG, that’s like a major achievement for me in this area. The previous year, I only did 12, but that was because I didn’t really take it as a challenge. I think this number will drop the upcoming year since I won’t be forcing myself to update every day.

Chinese: 46

Vietnamese: 5

Side Updates:

130 posts – My randomness seriously has gone way past normal. I didn’t count some of the side stuff. But The New World and iHero obviously dominated the scene for the beginning of the year.

For this year, I hope to bring out more quality posts, like I said earlier. I also hope to finish up the placeholder posts that I haven’t previously. Wish me luck and see you all next year!

Luoi Tinh by Minh Tuyet

Vietnamese Title: Lưới Tình (Luoi Tinh)

English Translation: Love’s Net

Music: The Fire of Love Never Stop Burning (愛火燒不盡) by Andy Lau

Viet Lyrics by:  ()

Giọt lệ rơi trong tim
A tear dropped inside the heart
Nhạt nhòa trôi xa đi bống dáng ấy
Phasing that silhouette to a distant place
Những tháng năm bên anh
Those months and years by your side
Chỉ như là cuộc tình bên đường
Only amounted to an insignificant relationship

Lệ tình trên môi ai
Tears of love forming on whose lips?
Nào hay tim em đã trót đấm đuối
Never thought that my heart had fallen so deep
Mãi cuốn theo đam mê
Continuously immersed into an illusion
Với cuộc tình chỉ là trò chơi
With a (love) relationship that was only a game

Nhìn anh ngọt ngào bao mối tình qua
Watching you immensed in the sweetness of all those relationships
Những đêm vui yêu trong dối lòng
Those happy nights with a love that only amounted to lies
Mà đời anh một thời cũng đắm chìm như
And your life had dipped through a phase of illusions
Bao cuộc tình thoáng qua
Just like how those (love) relationships passed by

Ngày mình yêu em đâu hay chăng tình đau
The day that we fell in love, I didn’t realize that love hurt
Ngàn mũi dao như đang xuyên sâu vào trong lòng
Like thousands of sharp blades thrashed deeply into the heart
Giờ tình dẫu có xóa nước mắt
Now even if love had erased the tears
Mà trái tim em như say men yêu cuồng điên
But my heart seemed to be drunk to the point that I love crazily

Cuộc tình đó biết sẽ vướng lưới tình anh
I know that (love) relationship will get stuck in your love net
Giờ đắng cay em mang cô đơn mong bình yên về
Now that it’s bitter, I hug loneliness and wish that peace would return
Một mình với chiếc bống dĩ vãng
Alone with the shadow of the past
Lòng xót xa khi em yêu trong lầm lỡ
Along with bitterness when I had fallen for the wrong person

*All English translations were done by DTLCT.

Tinh Anh Ngon Nen by Anh Tu

The other day when I was listening to one of Minh Tuyet’s CD and there was one medley remix song where there was the song “Tinh Anh Ngon Nen” and I suddenly missed the old days so much. Okay, I’m not going to start talking about my life or the usual rant. What I mean is missing those old days of listening to songs from Anh Tu. He died too young. It was one of my favorite songs of him and I could never find anyone who could replace him in singing that song–though I’m sure lots of singers must have sang that song also.

Anh Tu had a very nice voice and was able to bring out the songs so lively and with much feeling. I really missed those songs of his (even if those were adapted from Chinese Melodies), such as 999 Roses.