Light the Wild: Episode 2

Photo by Alan Caldwell on The next day, Rhydian was making tea for the others. It seemed like a good start to the day with everyone getting ready and all. They were sadly misled because when they got to the main area, they had to make breakfast for some guests. It had to do … Continue reading Light the Wild: Episode 2

Light the Wild: Episode 1

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Light the Wild is a reality show titled based upon the drama Light the Night and involved the main cast. I don't usually watch reality shows but was super curious because of the cast. So yes, I caved. It was a fun first episode with some initial activities to … Continue reading Light the Wild: Episode 1

Light the Night

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW WILL COVER TOPICS THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING, SO PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: GANG-RELATED VIOLENCE, RAPE, SUICIDE, ETC. (It is in no way as graphic as Hollywood productions, but it highlighted the very real issues that occur … Continue reading Light the Night